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Homebrew Vehicles PEACH

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#1 Plushy



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Posted 14 September 2012 - 07:33 PM

 Some ports from the good old Apochrypha.

Combat Bike

Type: Wheeled Vehicle
Tactical Speed: 100m
Cruising Speed: 50 km/h
Maneouvrability: +10
Structural Integrity: 15
Armor: Front 15/Sides 15/Back 11
Size: Hulking
Vehicle Traits: Bike, Rugged
Crew: 1 Driver, 1 Passenger
Weapons: Two front-facing Fixed Basic weapons

Enforcer ‘Scarab’ Patrol Cruiser

Type: Wheeled Vehicle
Tactical Speed: 70m
Cruising Speed: 50 km/h
Maneouvrability: +0
Structural Integrity: 30
Armor: 20/18/16
Size: Massive
Vehicle Traits: Enclosed
Crew: 1 Driver, 1 Gunner, 4 Passengers
Weapons: Turret-mounted twin-linked Heavy Stubbers

‘Outrider’ Scout Vehicle

Type: Wheeled Vehicle
Tactical Speed: 90m
Cruising Speed: 65 km/h
Maneouvrability: +0
Structural Integrity:
Armor: 16/14/12
Size: Hulking
Vehicle Traits: Open-Topped, Rugged
Crew: 1 Driver, 4 Passengers
Weapons: 1 passenger-operated Heavy Stubber turret


Rhino APC

Type: Wheeled Vehicle
Tactical Speed: 50m
Cruising Speed: 35 km/h
Maneouvrability: +0
Structural Integrity: 40
Armor: 35/30/28
Size: Massive
Vehicle Traits: Amphibious, Command and Control, Enclosed, Rugged, Super-Heavy (no Ponderous trait)
Crew: 1 Driver, 10 Passengers
Weapons: 1 turret-mounted Storm Bolter


Combat Bike with Sidecar: Increase passengers by 1, add a Sponson-mounted Heavy weapon on the sidecar’s side of the vehicle
Arbites Rhino: Increase passengers by 10 (hull-mounted criminal racks)
Sororitas Rhino: Replace Storm Bolter with Twin-Linked Heavy Flamers

My apologies to anyone I offend; FFG staff, playtesters, and forum users alike. 


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#2 Musclewizard



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Posted 15 September 2012 - 12:41 AM

Rhinos should be Tracked Vehicles but not Super Heavy. IMO Super Heavy applies to vehicles that can clear the usually troubles for tanks (collapsed buildings, tank traps, rock slides) simply due to size. If you want to Rhino to be good at manveuering those give it Tracked and increase the mobility by 10 to offset the penalty tracked vehicles get.

I don't think that Rhinos should have C&C by default, maybe as a variant?

Rhinos need more variants.

I think the Outrider and the Combat Bike both should get a +10 to their Maneuverbility, it seems wrong that a Scout Vehicle is only as maneuverable as a troop transporter.

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