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Star Trek 40k

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#1 WittyDroog



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Posted 15 September 2012 - 11:19 PM

 Man I bet that title got you to click into this thread.

So here's the deal, I got two players who are into Trek, and it seemed like one of them was a bit sad that we didn't go with a game like Traveller because the group wanted to be big bad space marines instead of space faring explorers in tight uniforms. I figure there has to be a way to make the best of both worlds at least for a scenario or two, and I'm sure there are many episodes of Trek that can inspire me, but I wanted to ask the community at large what they might suggest.

I'm trying to imagine them on a Battlebarge or other appropriate ship having to deal with complex drama between Rogue Traders or other mercantile vessels of the Imperium, basically the REVERSE of a simple Rogue Trader scenario. Maybe they need to make moral choices between two sides of equally worthy-to-live citizens. Naturally there's the urge to also deal with Xenos but beyond passionate threats I'm not sure what actions the Deathwatch would take against xenos beyond blasting them out of the sky on sight. Maybe I'm just being too closed-minded about the fluff. I could always expand my horizons and say they're not as anal about xenos (especially with the 6th Ed Allies chart and all, maybe I could use that as a base), but considering the whole point of the Deathwatch I'm not sure.

So what up folks? What are some good Trek inspired plot hooks to help scratch the itch of my players?

#2 professor_kylan



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Posted 16 September 2012 - 03:09 AM

 Here's a picture to introduce my reply.



The Ordo Xenos, overruling the Lord Solar's stance, decides to open negotiation with the Tau in the Jericho reach in order to find some way of winning this seemingly unwinnable crusade. The Deathwatch assigns a kill-team to act as bodyguards for the overture. Sprinkle in a couple of combat missions where the Deathwatch go into battle alongside Tau forces as "neutral advisors" against the mutual foes of both sides - the Tyranid and chaos forces at work in the reach. Then, upon returning from a mission, have them witness the assassination of the Inquisitor. The Ordos contact them, telling them that there's another ambassador on the way, but until then they need to keep the negotiations alive while investigating the death of the inquisitor.

#3 Adeptus-B


    Part-Time Super Villian

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Posted 16 September 2012 - 06:08 AM

I just can't picture a Space Marine having sex with a hot green chick…

#4 WittyDroog



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Posted 16 September 2012 - 10:49 AM

 Let's not bring up the Space Marine Horizontal Mambo debate. Green skinned ladies or not.

And I had a feeling that Tau Codex image would show up and something still bugs me about it but I guess I should open my mind to new horizons. At first I was skeptical of your idea, Kylan, but you've presented a rationalization that I think could hold up in court. It does seem like if any race is going to work alongside the Marines it's the Tau, if only because they're the galaxy's biggest spirit captains. If I wanted to ramp up the tension I could replace Tau with Eldar making the needed truce that much shakier. Good idea, I like it. 

While the Ordo Xenos isn't as friendly towards aliens, it seems like the winds are changing so people like the Ultramarines are getting more buddy buddy with the Tau, perhaps the Ultramarines have forged this temporary alliance and the Deathwatch are assigned as something of "political minders" overseeing the Ultramarines' interaction with the Tau? This could A) keep the Deathwatch hating the xenos and all that jazz and B) create chances for dramatic tension between the squad leader and the Ultramarine in charge of the operation who's driving way too close to the line… maybe to the point that intervention is needed?


#5 Baron Throatpunch

Baron Throatpunch


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Posted 24 September 2012 - 08:49 PM

Green ladies? Yeah, I'm pretty sure there aren't any girl Orks either.

You can have them do politicking stuff with other elements of the Inquisition (other Ordos, other Kill Teams), or other Space Marine chapters (having to decide who to assist can be tricky when you have multiple Chapters represented by the PC's.) Rogue Traders who've interacted with FOUL XENOS ABOMINATIONS WHO NEED TO BE PURGED FROM THE GALAXY might also need to be monitored, which could give the Kill Team an excuse to go adventuring in the wild blue yonder.

I'm gonna start burning heretics now. I'll stop when we're out of prometheum.

#6 Thebigjul



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Posted 25 September 2012 - 12:28 AM

Even if i'm no big fan at all of star trek, your idea could be fun to play but you will need to limit the chapters avaible to your player, black templar, Iron Hands, Excruciator, Mortificators, and so many more will not be the best chapter to play for a "friendly xenos" game.

Chapters as the Salamenders and Ultramarines will be better.

It is only my opinion.

#7 Face Eater

Face Eater


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Posted 25 September 2012 - 02:34 AM

 In fact go a little more off topic and you'll find some happy middle ground. Try actually assigning them to a Rogue Trader vessal. RT's the closest to the standard explore in a spaceship sci-fi.

Perhaps also with an Inquisitor on board who has a grand plan and has recruited the rogue trader. For example, just outside of the Jerico reach the inquisitor wants to travel with the RT to interfere with the Tau's own diplomatic plans with random Xeno and human colonies which means either getting the colonists side on the Imperiums side or taking out the Tau as they encounter them.

The limited contact with the Imperium is going to change the way the gear is handed and it might help to have copy of RT but it's an idea.


#8 Face Eater

Face Eater


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Posted 27 September 2012 - 05:39 AM

 Also, i put an article up about abhumans previously, the article itself isn't especially relevant other than IMHO abhumans are very much under represented in 40K (possibly because they couldn't be bothered bringing out all those extra models).

Even within the Imperium if you emphasise the abhumans a little more it becomes more of an 'alien' type game. Hell, looking at the Star Trek aliens most of them could be classed as abhumans.


Planet X has this colour sunlight meaning the abhumans are now this other colour. Gravity, atmosphere, could all be factors. Especially as you get further from earth and can say that there is less and less complete terraforming.

#9 Warmaster Picklehauber

Warmaster Picklehauber


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 07:26 AM

When I recruit players for RT I often refer to it as "evil Star Trek" because that way everyone has a point of reference. Or, if in the know,  Mirror Universe Trek, except it is the explorers who sport  the goatees, bared-midriffs and agonizers!

It might be fun for the explorers to run afoul of their Mirror Universe counterparts after a warp accident. Maybe they discover lost colony or civilization modeled after the Federation? Play it up for comedic effect; imagine the frustration of your explorers when they clash with a culture that is more powerful and more peaceful and considerate. Eldar Exodites, far more rational and emotionally reserved than most of their kind, with severe haircuts. These Eldar are a closely allied (with humans) founder of this culture. 'An entire civilization of happy, content heretics!


EDIT: Oops, I thought I was posting in the RT forums. Well, hope this helps.


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