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Tax Fraud in The Far Future: Starting A Fake Loyalist Chapter

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#1 Deinos



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Posted 11 October 2012 - 10:39 PM

So I finally friggin got to play some more Black Crusade (or well, playing ANYTHING at all made me happy in the extreme)… and what I got to play was a very fun Thousand Son sorcerer. Anyway, upon being asked what our next step should be (following being evac'd off a world that had a successful chaos revolution as the intro -- which was then promptly exterminatus'd), my char, after expressing disdain for leaving others to burn, proposed we journey to a new imperial planet, pose as the last survivors of a supposedly extinct loyalist chapter (the Silver Stars), and tell the planetary governor that allowing us to use their planet will allow them to be free of taxation forever, etc.

Ought to be entertaining to see all this work, but anyway, how hard should it be to commit planetary-scale astartes-grade tax fraud in the far future? I mentioned the expectation that we might have to con Ordo Hereticus, Sisters of Battle, loyalist Astartes (perhaps Apothecaries) and… probably an Arbites bastion. The only difficult part I expect, though, is geneseed samples… I wouldn't be remotely surprised if the reason the High Lords still maintain banks of traitor legion geneseed is just to make sure none of them CSM try this. So we may have to find some nice pure geneseed to donate.

The goal, naturally, being to build up forces, unmolested.

Has a story like this been done before?

#2 DarkWinds



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Posted 11 October 2012 - 11:23 PM

Sounds interesting, getting the geneseed would be hard, don't know if there is a way around that to genetically engineer some, tricking all those loyalist extremists would be highly dangerous I'd imagine. Tricking a planetary governor wouldn't be as difficult, especially if you target one whose particularly stupid, greedy and heavily indebted to the Golden Throne in one way or another (behind on tithe payments etc). Perhaps convincing said Governor of this fraud would be a good way to bring down the planet? Getting them to stop paying their tithe altogether could be a sure way to bring about the ire of the Imperium who would bring down the sledgehammer of the Emperor on them, bug splatting large areas of the planet before common sense can prevail. As for creating a long term base where you can carry on with your evil plots unmolested that would be very tough. Sooner or later someone with authority enough to question an Astartes would turn up. And I bet 'lost' chapters reappearing would create some interest.

I'd say a better plan would be to trick the Governor with this ruse of yours to create problems for the Imperium, build a base under the assumption that the Imperial Navy is about drop the Emperors ban hammer on said planet, then when the fleet does turn up in 1 to 100 years time you disappear happy in the knowledge that you screwed up the war effort or Hive food chain resulting in millions of deaths somewhere in the Imperium. Mean while the Navy drops ordinance the size of skyscrapers on actually loyal citizens, killing millions more and maybe even creating a rebellion further down the line. Hey maybe you can even get some of those suspended tithes paid to you directly instead to fund your research/plans.

Posing as a Loyalist might be hard for a CSM but I'm sure the Alpha Legion do such things all the time so its not impossible. You'd have to block astropathic communications some way as well so that a simple 'phone call' from the tax man wouldn't clear things up.



#3 DarkWinds



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Posted 11 October 2012 - 11:32 PM

As a side note it might be useful to find out who, apart from the Governor, is responsible for the Imperial tithe on your chosen world as they may be more sceptical of this fabulous deal your offering their greedy boss. Satiating the important officials and liquidating the minor functionaries would likely be the first step in this con one way or the other. Unless your just cutting the tithe and diverting the rest to your 'Chapter'



#4 K0balt



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Posted 20 October 2012 - 03:08 AM

I have no idea how you expect to con all these people and get away with it with basically no plan. The local Admnistratum would require ungodly amounts of paperwork, the Inquisition might have better to do but would undoubtedly make genetic purity checks on supposedly dead marines, the arbites would investigate into the legality of the claim, astropathic messages would be sent, and within a few years (or at least much quicker than it would take to create new marines), an official envoy from the High Lords of Terra would be sure to arrive, and finding a planet whose planetary governor (and all his aides, and family, etc…) would be stupid enough to get conned into this without asking a few questions is a challenge in itself.

Not impossible, but requires way more preparation, resources and guile than just showing up and asking nicely.

#5 crisaron



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Posted 24 October 2012 - 06:26 AM

Taking as a fact that there are untold numbers of backworld places and a big bunch of very secretive chapters that even Inquisitor have issues to track and question.

I would say it is possible. Many worlds may not even be aware they have a chapter using them as recruiting ground.

Some worlds have tithes that only have to be payed every other hundred years or have no tithes per say since there is nothign worth it or they are not even big enough to consider the effort yet may have a very aggressive population surviving of a death world type (pre tithe status).


Just depedns on where and what type of planet you are tryign to take… If it's a major aggri world, a big hive, a lonely colony never able to get to decent size or a Space Marine owned planet…

#6 Obetor



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Posted 25 October 2012 - 08:42 PM

Do you have a human in your group?


- Erik

#7 Nerdynick



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Posted 29 October 2012 - 03:55 PM

Its worth noting, I think, that if you did manage to pull this off, keep exploiting the Governor.  When the proper authorities do show up to question him, you can probably easily sway him to turn to Chaos to make his Inquisitor problem disappear….  Once the Governor is converted, its a slow process to get at the rest of the planet, but it should eventually trickle down.

Hey, you might even be able to get an enterprising daemon to "invest" in your plan.

In a pinch, mass telepathic mind-**** should be a quick fix.

#8 Mtkrishna



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Posted 10 November 2012 - 07:03 AM

It's worth looking up the Raptor Chapter in Honor the Chapter or the Lexicanum. In a nut shell they seemed to die off and then came back much stronger than before. Are they a new Chapter refounded using old Chapter icons? Did they drop off the radar and come back? Or is it a Alpha Legion long con? Who knows. Also check out info on the Abyssal Crusade, a lot of lost Chapters in that. The "lost Chapters" are a pretty good cover. I think it would be doable, but much easier in a back water areas of the Calixis Sector or Koronus Expanse. 

#9 Cryhavok



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Posted 03 December 2012 - 04:00 AM

I wouldn't bother to offer him the tax thing. Offer instead to set up an independent base of operations with the offer that you will come to the planet's aid when needed. If your trying to lie low and build forces, that would get you better situated to not be bothered by the other factions. A geneseed check might still be done on you, but if played right you could likely avoid all the other problems mentioned.

After getting set up, you could then manufacture problems that you then deal with to put various groups in your debt and use them to continue avoiding detection, but also to establish supply lines. Then once your truely established, rather than cutting off the tax, you subtly corrupt it (whatever "it" is).  If I was doing this, I would be looking for an agro world that supplied variuous imperial regiments. My corruption of the tithe would involve specially engineered crops that "enhance" the preformance of the units eating the rations made from them. I would use this to begin putting regiments into my pocket. If I could I would catch the arbites bastion and the sororitas groups in the area the same way.

All this time I would of course continue playing my role as the hero ready to defend humanity from all the scary monsters (who by now I would have deals with), and when I feel ready, inform the authorities that I have been called on to establish a new base in another location, and leave my holdings in some minion's capable hands to continue on with the work and of course take the blame for it if he gets to upity.

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