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How to Build a Deck

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#1 BigFest



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Posted 22 September 2012 - 12:12 PM

Hi all!

I recently started playing Invasion, and I'm absolutely loving it. The more I understand the game, the better it gets. With this in mind, I'm interested in looking at building a deck of my own. I currently own the standard core set. I have played games with all 4 available races. I'm looking at purchasing some of the expansion packs. My question is, what play styles are decks built around in this game? I understand there is a broad scope with all the cards on offer. I'm just curious to what the main tactics employed are, which races play best to those tactics, and some examples of cards that demonstrate those abilities. Any advice anyone could give would be much appreciated. Thanks!

#2 SeanXor



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Posted 22 September 2012 - 03:31 PM

 In general, there tend to be two types of deck archetypes that do really well.  The first is the "rush".  A rush deck is one that seeks to get as many cards out and attacking as quickly as possible.  The orcs are very well suited to rushing as they have multiple small units that are cheap to play, and the Waaagh! tactic from the base set is a fairly inexpensive way to make these small units pack a real punch.  The Empire and Chaos factions can also put together fairly decent rush decks.   

The second general archetype is a control deck.  A control deck is on that seeks to control some aspect of what the other player can do. These kind of decks use card abilities to really restrict another player.  The Empire can do this through the manipulation of opponent card placement and development.  Chaos can do this by corrupting units or by killing them off easily.  The Dark Elves can gain control by killing units through negative hit points or by causing the opponent to constantly discard their hand.  

While these are two major deck archetypes, they are by no means the only kind of decks that can be built.  In the "meta" (the group think about what decks are good), some decks have fallen out of favor, but a while ago a Dwarf deck built around a card called Reclaim the Fallen was a big deal.  This was not quite a control or rush deck, as it seeks to make a massive attack from the discard pile.  In the same way, a high elf indirect damage deck or a dark elf mill deck also does not fit in one of these two archetypes.  

#3 danilo



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Posted 02 October 2012 - 02:54 AM


I've been lurking the forum for a year now and only recently I've registered.

Anyway, if you are going to play against other friends which already have the game, maybe you can choose a race, go through your cards and build a tentative deck. Then bring with you some of the cards that tempted during the building, and try to swap out some in favor of others between matches. Building the deck is one of the most funny part of this game, don't copy deck lists over internet, you'll spoil the fun of it…


If, like me, you have few to none friends playing this game, then build _two_ decks and try them out one against the other, to spot week points of them (but keep an eye on what could there be found in an opposing deck). The process is the same as the other case, it's just that you're at home having all the cards at hand :)




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