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Starting DUST warfare, 150AP axis army.

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#1 Dreachon



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Posted 20 September 2012 - 11:10 PM

Hello my fellow borthers in arms


Along with a friend i've made the deceision to plnuge into the world of dust and sofar we are really enjoying the background and the models. My friend has chosen to go for the allied side and I like allways in these kind of games have gone for the axis given they are basicly the germans. There are other friends as well who may also want to join in on the game but until I myself as head of the group have a better understanding of the game I won't offer them any advice, i would then also like to aks if some of you could give me in a nutshell what each's sides specialty and playstyle is so I can start finding out which side is best suited for which player.

We've both gone for a 150 AP list to get us started and to learn the rules for the game, his list includes.

Command Section: "The Boss" ranger command squad

1st Section: "The Gunners" combat ranger squad [upgraded]

2nd Section: "BBQ Squad" assault ranger squad

3rd Section: "Death Dealers" ranger weapon squad

Support 1: LAW M1-A "Wildfire"

Support 2: MCW M2-C "Pounder"

Totale armyscore: 146 AP

Not sure if it's a good list but these are the units he wanted to start with and who am I to disagree with that, my axis list is very similair to his in it's organisation as I also went with the models that I liked the look off and could fit into the points allowed.

Command Section: Kommando trupp

1st Section: Recon grenadiers

2nd Section: Battle Grendadiers [upgraded]

3rd Section: Battle Grendadiers [upgraded]

Support 1: Light panzer walker "Heinrich"

Support 2: Medium panzer walker "Ludwig"

Total armyscore: 146 AP

As you can see the two armies are evenly matched and similair in composition and in the armypoints, do any of you fine gentlemen have any tips or advice for us on how to make the best use of these armies and what would be a great way to expand them later, we are going add small blocks of about 50AP each time we expand the forces.

To reach the 200AP I myself am thinking about adding in an Beobachter team, taking the panzer support and adding another medimu panzer walker "Lothar" for extra anti-infantry firepower, would this be a good expansion of my own axis force.

Anyway thank for taking the time to reply and for the advice provided, I'm hoping DW will provide my and my friends with alot of fun filled action.

#2 deedob



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Posted 21 September 2012 - 01:43 AM

Allies: superior mobility (speed, jump and turrets on walkers)

Axis: superior firepower, resilient units (long gun range, bigger armour or skills to prevent damage)

SSU: short range powerhouses (very poor in long range) and air superiority (for now)

Vrill: ? (not released yet)

#3 Hatamoto



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Posted 21 September 2012 - 09:32 AM

short range in this game being around 1"-2" and long being 12" … watch out for those really long range wpns @ a whooping 16"

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