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Vision from Tzeentch, to your Psyker, to go do this thing.

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Posted 30 August 2012 - 07:43 PM

 One of my players requested an in-depth description of a vision he received (as part of the DM book adventure) and I thought it turned out pretty fly so I'm sharing it with you here. It'd be swell if anybody else found a use for this. The player receiving this is a Space Marine, so a dreaming wasn't an option. Ditch nearly all of the first paragraph in the case of non-CSMs.



While exiting the Warp en route from Khymerus to Khurse you are approached by a daemonic presence swimming away from the aether into the material realms as the two briefly collide during the ships' reentry into real space and you feel your mind touched. Naturally you resist the alien presence but the sheer power of it overwhelms your psychic defenses instantly and you are transported into the empyrean, traveling faster than any stellar vehicle to a world consumed in a maelstrom of cataclysmic change.

A continental sea of rocks transmuting from basalt to onyx to igneous and all across the table of elements comprise a writhing sea of mutating textures, a kaleidescope of creation and destruction that is never ending. Huge mountainous glaciers erupt and bob across the gargantuan horizon before you and as you watch this impossible dance occur beneath a rainbowed haze of deadly and primal gasses one particularly exotic looking mountainous thing of copper and amethyst slowly begins to turn over in a manner seemingly more controlled than the eddie and flow that consumes the ocean of matter on this churning planetoid.

With a growing sense of awe it lifts up into the sky and rotates more slowly, revealing a huge and immense colloseum ringed with statues. Each statue is several meters tall and attended by an artisan (many human and some xenos) feverishly chipping away and slicing at the material with tools both exotic and common, their bodies themselves subject to change. The mutable sculptors' bodies sprout tentacles and extra appendages as quickly as they are shed and they dance a strange and asymmetrical waltz with their subjects, some cackling with glee as others croon in sadness or scream maniacally in an insane dirge.

Floating in the center of the colliseum is a being taller than the statues below, wielding a strange staff of bone and shell that wreathes with psychic power. One clawed and feathered hand is delicately turning in time with the mountainous amphitheater until the massive structure behind it stops. The shimmering robes it wears produces colors beyond description that shift and swirl without any rhyme or reason clashing against the exotic patches of feathers that cover its' flesh. A long avian neck stretches from beneath the robes, ending with a disjointed face that lands somewhere between human and crane.

Gigantic purple eyes burn into your very soul as you take in the bizarre and impossible tableau before you and it speaks in a clipped squawking voice with impossibly precise diction, "Egregias, enlightened Ultramarine. Tzeentch has a task for you." The empty feathered and clawed hand makes a gesture in the air, bright light trailing from its' fingertips, forming an "š" in the sky that sears itself into your mind. "Behind a false wall bearing this symbol in the Vaults of Cadentia, on Sacgrave in the Screaming Vortex, sits a pair of the Changer of Ways servants, or one, or both. They are different but the same. Two blue horrors reside within daemonweapons there. He would see them, or it, set free. Complete this task for the Great Mutator and he will grant you a boon. Fail to do this and suffer the wrath of the Great Plotter of Schemes. You have drawn the eye of a Ruinous Power towards yourself, Egregias. Do not blink."

With that your senses briefly go black and when your perceptions return to you there is only the most fleeting of glimpses as you see once more the glacial colliseum churn back into the ocean of molten transmutation and you hurtle back through space to your material body. Your psyche roots itself back into your physical mind and instantly you feel the impossible heat and taste the acrid gasses of the otherworldly atmosphere. Your heart rates are elevated and sweat glistens upon your brow as you glance at the bulkhead in front of you and see the symbol "š" glowing in ghastly warp energies. You check the your retinal display. Only two seconds have passed.

#2 Asoral



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Posted 31 August 2012 - 02:16 PM

 That indeed, was quite swell. I would have hoped that you would have posted this in the GM section, though, as I wouldn't want my players taking a peek at this 

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Posted 02 September 2012 - 11:52 AM

Nice.  Very nice flavourful write-up.  Seems atypically straightforward for Tzeentch… but then again, nothing about Tzeetch should ever be called typical. 


- V.

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