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Campaign 2 (Notes and such) Derelict

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#1 Guards



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Posted 25 September 2012 - 07:14 PM

 So i've noticed that some people like to post the results of sessions here in the Game Masters Forums, i just had an excellent first "True" session with my second group so without further Ado here it is.



I've always said that i can be hard on my players but i went a little easier on them considering only two of them showed (the other three bailed due to school complications) so i decided to send only those who showed to investigate my derelict ship of horrors. Which earned a prompt "HE ONLY SENT TO OF US!" from my former 3.5 DM whom is now our tech priest, the other unfortunate acolyte being his lovely fiance turned Imperial World assassin. Mind you i did let her re roll her charecteristics because 1) i accidentally had her roll with a d10 and a d8 2) she isn't exactly competent and we can't afford THAT weak of link at this point. And 3) She could likely make him stop playing. I am proud to say in our previous get together with my non cannon "Training Session" which is to get people used to the combat before we actually start so i don't have to stop as often, i have done much to correct them of their "I am the Demi God Player charecter AHAHAHAHA" syndrome (they had i kid you not killed Bane whom is a god in their previous D&D campaign). Yes in the training fight they both went down with no kills, but now they know the combat rules. First to drop was "Zim" the tech priest whom missed his first shot against the HEAVY i had put close to him in cover inside the marketplace that was the "Training" area. Note she played as Lyrica an NPC i have during the first fight. Start in marketplace.

Zim "we need to focus on the HEAVY he is close and very dangerous cover me" Lyrica RUNS TO SHOP ACROSS MAP FOR COVER. Tim (zim) OOC "WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!" Lyrica (Brittany) "What i'm just getting into cover" *Innocent Look* Us "YOU WERE ALREADY IN COVER" *Sync face palm lol*


Zim: Steps out of cover to get an angle on heavy to negate his Cover 

MISS with odd look from HEAVY

Lyrica: Unnatural Aim with shotgun to face, HEAVY looks angry both fanatics spend turns moving

HEAVY: He moves in close when i "Remembered" (in the grim darkness of 41st millenium there is much false hope for players) he had a CHAINSWORD

ME: Rolls for first enemy attack in game for HEAVY

RIGHTEOUS FURY TO FACE with good damage . . . yeah i'm not joking i actually rolled that

Second Roll 04 with good damage 


Lyrica: Ugh sorry hehe

Zim: I hate you *Face Palm*

HEAVY: Hacks of arm for kill 

ZIM: I burn a fate point 

Me: Fine you roll down the hill and are dragged off by helpful villager, you do know this is just a training match so you didn't actually burn that point.

ZIM: i know i'm just glad i didn't lose the arm with the watch (i gave them all free watches with the seal of the inquistion cause you can't have intrigue and espionage with out synchronized watches)

ME: You didn't really Grrr nevermind

Lyrica: Closes door to provide cover/barrier from HEAVY. 

HEAVY: CHARGES! Into door and one hits with chainsword

She used a special INFERNO round i gave her at point blank does okay damage wiff fest of ages fanatics sorround house and shoot through windows she eventually dies.

I have humbled the God Slayers and they now fear HEAVIES ^.^


I'm going to make a second post for the first actual session to avoid making a SUPER block thoughts and such always welcome.



#2 SirRunOn



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Posted 26 September 2012 - 07:22 AM

Somehow you have the opposite problem I'm having with my guys.

They would have killed the heavy and fanatics without actually noticing they were doing it.  Even if there were only two on them and they forgot to bring their weapons that day.

Plus the psyker would be there, and roll about five nines on three psychic check rolls.

Where did you get lucky enough to find sane players?

Btw, did the tech priest try to dodge the chainsword?

#3 Guards



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Posted 26 September 2012 - 08:13 AM

 Nice hahaha thats how they are in D&D i'm very good at tactics games so they almost always get flanked and bunkered if i'm in a vaguelly bad mood. He might have if the righous fury to the face didn't stun him

#4 SirRunOn



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Posted 26 September 2012 - 10:25 AM

Ah, you're using a different version of Righteous Fury.  One that just stuns and that characters without fate points can use.  Hmm, is that your own hybrid or the version from Black Crusade?

Btw are your characters letting you use miniatures?  Mine just don't want to bother and I find tactics like flanking and envelopment come out better with a physical representation.  If you're not using minis cudos to you for getting your players to understand what's going on.

Hope to see more, but why put it in a seperate thread?  I know big block of text threads are daunting but you seem to be using a much more compact version than I do.

#5 Guards



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Posted 27 September 2012 - 11:59 AM

 Not seperate threads just making each days events one post because i like the way it looks and helps me organize my own thoughts. I may check back here later if there is debate over what happened so it is archive and entertainment all in one an adepts dream come true :)

Also i didn't modify the righteous fury to stun he just got into the Crit table on the head and thats what it said to do. I do have several modified house rules such as the bayonet shot. If you charge them with a bayonet and it hits you get a free shot with any setting single or full auto you don't have to roll to hit because you know that is BEYOND point blank range.

I'm here with my assistant story teller and we are working on next weeks events and his "Oh 2@*!" trooper (censored for moderators and children) he wanted to come in as a storm trooper i talked him down to veteran his charecter is 40 so he shouldn't be a conscript.

Will type up and post the first session soon i promise. Probably tonight once he leaves.

I plan to modify the turn system to be similar to fire emblem making team cooridination actually logical, every turn being around 6 seconds and not doing anything for five turns means they do nothing for 30 second which seems silly for trained soldiers to do. 

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