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[Migrated] Chosen of the Dorian-Ka: Background Package (Zearoth Kilrathle)

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#1 Wu Ming

Wu Ming


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Posted 23 November 2008 - 08:09 AM

Zearoth Kilrathle: The following is a very specific background package that is mostly aimed at NPCs, though depending on your chronicle might be useful for PCs, or the conspiracy it hints at might be of use for GMs. I created this mainly because I liked the mental image of my Inquisitor guarding his pet Daemonhost in silent corridors watched over by blind watchers. Then I found about human echolocation, figured that the Dark Age of Technology might have something to say on the subject and ta-da, here it is.

As usual, comments, critics and discussion are more than welcome!

Career: Assassin
Home-World: Mind-Cleansed

Cost:200 experience points.

Dorian-Ka was an infamous Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus with an impressive track-record throughout the entirety of the Calixis Sector. Her downfall came when one of her acolytes witnessed her parlaying with a Daemon during the final cleansing of a cult's temple. This acolyte, whose name has been lost to the records, kept what he found a secret and collected further evidence, waiting for an opportunity to reveal his knowledge to a senior member of the Ordos. When this happened, Dorian-Ka was hunted as an Excomunicate Traitoris and most of her works destroyed.

Amongst the Inquisitors who persecuted her were a few sympathisers and utilitarians who recognized her previous success as a result of her heretical dabblings. With time these followers sought one another and as the centuries past one of the darkest secret societies within the Inquisition was forged. Included in those writings were the methods for the creation of Dorian-Ka's Chosen. Through dark sorceries and heretical technologies these men and women are purged of their memories and sight, being rewarded with protection against the Darker powers and other means to sense their environment.

Due to their aptitudes, these Chosen are valuable assets for the radical Inquisitors' willing to create or request these rare agents. Despite their short-comings they are fiercely loyal and determined to pursue whatever targets they are given, becoming expert combatants against the forces of the Warp as well as reliable bodyguards due to their different senses.

Apply all of the following changes to your character:
Characteristics: Reduce your Ballistic Skill by -5. In addition, switch the advance rates of Ballistic Skill and Willpower for this character.
Skills: Forbidden Lore (Daemonology).
Talents: Chem Geld, Dark Soul, Enhanced Senses (Hearing).
Traits: Blind, Echo Location.
Corruption Points: You start the game with 1d5 corruption points.

New Trait: Echo Location
This trait represents one of the body modifications caused by the creative process of the Dorian-Ka and is the result of a mutated gland in the base of character's ear that emits a constant sub-sonic frequency that provides a precise sonar imaging of the enviroment. In this manner it functions in the same way as the Sonar Sense trait (Corebook, page 332) with a range of 30 meters, except that it's accurate enough to allow most physical tests to go impaired, including Ballistic Skill tests within the trait's range. Be aware that in certain tactical situations this allows the character to "see" through corners and walls or give a bonus to specific Search and Awareness tests at the GM's discretion.

Finally, the character must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower test when exposed to excessive aural stimuli (GM's discretion) or be stunned for the duration of the exposure. The player is allowed to test every turn until he succeeds, after which the character has managed to filter the input for the rest of the encounter.

#2 Zearoth Kilrathle

Zearoth Kilrathle


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Posted 23 November 2008 - 12:20 PM

Cypher, if the sig is any indication, aye?

Thanks for bringing this and all those other threads over.

I've actually done some rewriting of this background package, will post it a little while later.

#3 Wu Ming

Wu Ming


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Posted 23 November 2008 - 02:07 PM

Yeah you are correct, it is I. No problem, I was still in the process of transfering stuff over when the search function started gettin all weird so I stoped for a bit. Hopefuly the transfer of some old threads will bring some new light to things, both by revisitations from the original authors as well as from new coments from readers.

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