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First impressions

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#1 TieDefender



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Posted 25 September 2012 - 11:08 AM

 After getting my first couple games in I can definately say the game is pretty good, you have great miniatures and there is alot of customization which does give it that star wars feel.  

The manuevers/moving and gameplay itself is pretty simple despite the large number of components which is a good thing there is enough decisions I think that you can say its probably more strategy then luck.  For whatever reason our 60pts game did take a while but that may be due to my opponent who takes very long to do moves no matter what game we play.

There was a few things that left me kind of surprised such as not including a game mat, sure the game doesn't technically need one but miniature games benefit from the visuals so I will definately be shelling out for a deep space hotz felt mat.

Playing as the imperials against the rebels I did find alot of what was said such as the tie fighters just being brutally deadly up close it seemed with how durable and shielded the rebels were as well as the droids that heal and regen their shields that the imperials would have a tough time killing them but with how maneuverable the ties are when you focus on killing one enemy ship at a time and pick them off.

 This game was Maarek stele, mauler mithil and night beast VS Luke Skywalker with R5-D8 and Horton Salm with R2D2 both coming in a 60 points.  Probably not very powerful builds overall but this was just getting a feel for the game and I was deliberately trying to hold off the real powerful units such as Vader and Howlrunner (though mauler turned out to be quite deadly) to see how good the imperials were without them.  Hard to judge just from one game but it did seem like the imperials were probably better.

The game would definately benefit from as many new units they can add as possible I could imagine the standard game and the few available units becoming old after while which makes me think more then ever that they really do need to add the EU stuff and hold off on the prequels until the OT/EU is fleshed out to keep the game interesting.  I definately  think the game needs scenario's/missions to keep it compelling but thankfully this is star wars so there is unlimited potential in that category though I do hope that FFG does include something like space platforms, freighters, assault transports and even non moving capital ships purely to add different dimensions to the game which could really benefit it and give it some serious lasting power.

So all in all it is a good start and was indeed fun but I do think there needs to be frequent releases to add to it and give variety.

#2 Daveydavedave



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Posted 25 September 2012 - 10:25 PM




But seriously, glad you're enjoying the game.  I'm starting to think Jay Little might be a bonafide genius.

#3 Theplat



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Posted 25 September 2012 - 11:12 PM

I have to agree with your assessment 100%. Happened to pick this up on the day my friends usually played a certain TCG but when they saw what I was opening their interest shifted real quick and we spent the entire day just playing games on any surface big enough. Love how smooth the game runs and just how easy it is to pick up.

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