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Point totals for competitive games

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#1 magadizer


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Posted 26 September 2012 - 06:37 AM

I currently have the starter set plus one of each expansion, so 3 TIES, 1 TIE adv., 2 XW, 1 YW

I have played a couple 100 point games now, and they are quite competitive, giving a number of viable strategic options to the Rebels.

However, without more ships, I don't see any reason not to field all of the available ships at that point total, and only the best pilots on the Imp side, and then it's just a question of which upgrades you find most beneficial.

If I lower the point total to force the Imps to make some strategic choices in squad building, I run into balance problems. For example, 90 points still seems to work from the rebel side, but 80 points seems to favor the Imperials, again keeping in mind the ships I have available.-- 2XWs and 1 YW

The manual suggests 31 points if you only have the starter set, and then it jumps up to 100 points. Does anyone have a suggestion for a balanced point total intermediate that I could play maybe with less than all my available ships?

It would be nice to play some shorter games so that I could rotate playing with my kids in one on one battles. They are younger so they take longer to make moves and are easily distracted, so having a good point set less than 100 which stays balanced would be good.


Thanks! I look forward to hearing if anyone else experienced this issue, and either agrees or disagrees that certain point totals can bring inherent side imbalances depending on available ships.

Be seeing you.

#2 dvang



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Posted 26 September 2012 - 08:27 AM

I would suggest increments of @30-33pts. This gives 1x X-wing/tie advanced or 2x ties, with options of upgrades.

So, a slight bump/next increment would be ~66pts of ships per side.

Personally, I think having more ship models, such as buying more Tie fighters, is a good option to increase flexibility.

As an example: You can fit four low-cost/skill X-wing pilots in 100 points. If you don't have four X-wing models, though, you cannot utilize this option. Similarly, Y-wings are slightly cheaper than X-wings. Having one or more Y-wings can allow you more flexibility in choices between numbers of ships and pilot skill.

#3 magadizer


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Posted 26 September 2012 - 09:00 AM

Definitely the issue is one of available models in my collection. I intend at some point to get another starter set which would change the options dramatically. But while I am going to enjoy in the future having more models to contend with, at this point I am actually looking for competitive and interesting options using *less* models, because I am primarily going to be playing with my kids and the multiplicity of models will make for a confusing game for them. They are smart kids and understand the rules, but it's a lot to keep track of with even just 7 models on the playing field. Also their strategizing is not as well considered as an older and experienced gamer. So I was looking to make smaller, faster games that are just as fun in terms of customizing the options.

Thanks for the feedback.

Be seeing you.

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