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[Migrated] Sabbat-pattern Helmet (Lynata)

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Posted 23 November 2008 - 09:34 AM


Alright! After some modifications and new ideas, I'd like to have some input on the following 3 "visions".

Sabbat-pattern Helmet

Awarded to only the most courageous, this helmet provides full spectrum filtering including limited psycho-ocular buffering and advanced tactical readouts. In addition to sporting an integrated commlink, the wearer may choose between Autosenses, Preysight and the rudimental Psyocculum.
Only one vision may be active at any given time - switching between them takes a Half Action and a touch to the helmet's left side.

An older, lighter version of the Sabbat Helmet (AP 9) is in existence, but as it does not cover the mouth it cannot seal the armour completely. Due to this lack of environmental versatility and its sheer rarity, they are only ever used by veteran Sisters of high status, such as Canonesses, Palatines, Legatines or the dreaded Repentia Mistresses. Although these helmets are outdated, they are often revered as relics, as many have once been worn by martyred heroines or even Saints.

Autosenses (standard mode)
Range: -
Benefit: Nightvision, Zoom, Optical Protection
Disadvantage: -
The wearer's own senses are replicated and enhanced by photovisor lenses, granting her the Dark Sight trait (p329) as well as allowing image enhancement on a specific area. The difficulty of vision-based Perception tests regarding focused observation is reduced by one step. Additionally, the autosensory filters grant immunity to dazzle, glare and the effects of photo-flash grenades or similar optical damage.

Range: -
Benefit: able to detect enemies hiding in the dark
Disadvantage: cannot use Targeters or Telescopic Sights
Advanced infrared targeting allows the wearer to see thermal images from warm bodies, revealing enemies hiding in the dark. A character using Preysight suffers no penalties due to darkness and gains a +20 bonus to vision-based Perception tests at night or against opponents engulfed in shadow.
Employing Preysight prevents the user from interacting with optical weapon upgrades such as Targeters or Telescopic Sights.

Psyocular Vision
Range: Perception Bonus + 1D10+5 in meters
Benefit: able to reveal psykers and unusual psychic phenomena (must be in line of sight)
Disadvantage: cannot use Targeters or Telescopic Sights, Blurred Environment
Limited psycho-ocular buffering allows the user to detect psychic phenomena, whether caused by psykers or a rift in the veil of reality. The psychic energy released appears as a halo of violet light around the source or areas and objects directly affected by it, thus making it easier to track down malign witches.
At the same time, however, the image of reality gets distorted into a slightly blurred grey, making it harder to perceive one's environment. All Ballistic and Weapon skill tests against non-psychic targets are rolled with a -10 penalty, and vision-based Perception tests against them are done at -20.
Just as with Preysight, the psyocular buffering prevents the user from interacting with optical weapon upgrades such as Targeters or Telescopic Sights.

Roll 1D5 to determine the psyocculum level of efficiency for the day. Any psyker encountered must make a Psyniscience test. If the number of degrees of success is higher than the psyocculum's efficiency level, the psyker manages to conceal his unnatural powers. Each level of Psy Rating confers an additional bonus of +1 to this comparison. This means that characters with Psy Rating 6 do not have to roll as they automatically pass the test.
Characters without the Psyniscience skill but a Psy Rating are, obviously, unsanctioned psykers and automatically detected. Some exceptionally dangerous individuals, however, have acquired the ability to hide their unnatural powers despite missing education by the Scholastia Psykana - witches with a Psy Rating of 6 will be able to hide from Psyocular Vision on a whim, just like their sanctioned brethren.

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