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Tide of Iron Split move and combat phase method.

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Posted 26 September 2012 - 12:05 PM


This version of Tide of Iron uses a split Action Phase consisting of Movement Phase and Combat phase, similar in respects to Axis and Allies Minatures gameplay, and includes a new action called Transport action


Transport Action  allows for AT guns and Towed Artillery guns to be tranported by Trucks and Halftracks along with the squad to which the gun is attached as "equipment". AT guns which are unloaded with a squad cannot execute combat in the same turn, and are fatigued, along with the squad after being unloaded.A Transport action is assigned to a Halftrack or a Truck.(Carrier) The Halftrack, or Truck, uses 1/2 its movement pts to either load or unload a squad or 2 squads (if truck), along with one AT gun. Once loaded, the Carrier may move its remaining 1/2 mps, carrying the passengers to another hex, where the passengers remain loaded.

Conversely, if the Carrier begins a turn loaded with passengers, the Carrier may unload the passenger in the same hex, then the carrier can be moved up to 1/2 its movement value, or the Carrier may move with passenger loaded, up to 1/2 movement value, then expend its remaining 1/2 movement value to unload the passenger in the hex it ended its movement in.

Additionally, a carrier begining a turn, already loaded, may move up to its full movement allowance, with passengers remaining loaded, upon carrier ending its movement.

Note: Anyone familiar with Panzer Leader Transport rule, this is the same rule applied here as a Transport action.


OP fire mode has an expanded definition: Units are placed in Op fire mode during the Movement Phase, rather than moving,  and may Op fire during the movement phase at any enemy units that move while in Line of sight (LOS) of the Op fire unit during that Movement phase. NEW RULE: Units placed in Op fire mode during the Movement phase, MAY, if desired by player, wait until the Combat Phase to fire, and during the Combat phase, may EITHER conduct a normal Op fire attack at a moving enemy unit, OR may fire using a concentrated attack, at any unit in LOS, regardless whether the unit moved in the Combat phase or not.

Movement Phase: Players alternate moving their units 3 at a time (or as many as the scenario action limit allows), using only Advance action, or the Transport action. Units may move up to 1/2 their movement pt allowance (rounded up) in this phase. During this phase, each player may place units in Op fire mode rather than move them.  

Combat Phase: Players alternate firing units. including units which were placed in OP fire mode during the Movement phase, or may move units which previously moved, up to 1/2 their movement pt allowance (rounded down).

Units which were placed in OP fire mode during the Movement Phase, which did not fire during that phase, now have the option to fire at any enemy unit in LOS regardless whether that unit moved or not. Additionally, the OP fire unit can wait, and fire at an enemy unit that moves again during the opposingplayers Combat phase.

Optional Concealment Rule: Units which begin the turn in woods or building hexes, are concealed unless an enemy unit is adjacent or the concealed unit fires in either the Movemnent Phase or the Combat phase, while in the LOS of enemy units. Units which move into a woods hex or building hex during Movement or Combat phase, while in LOS of enemy units are NOT concealed, but considered spotted, and may be fired upon during that phase.

Note: this rule is  from the Panzer Leader "Spotting rule"


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Posted 26 September 2012 - 12:18 PM


Combined Fire Attack requires expenditure of 3 actions, and is an attack in which a maximum of 3 units combine fire on a single enemy unit. A Lead unit fires at full attack strength combined with 2 support units who each add 1/2 their Attack value (rounded up) . The attack is executed as a single cumulative die roll, after which result is applied to enemy unit, the attacking players phase is over, having expended 3 actions to conduct the CF attack.

Initiative: At the beginning of each turn, each player rolls a 6 sided die, and adds 1 for each objective controlled. Highest die roll wins, and that player is able to move first in that turn.

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