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Posted 17 September 2012 - 09:58 PM

 ((Well recently in our Anima campaign my friend is Gming we decided to have a year long time skip, this is a short story of my character, Adrassil what he did during that time. It's my friend's own world he's been making and he has ripped off many, many sources, the place we're based in is basically A Game of Thrones Westeros and a story arc we just completed was a rip off of Berserk, with the Hawks and Griffith. Adrassil is basically a Loki clone, scheming, manipulating and brilliant and for all intents and purposes, a villain if this was D&D his alignment would most likely be neutral evil. I'm having a brilliant time roleplaying him.

Here are his stats
Name: Adrassil
Class: Shadow
Hair/eyes: Brown/hazel.
Level: 3
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Weight/height: 60kg/1.75m.
Appearance: 9
Size: 14.
AGI: 11 (+20)
CON: 6 (+5)
DEX: 10 (+15)
STR: 8 (+10)
INT: 9 (+10)
PER: 9/10 (+10/15)
POW: 9 (+10)
WP: 7 (+5)
Life points: 100
Fatigue: 6
Movement: 11
Attack: 100, Dodge: 160, Wear Armour: 10
Armour: +5 complete leather
Weapon: +5 long sword.
Initiative: unarmed: 125/with long sword: 115
Re-roll: appearance 1
Jack of all trades 2
Starting wealth 1
Quick reflexes 1
Acute senses 1
Addiction: smoking
will not hurt a child
Slow learner.
Special abilities/modules
Training: longsword and training Rapier.
Martial arts: Jeet Kune Do (just has same as Kung Fu in the core book)
Secondary skills
Acrobatics: 45
Athleticism:  65
Climb: 40
Jump: 30
Ride: 30
Swim: 30
Composure: 25
Feats of str: 20
Withstand pain: 30
Notice: 80
Search: 80
Track: 20
Intellectual all skills are 20 except for navigation which is 30
Intimidate: 15
Leadership: 40
Persuasion: 40
Style: 30
Disguise: 45
Hide: 50
Lock picking: 25
Poisons: 20
Theft: 25
Stealth: 70
Trap Lore: 20
Art: 30
Dance: 30
Forging: 25
Music: 20
Sl. of hand: 40
Here's a picture I drew of him.
As after the events of the story here is his Ki abilities
(he also gained a level in Martial Mastery because of his training in that year's time)
Use of Ki
Ki control
Presence Extrusion
Aura extension
Use of necessary energy
Ki concealment level 88
Elimination of necessities
Physical Dominion
Age Control
Here's what I've written so far, enjoy!))
Delreg paused as he walked the corridor, glancing over his shoulder as he heard a cry from further inside the house.
Giggling, the boy Benjamin appeared from around the corner, running with reckless abandon toward Delreg, following him was one of the house servants, Salmi. 
“Come back, Ben!” yelled Salmi while she attempted to lung and grab him, but missed.
“Can’t catch me!” laughed Benjamin and Delreg couldn’t help but smile, somehow the boy had acclimatised to his new environment already, much to his surprise. He was a good kid, well mannered and nice. Sure he played up but that was expected, with one so young.
“Ben!” Salmi growled. “Get back here!”
“Nya! Nya! Nyan!” Ben said back.
“Benjamin!” bellowed Delreg, causing the boy to slide to a stop suddenly.
Ben looked up at Delreg, eyes wide, Delreg towered over the boy, standing at a bit over two metres tall, Delreg was a monster in half plate and would have been ugly even before he received the numerous scars on his face as he glared down at Ben, who quaked in fear.
“Y-yes mr Delreg!” stammered Benjamin.
“I am sorry master Delreg!” cried Salmi. 
Delreg didn’t reply he just looked grimly down at Ben.
“Good job young, Benjamin,” said Delreg as a big grin split his face. “Keep out manoeuvring her and one day you might just me!”
Suddenly Delreg’s arms shot out and he grabbed Ben, who let out a high pitched yell as Delreg lifted him up and handed him to Salmi.
“He is too quick for you, I see,” said Delreg.
“He is too quick for all of us servants, milord, my sorries. M-may I ask you a question milord?” said Salmi.
Delreg nodded.
“W-why did the master take him here?” she asked, as Ben tried to struggle against her grip.
Delreg smiled, she must have spent a week trying to gain the courage to ask him that. “I cannot tell you much Salmi, but I can tell you this…”
“W-what milord?”
“Guilt,” he answered bluntly.
“Guilt, young Selmi, that is why. Take the boy back to the lounge, we will take him out for a walk later today.”
“Yaay! A walk!” cried Benjamin. “B-but mr Delreg, has mr Adrassil found my dad yet?”
“No, I’m sorry, young Benjamin.”
“Ohh! I like it here, but I miss my dad.”
“I know you do, he will find your dad, don’t you worry.”
“I hope so.”
“Let’s head back, Ben!” said Selmi as she turned back and walked down the corridor.
“Bye mr Delreg!” yelled Ben.
Delreg waved goodbye, turned and entered through the door into the house’s porch area, it was summer midday in Kingsley and the sun was pouring through the windows.
 Young Jallac sat guard and as he turned to see Delreg enter, was now standing.
“Ser Delreg!” he yelled.
“At ease, Jallac,” said Delreg, Jallac was a plain faced eighteen year old and the newest addition to Adrassil’s little mercenary group. Armed with a simple spear and shield and wearing leather armour. The boy was enthusiastic and idealistic, a bit overly so in Delreg’s opinion he also worshipped the floor which Delreg walked. Jallac had once worshipped Adrassil, but their leader was barely ever at the house and when he was, he usually had very little to do with his guards. Well, except for Elandria, Adrassil was always having everything to do with her.
Delreg couldn’t help shrug to himself, and with that fine piece of ass working under him, who can blame Adrassil, really?
“Sir Delreg?”
“Sorry, Jarrac, was just thinking, about stuff.”
“Of course, sir” said Jarrac, shrugging slightly. “What is on the agenda today, sir?”
Delreg sighed, “the usual, as I’m sure you know Adrassil and Elandria have wandered off somewhere, don’t know where, he never tells me anything, anymore, chasing one of his “errands.” I think Rotasia is following our guest and our other guest is in the attic meditating. You and Fevost just need to keep guard like you always do. Hopefully Adrassil will come back soon and have something else for us all to do.”
“May I speak frankly, sir?”
“Go ahead, Jarrac.”
“I-I have found it interesting the guests we have had lately, the first oriental with that utterly magnificent sword. Then that lord sir, Rob. That archer with that beautiful bow, who was from beyond the wall. The Benjamin child and now that second oriental who practises martial arts like sir Adrassil. All of them are so strange, so interesting. All so incredibly strong.”
“Yes, what is your point, Jarrac?”
“I was wondering, why so many under our roof? For what purpose?”
“Why do you think? We’ve made many, many enemies over the past week or so, they are there simply for protection and to cover the more subtle talents us simple guards do not possess.”
“Do you think we can trust them?”
“No,” said Delreg without hesitation. I do not even think we can trust Adrassil anymore, thought Delreg, he is just getting more and more paranoid, he may even start distrusting Elandria, soon.
The sudden knock on the door caused Delreg and Jarrac to start.
Jarrac answered it, “hello, how may I help you?”
Immediately, Delreg saw the person at the door was no one to mess with, he wore a black long cloak and was as pale as Adrassil was. His long black hair was tied back into a ponytail. He was handsome with thin, feminine features and grinning a disturbing, bright white grin that seemed permanently plastered there.
“I wish to meet with the head of the household, please,” said the man, his voice almost sickeningly lispy.
“I’m afraid that he isn’t here at this point in time,” said Delreg, trying to sound not too antagonistic, something about the pretty boy just rubbed him the wrong way.
“Oh, that is a shame a true, true shame, indeed. I was truly wishing to finally meet the infamous Adrassil first hand. I have heard he was directly responsible for the death of Griffith, the legendary leader of the Hawks, is that true?”
Delreg barely held back his shock and Jarrac glanced at Delreg, wide eyed.
“No, no that isn’t true, that is a lie,” said Delreg, after clearing his throat, they had done their best to cover up their responsibility in Griffith’s assassination and the destruction of his mercenary company directly after. Adrassil was determined to allow the Hand of the King that glory, how did this freak know the truth? 
“What is it that you want?” managed Delreg. “We can take a message or you may return later when he is here.”
“Oh, oh that is no matter,” said the man. “I did not think he would be here in the first place, in fact I knew he would not be here, just please would you give him this…”
The man took a small envelope from inside his cloak and handed it through the door to Delreg while Jarrac visibly stiffened.
Delreg, not taking his eyes off the man took the envelope and quickly examined it, there were no discernible markings, nothing, which did not surprise him at all.
“So, you are finally calling him in, I see” said Delreg.
“Indeed,” said the man. “I see you are indeed smarter than you look.”
Delreg smiled, though it held no warmth, “I get that a lot, I take it as quite the compliment.”
The man smirked and nodded, “fair thee well, Delreg, Jarrac.”
Then he turned and walked away.
At times like this Delreg wished Adrassil kept at least one person skilled in the stealth arts here so he could have had that strange man followed, but he doubted even Adrassil could have tracked him.
“Who was that?” stammered Jarrac. “How did he know our names?”
“That man, works for them,” said Delreg, seeing that the boy had a thousand other questions boiling to the surface and was glad that Jarrac refrained from asking them.
“Our real employers,” answered Delreg, shaking his head, Jarrac was not the brightest of the bunch.
“The Blackreach Company.”
They were now, according to her very rough calculations, about a kilometre underneath the capital, Kingsley. The instructions on the envelope had led them deep into the lower east slums, to an old abandoned building and a secret entrance in its basement. Which led to a staircase which just seemed to descend and descend until they found this long, wide dark dank tunnel which also seemed endless.
Adrassil stopped, sighed, slid a cigarette from the pocket in his jacket and slipped it between his teeth, lighting it with his flint and tinder with one swift, practised movement.
“What? Is that the tenth since you received that summons?” said Elandria, the attractive redhead walked alongside him, her arms folded across her chest and a slight smile on her full lips.
“Hmm perhaps, I have not bothered to keep count,” said Adrassil. “I have better things to do with my time.”
“Well, apparently I do not, and I can assure you that is your tenth, nervous are we?” said Elandria slyly.
“Hmm, now I know you can tell that just from my Ki aura, Elandria,” said Adrassil, smiling slightly as he clasped his hands behind his back. “But sure, I will admit it, I am, a little.”
“They are the elders, Ad. Amongst the highest leaders of the company, you are right to be nervous,” said Elandria. “Have you ever met them before?”
“No,” said Adrassil. “I have not, El. When I was under master Glaitis, she would meet them on many occasion but I never accompanied her, she never allowed me to.”
“Unlike you, allowing me?” said Elandria. “Why I am oh so honoured. Do you think they will approve of our exploits?”
“I am not sure,” said Adrassil as he started to walk again and their footsteps began to echo through the cavernous corridor. “Griffith was very much a potential threat to us and the organisation, but as far as I know, he had no contract out on him at the time and they may have had an agenda for him already. So your guess is as good as mine, El.”
Elandria sighed, “Griffith was a huge threat, easily the strongest Ki aura I have ever encountered I am just glad your plan worked out so well.”
Adrassil grinned broadly, “as am I, El. As am I. As Glaitis once taught me; ‘sometimes the most simple of plans, are the best of plans,’ and that was an example of that.”
Elandria nodded, over the past few days her and Adrassil had searched all over Kingsley for any remaining members of Griffith’s army. In particular were his lieutenants; Judeau and Pippin, who had both gone unaccounted for during the massacre. So far they had found nothing, much to Adrassil’s choler.
He wouldn’t even assume their deaths until he saw their bodies, or at least their severed heads
They both knew killing Griffith and especially in such an extremely dishonourable way had potentially made them many enemies. They had fought their way out of the camp and escaped but still a few of the guards who witnessed the murder, could have survived to spread word of it.
They also knew that the five hundred man force Griffith had camped outside the city was only a third of his total force, there were another thousand or so spread all over the country. That were a thousand potential angry, vengeance seeking enemies for them to contend with.
The thrill of his victory was gone for Adrassil, now replaced with rampant fear and paranoia.
As they walked Elandria discreetly eyed Adrassil sidelong, he was a very handsome man, his jawline strong and his red lips contrasted strongly against his extremely pale skin. His long, brown hair was always slicked back and although being twenty four, he still looked in his late teens. Only his grim ‘seen it all’ gaze gave away his true age. He wore brown, green with gold trim masterwork leather armour and slung over his shoulder was his long sword, which was of simplistic design but of extraordinary make. He had spared no expense on his armaments.
Elandria admired him, respected him, he had ambition, true ambition and she truly believed he had the ruthlessness, strength and intellect to see it through.
“Yes Elandria?” he said without looking, while slipping out his cigarette between index finger and thumb then exhaled smoke. “What is it?”
Elandria smiled and shook her head, “nothing, nothing.”
His instincts were almost as sharp as hers, despite not knowing any Ki techniques.
“Uh huh,” he muttered. “Check our surroundings, please.”
“As you wish,” she said, inhaled strongly and extended her Ki sight outwards. Ignoring Adrassil’s strong Ki presence she gazed further down the corridor than normal sight could ever see.
“I see two quite strong Ki signatures at the corridors end,” she whispered in his ear. “The guards to the elder’s sanctuary, by the looks of things, they seem relaxed, but ready.”
“Stronger than you and I?” asked Adrassil, placing his cigarette back in his mouth and again clasping his hands behind his back.
“Not from what I can see, their strengths seems to rank that of the average soldier.”
“Hmm,” murmured Adrassil, musing his finger and thumb on his thin chin. “They may be hiding their true strength, I doubt the elders would have anything less than the strongest guarding them and we both know of the organisation’s aptitude in Ki abilities.”
Elandria nodded, she knew of the Blackreach Company’s affinity for Ki techniques was far more advanced than any other organisation this side of the sea, it was used more in the oriental lands to the east. Yet, she had not learned her martial knowledge from them, but from her father when they used to hunt for food together in the northlands. Her father was self taught and had taken decades to learn what he had now. Elandria wondered how he was, she had not seen him since she had left south, five years ago now.
“Can you see anything further?” Adrassil whispered. “See any more auras beyond them?”
“No, nothing,” she said. 
“Hmm interesting, keep an eye out, see if you see anything more once we get closer, although I doubt you will.”
“As you wish,” she said and they continued on in silence.
They approached the large, lit black stone double doors, every so often Adrassil would glance over his shoulder at her and each time Elandria would shake her head. She also kept an eye on the two Ki auras on each side of the doors, who stayed completely silent and still.
Only once they came about four metres from the end of the tunnel, did the two guards choose to emerge from the shadows to greet them. Both wore ornate, black, half plate armour with silver trim, their faces hidden beneath silver, disturbingly detailed death masks and held scythes.
Adrassil and Elandria shared a glance. Adrassil smirking, shaking his head and rolling his eyes in contempt, which caused Elandria to grin widely.
“What are the words?” said one of the skull masks, although Elandria could not tell which one. His extraordinarily deep voice echoed unnaturally in the dark, dank tunnel.
Adrassil bashed his chest with his fist and said, “none escape the reach of our wrath.”
“You are Adrassil,” one stated, although it seemed to Elandria now they were both speaking as one.
“I am,” said Adrassil, his soft voice practically silent compared to the guards’. “And I have been…”
He paused and grimaced very slightly.
“Summoned…by the elders, to meet them at this location, time and date.”
“You have,” the skull masks confirmed and both their heads then swiveled slowly to Elandria, “and you are Elandria, Adrassil’s allowed confidant to this meeting and lover.”
Elandria despite herself found felt her face flush red.
“W-well I uhh.”
“She is,” said Adrassil, clenching his jaw in annoyance.
They both looked back to Adrassil, making him flinch in discomfort under their black eyed scrutinization and Elandria could not help but wonder: were they actually masks?
“She is,” they said. “You are allowed entry.”
“Thank you,” said Adrassil, glaring at them under a hooded brow. “Thank you ever so much.”
Then Adrassil began to approach the doors, but was forced to stop as their scythes suddenly crossed together in front of his face.
“Remember, you are about to stand upon sacred ground,” they said. “If you even think of spilling blood, no force in this universe nor any other can save you from our wrath.”
Adrassil grinned and shook his head, “that is the thing though, nothing in this universe nor the next is sacred, not you, nor I, and especially not this s**t hole and you are a fool to believe otherwise.”
For a good few seconds, the two skulls just stared at him impassively before eventually withdrawing their scythes.
“You have been warned.”
“Threatened more like,” corrected Adrassil as the doors began to grind open, seemingly on their own. “Come Elandria, we have withered old fools to humour.”

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Posted 18 September 2012 - 12:44 PM

Second part to the story, this elaborates on my character's actions over the last few sessions


With the two guards in their wake, Adrassil and Elandria passed through the doorway and found
another staircase, now ascending.

In silence, they climbed. For a good minute or so the stairs seemed to go on and on.

Again every so often Adrassil would glance at Elandria and she would reply with a shake of her

When they finally arrived at the top of the stairway they emerged into a very large, almost
cavernous room. The only light were two large, blazing torches set at each side of the entrance.

“Hmm,” murmured Adrassil thoughtfully, as he looked about, his arms still clasped behind his

“What is it?” asked Elandria.

“Big place.”

That made Elandria smile and shake her head.

“Do you know what your sins are?” came a throaty, ragged voice from the darkness.

Adrassil smiled and began to pace back and forth.

“I do not believe in sin,” Adrassil said.

“You may believe what you will,” said another voice, just as croaking and ancient as the last. “It
does not matter, you are still guilty of…”

Suddenly, a large torch erupted into life, illuminating an area a good twenty metres to the far left
in the darkness. A hunched, round, short figure stood in front of it, his back to the fire so his front,
still hidden in shadow.

“Pride,” said the figure.

Another torch followed after the first, about six metres to the right, revealing another figure, this
one almost unnaturally tall, and thin.

“Wrath,” the tall one said.

A third lit, showing a large, well built man.

“Envy,” he said.

Then a fourth followed, showing an even smaller more withered figure than the first.

“And lust,” he said, and strangely, had the deepest, most forceful voice of them all.

“Well,” said Adrassil and smiled at Elandria. “Who can really blame me for being lustful?”

“We can,” said the first. “Benjamin Adare.”

Adrassil’s eyes widened, he inhaled sharply through his teeth and turned back to the elder.

“That is no longer my name,” he said, barely keeping back his anger. “I left that name behind me
when Glaitis found me, and took me as her apprentice, along with everything else.”

Elandria couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows, so that was his real name? She had no idea, it
also gave an interesting new perspective as to why he had taken the child in.

“But have you? Truly?” said the well built elder. “We would beg to differ.”

“I…” tried Adrassil but was cut off as the smallest spoke.

“When you were an urchin, living on the streets of Kingsley, you were known as ‘the monkey
cutpurse,’ you caused much mischief, and here we find you, still causing mischief.”

Adrassil briefly stopped his pacing and sighed.

“I had to survive, somehow” he said.

‘And that you did,” said the tall one. “But thus far, since Glaitis pronounced you a full member of
this company you have been doing quite the opposite.”

Adrassi balled his fists and clenched his jaw.

“I have not,” he growled.

“Oh really?” said the well built one. “You have been playing a very dangerous game, Benjamin…”

“That is not my name!” Adrassil roared suddenly.

“In our eyes you have yet to earn that name, Benjamin,” said the smallest, his voice grating with
barely contained rage.

“How have I not?” Adrassil demanded. “I am responsible for the death of perhaps the greatest
warrior of our time! And the complete massacre of his army of  his unbeatable elite soldiers! What
then do I need to do, to earn my name?”

“But potentially made a thousand, if not more, enemies in the process,” said the first one.

“We, fully approve of the how you destroyed Griffith and his men,” said the tall one. “Your plan
was as simple as it was clever. But it is the why you did it, that is our problem. It was your foolish
pride that was the catalyst.”

Adrassil clenched his jaw and began to pace back forth again, like a caged lion

“He humiliated me,” Adrassil hissed.

“He did,” agreed the large one, bluntly. “Griffith defeated you and easily at that, even after he was
injured from his prior duel to the young Adonis.”

“And that was why I did it! I hoped to take advantage of his injured state!” snarled Adrassil. “If I
had won, I would have taken control of the Hawks! The finest mercenaries this side of the sea!
Imagine what I could have done with them under my command!”

“If you had won,” said the smallest. “You would not have taken control of the Hawks, we would
have. But you did not, instead you wound up joining them.”

“And that was another reason why they needed to die!” Adrassil snarled. “I did not know what the
Company would make of my…transfer. You may have wanted me dead for my, betrayal.”

“If we had wanted you dead, for your betrayal,” said the tallest. “You would have been dead within
the hour.”

Adrassil said nothing, just straightened and clenched his jaw again.

“If you had not allowed your pride to get the better of you,” said the fat one. “We would have
wanted you as a spy within his ranks. For you to have become an advisor for Griffith and then
influence his decisions, depending on what we wanted the Hawks to do. They would have
become an extremely valuable asset to the Company.”

“Well, if that was so. Why did you not send someone to tell me to do that?” said Adrassil.

“We were interested in what you would do without our direct influence,” said the tall one. “We
hoped that you would see reason on your own, but obviously, you did not.”

“And you failed that test, obviously,” said the smallest. “and miserably.”

Adrassil, stopped his pacing, closed his eyes and sighed deeply, then his eyes snapped
suddenly open.

“But surely,” Adrassil said softly. “Surely, you had, already spies within his ranks? Someone with
such potential and influence would most have most assuredly demanded it.”

At that, something strange happened, each elder straightened and glanced at one another,
almost nervously.

“That is no concern of yours,” said the tallest.

Unperturbed, Adrassil began to pace again, smirking widely, “but they betrayed you, didn’t they?
Griffith with all his charisma and strength earned their true loyalty, their…love. They damned the
consequences and stopped reporting to you…”

“Enough!” interrupted the smallest. “It matters little, especially now.”

“So, you admit it?” said Adrassil, mockingly.

“We admit nothing,” growled the well built one. “To the likes of you, we need not admit anything.”

Adrassil just grinned and continued to pace, hands still clasped behind his back.

Elandria, swallowed back her nervousness, Adrassil was not doing himself any favours with this

“I regret nothing,” said Adrassil. “Griffith needed to die, he was too dangerous, too ambitious, too

“But he was also young and naive,” said the first. “He could have easily been influenced,
manipulated and it was only because of that naivete you managed to kill him. You should not be
so proud about your victory over him.”

Adrassil shook his head, “you underestimate him, if he had lived, imagine what he would have

“But we would have influenced him,” said the tallest.

“Again, you underestimate him,” said Adrassil. “He would have eventually found out about your
‘influence’ then become an enemy. A very powerful enemy.”

“And you underestimate us, by then he would have outlived his usefulness, anyway,” said the
well built one. “You managed to kill him so we would have found a way, easily.”

Adrassil clenched his jaw, “and do you know how old he was? Seventeen! I refuse to be
beholden to someone so young.”

“But you would not have been beholden to him,” said the first. “You would still have been
beholden to us.”

At that, Adrassil abruptly stopped his pacing and balled his fists, shaking slightly in rage and
Elandria could swear the Elders were smiling.

“Yes,” said Adrassil through gritted teeth.

“Remember, Benjamin,” said the short one. “You are where you are today because of us, we
gave you the money to start your little operation in Kingsley, we gave you your extensive training.

If it was not for us, you would still be homeless and alone, scraping a living in Kingsley.”

In between index finger and thumb Adrassil slipped another cigarette from inside his jacket,
placed it in his mouth, lit it and sighed out smoke.

“I truly doubt that,” he sighed, smirking.

“Your arrogance borders on astounding,” said the tallest.

“Arrogance is only arrogance if it isn’t justified,” said Adrassil.

“Yes, you keep telling yourself that,” said the well built one.

“Your foolishness began a week ago,” said the shortest. “When you competed in the grand
melee of the hand of the king’s tournament.”

“That I did,” said Adrassil, “and not to mention, won.”

“Yes, you put all your martial abilities on display for all the country to see, well done,” said the first

Adrassil inhaled his cigarette and exhaled, holding it between thumb and index finger again.

“Not all,” he assured, ignoring the sarcasm.

“Not to mention, you also made an enemy of the Lannister warrior you defeated in the final,” said
the well built one.

Adrassil shrugged, “then the very next day he was utterly humiliated by Adonis in a far worse
way. Now he hates that little idiot far worse than I. He was a fool who deserved everything he

“We do not deny that, Benjamin,” said the tallest. “But it was a foolish public display that was
pointless and unneeded. You brought far too much attention to yourself, again as a direct
consequence of your pride.”

“I wanted, I wanted to gain some respect of the masses,” said Adrassil. “I intended to get on their
good side. Just in case.”

“Well you stomped all over that intention the very next day, Benjamin” said the smallest. “When
you protected the much despised hand of the king from the outlaw, the man known as Robin’s
ambush during the archery contest.”

“Pretended to protect,” corrected Adrassil, “and that was an action born purely out of
circumstance, I assure you.”

“That it was,” agreed the smallest. “You did well in convincing him that you were there to
legitimately protect him.”

Adrassil grinned, “that I did.”

“Then you almost completely ruined it by manhandling his son, soon after,” said the large one.

Adrassil sighed and rubbed his forehead, “yes! But I was unaware he was his son, I was under
the impression he was some lowly peasant who had become my fan after I had won the
tournament. He was everywhere I was, it was infuriating and besides I wished to use him for my

“Yes, the scheme that you played by throwing an innocent, random man into jail,” said the

“I had every intention to rescue him,” said Adrassil. “I had claimed him as Robin’s spy when I
took him to the Hand of The King. I was going to infiltrate the Hand’s castle and make the rescue
look like it had been committed by Robin and his men. My intent was to even further increase the
hatred the Hand held for Robin so that when I finally found Robin he would be more willing to
hand off more gold for his capture.”

Elandria held back a smile, she knew he had a different plan. In fact she didn’t actually know
what he was planning, she felt he was making it up as he went along.

“What were you planning to do with the prisoner once you had freed him?” asked the tallest.

“I was going to set him free,” said Adrassil with genuine feeling. “I had bought him a horse and
was to give him some coin. So he could start a new life somewhere else. With his son. It was
the very least I could do.”

“But that did not happen, did it?” said the shortest.

Adrassil grimaced and shook his head, “no, when my team had infiltrated and they had found the
cells. He and every single other prisoner were gone. My team had murdered two guards on the
way in, despite my orders not to kill anyone. Although I was able to use this to my advantage
later. The next day managing to convince the Hand that the murders were Robin’s revenge for
capturing one of his merry little flock.”

“What had happened to the prisoners?” asked the well built one.

Adrassil clenched his jaw, “in all honesty, I do not know. The Hand had claimed he had sent his
prisoners north. As slaves to work on the roads. I had then travelled out then, to find him and
rescue him but could not find him anywhere. I suspect if the Hand had told the truth, that Robin
had freed them already. Although, knowing the Hand he could have tortured everyone of his
prisoners to death before my arrival. That man sickens me, I swear all he does is torture and
torture, then stick people’s heads on spikes. With the king absent it makes me wonder who is
actually running this country…”

Adrassil wandered off in his sentence, his eyes widening with realisation.

“Benjamin?” said the smallest.

“I am sorry, never mind,” said Adrassil shaking himself from his state.

Elandria could make out the four elders exchange glances.

“‘Your team?’” asked the fat one. “You were absent during the infiltration?”

Adrassil clenched his teeth, “I was, indeed, absent,” he growled. “It was just after my first fight
against Griffith, the bastard had broken one of my ribs. I deemed myself too hurt to take part. I
would have just been in the way.”

Elandria smiled, but he was not hurt enough to be unable part in a late night tussle, though.

“Was that the only reason you were, absent?” asked the tallest.

Adrassil smirked and glanced at Elandria.

“It is, perhaps, the truest thing I have told you thus far,” he said.

The elders just stood in silence.

“I jest, I jest” he grinned. “And beside that you seem to know everything already. It would be
pointless for me try to lie.”

They glared at him, Elandria could not see their expressions but she could sense it.
Adrassil just grinned.

“So what now?” he asked. “Surely you did not call me here just to discuss things you already

“No,” said the well built one. “We did not, we wish to end your mischief. We want you to return to
your regular mercenary duties.”

Adrassil raised an eyebrow, “so, you do not want me dead?”

“Surely you jest?” said the smallest with humour.

“For how long?” asked Adrassil.

“It depends,” said the tallest.

Adrassil smiled, “of course it does.”

“You may take one of your employees with you during this time,” said the fat one. “We all know
which one you will choose.”

“Of course we do,” agreed Adrassil, glancing again at Elandria. “I also have a request.”

“What is it?” asked the smallest, sounding exasperated now.

“I wish to learn the way of Ki usage,” he said. “I have seen how useful it is and wish to expand
my abilities. I know very well that the Blackreach Company are very well versed in Ki techniques
so if you give me this, I will very gladly perform the more menial duties for you.”

“You are in no position to bargain, Benjamin,” said the tallest.

“I am aware of that,” said Adrassil. “But I had never claimed to ‘bargain’ anything it is merely a
request, nothing more. Glatis had neglected to teach me Ki and I do not know why. But if I learnt
it I would surely be a more effective asset to the Company.”

“A more effective asset to yourself, you mean,” said the well built one.

Adrassil tilted his head and smirked, “surely, they are one in the same.”

“No,” said the smallest, bluntly. “But we will allow you your request, Benjamin.”
Adrassil’s eyes widened and he rocked back with genuine surprise, “you will?”

“Of course, did I stutter young Benjamin?” said the smallest. “We will indeed allow you your Ki
use training. We will send the information you need to know to your home, via the messenger.
You are dismissed.”

“Okay,” he said, still shocked. “Thank you. Come Elandria, let us leave.”

Then he turned to walk away.

“But remember this, Adrassil,” called out the smallest, causing Adrassil to stop abruptly in his
tracks. “It does not matter how much martial knowledge you accrue, or how much strength you
gain, if you betray us. There is no where in this universe nor the next you can hide from our
wrath. These withered old fools will find you and we will make sure you will be begging for
something so sweet as pain. Understood?”

“Understood,” said Adrassil, hesitantly.

“Good,” said the smallest, “and may the gods be with you in your travels.”

Adrassil’s attention snapped back to the elders, his eyes wide with anger and looking like he was
to say something. But instead thought better of it and began down the stairs. Elandria and the
skull helmed guards in tow.


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