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WFRP Diseases for Dark Heresy

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Posted 21 September 2012 - 07:00 PM

In Daemon Hunter (pg. 99) there is a sidebar describing how diseases work in Dark Heresy.  Oddly enough, the diseases listed there are the same diseases listed in the WFRP Tome of Corruption (probably referring that both diseases are curses from Nurgle).  However, I noticed that the "normal" diseases listed in the WFRP Core Rulebook were not listed.

As such, I'm asking for help in translating the diseases from WFRP to Dark Heresy.  I don't need all the diseases statted out, but would appreciate help in figuring out what attribute (if any) the disease harms.  I'll also write down the disease's description from WFRP, which may shed some light on the subject.  All these diseases are from WFRP Core Rulebook, pgs. 136-37.

  • The Bloody Flux- The Flux is a common term for any illness that causes the sufferrer to void large amounts of matter from their person in a short time.  The Bloody Flux is a particularly unpleasant strain, often believed to be a punishment from the Gods to the Impious.  The cures for it are certainly foul, including the inhalation of sulphurous fumes, feeding with blood sausage, "stopping" with cork & wax, or greasing with linnet and pork fat.
  • The Galloping Trots- This vigorous, smelly and messy affliction is quite common amongst those who pay little care for the cooking and cleanliness of their food.  Rest, clean water and plenty of privy rags are the only cure.
  • The Green Pox- This horrid disease is the ravager of many a face.  It first manifests cold-like symptoms of sneezes and shivering, but soon shows its true colors.  The victim is usually bed-ridden by the time the first boils begin to swell.  Over the course of ten or so days, the victim becomes studded with large, penny-sized sores that weep green-colored pus.  A high fever rages, and a distinctive smell arises from the sufferer's body.  Should they survive the pox, the victim will be covered with large greenish-gray scars about the face, throat and shoulders.  The Green Pox can recur at any point in the victim's life from then on, increasing the density and brightness of the pox marks each time.  Only heavy make-up can disguise the distinctive marks.
  • Kruts- Maddening, painful and embarassing, this sickness tends to gather about the thighs, groin and torso.Transmitted by touch, this highly infectious rash is quite a social stigma.  Sometimes associated with goats and other livestock, folk medicine recommends shaving the afflicted area and painting it with turpentine.
  • Neglish Rot- This insidious disease is rightly the most feared of the Empire's ills.  Whilst most sicknesses destroy the body, this loathsome rot eats away at the very soul of its victim.  Sufferers exhibit boils, fever and violent fluxes as the rot withers their frame to leperous proportions.  Most end their lives before the final stages of the disease, for the disturbing changes it wreaks upon ones frame are enough to shatter one's sanity.  Many whisper that this illness is the work of The Fly Lord, casting his net to snare souls to his service.
  • Scurvy Madness- This dangerous disease causes painful swellings upon the lips, tongue and gums.  When these burst- usually while sneezing- foul tasting and infectious pus sprays out, sometimes up to five-feet away.  A high fever induces hallucinations and a terrible thirst to the victim, who must be doused in water and kept cool at all costs.  People in the grip of the madness have gone on violent rampages, made shocking admissions and caused dangerous scandals.
  • Stenchfoot Fever- Unfortunates who suffer from the fever are afflicted with sweats and shakes, sickness and foul, meaty stink arising from their feet.  The accepted method of dealing with this sickness is to fight fire with fire- rubbing the afflicted feet with meat, dung and the like to "drive out" the sickness.
  • Weevil Cough- Tiny mites that live in hay, wheat and flour stores cause this hacking cough.  Spending too much time around infested areas will produce a thick phlegmy cough, shortness of breath and a distinctive rattle to the voice.

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

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