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Forclosed!!!! Loans and banking.

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#1 Crazy Aido

Crazy Aido


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Posted 25 September 2012 - 10:12 PM

There are a few socially dependent adventures within wfrp and they require a certain amount of cash, noble status and all the lovely craziness that goes with it. So I was thinking about putting together a faction sheet or something similar for that most dreaded of institutions, your bank.

So far it's looking like this:


Banks have two tracks, essentially credit and debit.

Credit tracks your money going out. Generally, this allows you to essentially ignore silliness like brass and silver and focus on the big league, but if your loan is big enough, you can even ignore expenditure as high as five or ten gold crowns a week. You can make a large purchase and move the credit track down, to represent you swinging your coinpurse about.


Debit tracks your money going back in. This is your track on how long it will take you to pay your money back and how much of a squeeze the bank is putting on you. You can borrow a certain amount, based on your social status, and that amount can "stretch" based on your noble rank and other factors. When you begin to borrow over this however, each point you are "overdrawn" counts as permanent, unremovable stress, as the bailliffs knocking on the door start to worry at the back of your mind. It also downgrades your noble rank for the purpose of social combat; noone wants to be seen with a defaulter.


There are a number of ways you can bring the debit track down. One is to make an education roll based around investment and then make a "finance" roll. Success means you've rubbed two crowns together to make three. You may adjust your track based on the results. Another is to be the life and soul of every party in town. Lenders love giving money to social climbers like these, as they can rely on that person being in their pocket for a long time into the future. Of course if they lose the run of themselves…


Finally, there are several types of bank. Some are legit, dwarven lenders are well known for crossing every t and dotting every i. They are difficult to appeal to for cash, but when you get it, oh boy the repayment period…


Some are not so legit. Certain Tilean families of questionable reputation are well known for how quickly they will gladly throw out gold crowns. Of course, they demand repayment quickly, but don't worry, if you can't make your payment, there are always a few "favours" they need done…

#2 Crazy Aido

Crazy Aido


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Posted 30 September 2012 - 01:58 AM

Applying for a loan:

Applying for a loan has two requirements, applying for the loan, and providing security.


The application depends on the bank in particular, but all will have conditions on what particularly gets done with their money. They also have particular requirements on precisely who they lend to. For the most part, they ask that the person in question be in good standing and be willing to prove what they want to do with the money… Or at least show that they don't intend to do anything too stupid with it. The best banks with the kindest repayment options have the hardest conditions. To apply for a loan, you must meet a bare minimum of conditions, specified by the bank or loaner. You may meet others as you wish. Each condition met allows you to make a relevant role versus average difficulty to try and convince the lender you're legit. What skill you use is entirely dependent on how well you roleplay it, but obviously intimidate isn't going to make many friends. Tradecraft, education, charm, guile, folklore all qualify as good skills and this list expands with good roleplaying.

For each success rolled, take a fortune dice. If three successes are rolled, swap three fortune for an expertise dice.

Take a tracking token for each boon.

For sigmar's comet, take both a tracker and a fortune.

Once you've done all the applying you can, Roll the collected dice and count up your accumulated boons.


The number of successes rolled is the number along the "credit" track you are moved, this means, the lump sum you have to play with.

The number of boons and boons trackers indicates the kindness of the repayment terms. You can spend them on either expanding your debit limit or on concessions.


This will get padded out and I'll put to gether a bank sheet to show what it all means later.

#3 Boehm



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Posted 09 October 2012 - 01:02 AM

sounds pretty fun - pretty complex too …but interesting :)

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