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#1 Shadow17



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Posted 19 September 2012 - 08:18 AM

Hello all,


Eagerly awaiting my X-Wing copy! So, I was just thinking it could be nice to see a future expansion that features a campaign of sorts.


I think you could make a campaign in several ways. You could make a rebel and an imperial campaign separately. Even better, you could make a campaign which features missions for both sides. To spice it up even further, the outcome of the missions would determine the course of the campaign.


You could even add in an upgrade system. Let's say you start with 30 points and just one ship type with no option for upgrades or special characters (or special characters without abilities for instance). As you play missions, both sides gets xp to spend on increasing fleet size, ship types, upgrades to get, etc. The winner maybe special rewards on top of xp.

For instance a campaign could focus on taking over a critical planet. One mission could be recon for the rebels and imperials avoid their weapons/ships being spotted. Another mission could be 'saving' a rebel ship/pilot from imperial hands (for example Garven Dries) and imperials trying to get Garven to a space base. Each mission could lead to a number of benefits and disadvantages and be a set up for a new mission.


Also you could work with an achievement system, giving minor bonuses to those achieving something. For example, the first nameless ship to kill a character ship. Bonus would be placing a critical hit on that character ship when it's used in a new mission. You could work with a retreat system that allows you to save character ships, but that either gives a bonus to the other side or makes it so some hits carry over. What also could be cool is to add a 'galactic campaign' variant. Where different missions and skirmishes have an impact on a larger scale battle. Each time you play with one of your friends, you post the results somewhere and the campaign is updated. Then depending on the status of the campaign the winning side might get reinforcements or stuff.


I don't know. Just spitballing here. Do you think it's a nice idea/bad idea to make a campaign? Does anybody have any other ideas to add to this? What missions and rules would you like to see? Maybe we can make something for the game as a community.


Well, I'm really excited to play the game!!





#2 DagobahDave


    Laser Brain

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Posted 19 September 2012 - 09:38 AM

Yep, working on something very much like that. Almost exactly like that. :) I'll try to have a testable version of the campaign sometime this weekend.

Here's my work in progress:

What I could use help with, in the short term, is this:

A Location [a specific planet, asteroid field, just above the surface of a Star Destroyer], and a Mission to play there [can be from the core rulebook, fan-made, or your original creation, but I will need deployment maps and probably won't read original mission descriptions without them].

So I'd like suggestions such as, "A battle over Tannalay, a city-planet like Coruscant, using the Political Escort mission."

I also need ideas for a good overall campaign objective. The Empire should be working on something really sneaky and evil, and the Rebels gotta find out what it is and blow it up. What is it? Or, the Rebels are regrouping in secret and the Empire is trying to set up a spring a trap for them.

Anything in the Empire Strikes Back timeframe would work. This will be an alternate history, starting just after the battle of Hoth. We can deviate from the canon timeline if it makes for a good story.

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#3 DrUnK3n_PaNdA



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Posted 20 September 2012 - 10:01 AM

Here's some mission ideas for you!:


It's a Trap!

Far outside Imperial shipping lanes, the Alliance receives a message from the Imperial freighter Dervish indicating it's intention to defect along with its cargo of ion engine components for the new TIE Interceptors. However, unknown to the Rebels the Dervish is serving as bait. Hiding from long range scanners in the nebula at the systems' edge waits the Imperial Interdictor Cruiser Event Horizon along with it's full compliment of TIE fighters.

When the Rebels arrive the Cruiser and it's TIEs move to attack. Hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, the Alliance must destroy the Event Horizon's 4 Gravity Well generators to escape to hyperspace.


Tambanda Raid

Tambanda gas is crucial to the fabrication of weapons systems and as such has become the life-blood of the Galactic Empire. In their ongoing campaign of harassing Imperial infrastructure, the Alliance has targeted an orbital Tambanda refinery circling the planet Thyferra. Due to it's tactical importance a group of TIEs is stationed as a defense force. The refinery is heavily shielded and only vulnerable once craft are within it's shield barrier. (Range 1 or 2)

The Rebels are as always relying on the speed and surprise of their attack for success and a small patrol led by the Star Destroyer Subjugator is not far. The rebels must cripple the Empire's tambanda production in the system, then escape before The Subjugator and it's escorts are able to be scrambled to the system.


Trial by Fire

Imperial forces have targeted a Rebel training ground near Topwara where ace pilot Wedge Antilles is teaching new recruits basic combat maneuvers. The rebels' weapon systems begin disabled for their war-games, the perfect time for an Imperial attack. Such a massive use of resources wasn't to shoot down recruits, however. The Empire's goal is to deal the Rebellion a crippling morale blow by capturing or killing the leader of Rogue Squadron.

Wedge, being intimately familiar with the systems of his X-Wing can bring his weapons back online instead of firing in the first turn. The Rebels may only take Wedge and rookie pilots (who cost 14 points for this scenario, rather than 21.) Each rookie pilot may, instead of attacking, attempt to bring their weapons back online. To simulate this, roll a basic attack, on a critical hit result, the X-Wing's cannons and torpedo systems are operable again.

#4 Red88



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Posted 20 September 2012 - 12:19 PM

I definitely would pay for some kind of campaigning booklet or what-not

#5 DagobahDave


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Posted 20 September 2012 - 12:52 PM

Panda, those are great ideas. I'll definitely use some of that.

Red88 said:

I definitely would pay for some kind of campaigning booklet or what-not

I'm hoping FFG puts together a mission/campaign pack, but it might make sense to wait until after Wave 2. Until they do, we'll have to settle for free fan-made stuff. :)

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#6 AncientAngel



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Posted 20 September 2012 - 01:11 PM

One campaign system we used to use for other various table top games.

The teams / side would all agree on a total of points for their entire fleet. Then they would agree on the point limit for their squadrons & number of squadrons. Example 500 points for an entire fleet build with 5 squadrons of 100 points.

Then each team / side would build his/her fleet and break them down into squadrons and have a matching list for each one. A large campaign map would be drawn up, with objectives that equal point values if one side could hold them. Points were also given for victories etc…

Players would pet up the location of their squadrons on the campaign map and move them in secret one space. If two players ended up in the same space they would of coarse have a battle.

The big draw to this system is, you have to be able to adjust your tactics on the fleet level and squadron level threw out the entire campaign. You also have to adjust for  the losses in your fleet  as well.

Points won during the campaign can be spent up-grading your squadrons and or replacing losses.

There is more you can do with the system  but this gives you an idea.

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#7 Rollins



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Posted 21 September 2012 - 09:05 AM

Love this guys .. keep it up.. For the longevity of this game. I think this is a must.

#8 DagobahDave


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Posted 21 September 2012 - 09:37 AM

What I'm realizing is that good campaigns need good missions, and we have a very limited supply of those. So I've got a campaign structure that should work, but not a lot of missions.

I'm working on a Death Star Trench Run mission that would make a great finale to a campaign, and developing that mission is a whole project unto itself. It's worth doing, definitely, but the campaign development will be on hold until I have a good half dozen missions prepared for it.

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