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First Engagement…

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#1 DavicusPrime



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Posted 21 September 2012 - 08:26 PM

 So my son (9) and I gave this game a go tonight.  Here's what happened:

1st Game: 36pts

Imps: Mauler Mithel and Backstabber

Rebs: Skywalker +R2-D2

Started out just feeling out the movement rules.  I sent my two ships off in opposite directions trying to get him to chase one so the other could shoot off the X's tail.  It worked to some degree, but he ended up chasing Backstabber which was pretty smart one to choose.  He kept Mithel outside of range band 1 for most of the game too which was pretty smart even if it was more by luck than planning.  The little damage I did inflict during the opening rounds, R2 repaired.  But then I was finally able to get both ships in close and, especially important for Backstabber, outside of his fire arc.  The combined firepower ended Luke's day.

Lesson learned: Imps do best when they use their agility to stay clear of the rebel's fire arc.

Winner: Imperials, no losses, but Backstabber was heavily damaged.

2nd game: 60pts

Imps: TIE-Adv w/ Tempest Squadron Pilot + Cluster missiles, Backstabber, Howlrunner + Determination

Rebs: Skywalker + R2-D2, Horton Slam +R5-D8

Similar start.  The TIE-Adv went one way and the TIE's went the opposite.  The X and Y went after the TIEs and by the end of round 2, Backstabber was dead and Howlrunner was down to one hull point.  The TIE-Adv's cluster missiles stripped off the X-'s shields then took off after the Y from the rear while Howlrunner did almost the same thing, strafing the Y and knocking down some shields before taking off after the X's tail pipe.  The rest of the game was my TIE's chewing away at the rebs from behind until they died.  It was getting late so both of us were forgetting to take actions and/or using our upgrades.  My son's biggest frustration was not being able to get my ships off his tail.  When he did use the Korogran turns he wasn't able to get any damage to stick.

Lesson Learned: Don't take a Y without taking the Ion Cannon.  Don't forget to use your droids.  And TIE advanced are potent even with unskilled pilots.

Winner: Imperials, one loss, one damaged.


#2 Scottimusrex



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Posted 22 September 2012 - 09:22 AM

Forgeting actions and selecting a left hand manuver when you meant a right hander seem to be the most common mistakes my group has made so far.  Glad you finally got to play.  After months of anticipation my first game was a cluster of mistakes but I loved it. 


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