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Gaining stuff with destiny, vigilance, and talents.

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Posted 02 October 2012 - 10:42 AM

[1] How do these three item generation systems differ?
[2] What rarity of an item can each generate?
[3] When does someone need to pay the credit cost for the item they purchased off-screen?

Destiny can also be used by the players to introduce ‘facts’ and additional context directly into the narrative.  The GM already does this by managing and directing the story, but this use of Destiny points provides the players with a means to make contributions as well (page 24).”

Can I remember to pack things I can not afford?

“Vigilance represents how fastidious a character is about preparing for unexpected crisis.  Any time there is a question regarding whether a small piece of gear might be available, a Vigilance check can be made to confirm its presence (page 82).”

This mentions small items (my thesaurus does not mention inexpensive) . . . can I generate diamonds?  Can we change “small items” to items a character can afford?

“Utility Belt
Activation: Active (Incidental)
Ranked: No
Trees: Outlaw Tech, Scout
The character may spend a Destiny Point to produce a previously undocumented – but essential – small tool from his utility belt or satchel, with a rarity no greater than (3).  This may not be a weapon (page 100).”

How is this special compared to the above two abilities EVERYONE has?  It would be special if the other two required a character to spend the credit cost, but those with the Utility Belt ability do not have to spend the credits, or the full credit amount.  Say 500 Credits worth of tools per adventure or some such that he does not have to pay for (anything above 500 credits the character would need to pay for).  These items are scavenged or bought as part of a job or are kept as payment.

#2 Lord of Malice

Lord of Malice


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Posted 03 October 2012 - 08:41 AM

 I believe a number of these questions were answered in a thread over in the talent section but here goes:

1) a) Destiny system requires that the GM agrees that having the items would be reasonable and that the items are needed to keep the story moving forward.

    b) Vigilance is for when a player needs to have a pre-purchased piece of gear on him. Maybe he was working on modifying his gun when the ship was attacked and he rolls vigilance to see if he remembered his tool kit when he raced off for battle stations. Or maybe a player carries a few stims on him while he leaves a bunch of spares on the ship, maybe he used all of them, and when the player stopped by this ship the player did not remember to say he picked them up. He can roll vigilance for his less absent minded character to remember.

   c) Utility belt will let you grab anything with rarity less then 3 from your belt as long as it is not a weapon. It is not a great talent I agree, but it does limit the GM's ability to say no. I do this specific talent needs a little more panache.

2) a) Up to the GM

    b) Something the character already owned

    c) 3

3) a) Never

    b) Already purchased

    c) Never

Those are my interpretations anyway.


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