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Tech-Priest Weapon Skills and Specialist Gear

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#1 Macharias the Mendicant

Macharias the Mendicant


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Posted 08 October 2012 - 02:14 PM

Made a surprising realisation while rolling up a Catachan Tech-Priest Specialist.

Tech-Priests start with Weapon Skill (Las or Solid Projectile, Power). However, there are no power weapons included as part of their specialist gear (Not to mention that a tech-priest who selects SP and is then issued a lasgun is not doing so great). As a Catachan, my tech-priest would be issued a lascarbine (which is great) and a Best-Quality Sword which he's not trained in using.

There's nothing wrong with the regimental kit, of course - he counts as a Catachan so he gets catachan gear. But wouldn't it make sense for tech-priests to have either Weapon Skill (Low Tech) or else have a power weapon (Omnissiah Axe?) as part of their Specialist equipment?

The Commissar doesn't have Low-Tech either but they have a good-cratsmanship chainsword as part of their specialist gear. Orgyns gets Rippers (which they can use in melee). Only the Ratling is in the same situation as the tech-priest: no low-tech AND no melee weapon with which they are proficient as part of their Specialist gear.

Is this intentional? Is this intended as a sort of 'tech-priest rebalance?'


#2 Plushy



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Posted 08 October 2012 - 03:31 PM

 What really bothers me is the Tech-Priests lack of restriction on his cybernetics. You can grab anything with the way the rules are now. Synthmuscle and Subskin Armor are my personal favorites; enjoy your Enginseer being a complete monster in melee.

To answer you, all I can say is that quite a few of the Specializations are still messed up, despite the beta. We still don't know how much ammunition characters get for their specialist equipment (I've seen Weapon Specialists with empty Bolters and Plasma Guns, for instance) and the issue you've raised with the Enginseer makes a lot of sense. All Power weapons are Very Rare or higher, so chances are he won't be grabbing one anytime soon.

My apologies to anyone I offend; FFG staff, playtesters, and forum users alike. 


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