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About to buy the game

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#1 klaymen_sk



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Posted 29 August 2012 - 10:33 PM

Hi all,

I'm thinking of buying this game and I'd like to ask how good is the game for a friendly, uncompetetive play. I plan to play it with a friend and while he looks forward to it, I know that he can be lazy when it comes to deckbuilding. Also, how rich (poor) is the basic set in terms of cards? While I probably won't buy every single possible expansion, are there many possibilities when I want to build a deck, or am I (somewhat) forced to buy expansions lest the game become boring after a while?

#2 HellORC



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Posted 30 August 2012 - 04:57 AM


I think you'll be blown away by this game! It's terrific!

I bought it a few months ago, so I'm new, too. I pondered a lot before buying it, since i had never played ANY collectible or "living" card game (no, not even MagicTheGathering).

I can say I'm having a lot of fun with this game and (with very little effort!) I was able to involve a couple of other guys in playing it.

I actually own the core set, the "assault on ulthuan" expansion end the "march of the dead" expansion (this I bought only recently, having started with the other two). I plan to buy in a couple of months (probably) the "Legends" expansion.

I'm not at all into tournements and stuff like that, and none of my playing buddies are…we are (as far as "Warhammer: Invasion" goes) "casual gamers", in the sense that we're just willing to have fun and beat the crap out of each other with this game every time we can.

…so, having said that, I would like to give you my opinion:

It is a beautiful 1vs1 game: fast, brutal, smart.

It's NOT, in my opinion, necessary to buy expansions…maybe not even one: in effect it is already thoroughly satisfying with what comes out of the core box.

(If you and your gaming pal will like it, however, i would advise you to buy the "Assault on Ulthuan" set, which expands the game in many, many ways)

You will be able to play lots of different games without EVER having to "deckbuild". On the other hand, if you want to, you already have the means to start deckbuilding, but in a fun, user-friendly way.

Believe me: if you like playing (of course you are!), and if you like a good "1vs1" fantasy battle game, you are in for a good surprise!

After that, knowing that there are lots of good expansions for this game, isn't exactly like "having" to buy them, don't you think? Just remember that, if you finally get bored with the game you bought (and I think it will take a lot of time) IF you want, you can start looking into expansions, giving, i believe, eternal life to the game.

One last advice! Don't read too much on the W:I fans forum pages…almost 100% of the people you'll find have EVERY expansion, EVERY battle pack and OWN 3COPIES of the core set and the AoU expansion….just so they have EVERY CARD EVER PRINTED IN THREE COPIES… they might sound a bit "aloft" tho those, like me, who are just trying to have fun with the game. 


#3 VTSvsAlucard



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Posted 30 August 2012 - 08:12 AM

klaymen_sk said:

Hi all,

Also, how rich (poor) is the basic set in terms of cards? While I probably won't buy every single possible expansion, are there many possibilities when I want to build a deck, or am I (somewhat) forced to buy expansions lest the game become boring after a while?

I got the game not to long ago and have been playing with friends with just the core set. Although you have probably read this, the game comes with 4 decks, 2 Order (O) and 2 Disorder (D): The Empire (O), Dwarfs (O), Orcs (D) and Chaos (D). Additionally, there are ~5 High Elf (O) and Dark Elf (D) cards to mix in for deckbuilding. Finally, there are ~23 Neutral cards. (I'll come back to draft).

My friends and I have played about 10 or so games with just the prebuilt decks and tbh could probably play another 20 before we start deckbuilding. It took me 3 to 5 games with the Empire before I started knowing all the cards.

Although we have not started deckbuilding, there look to be plenty of options as you build 50 card decks (I believe) and each racial deck is 40 cards, plus you have the High Elves and Dark Elves you can try and mix in. Finally, there are a set of cards to be used in a draft variant, which adds another way to build decks.

I think with just the core you will have a solid game with some definite longevity. And as the above poster mentioned if you pick up Assault you'll have a High Elf and Dark Elf deck to mix in.

It can be a quick game and I really like the mechanics as it really does feel like your kingdom is building up for war.

#4 sammann11



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Posted 30 August 2012 - 02:04 PM

I also just recently picked up the game (about a month ago). It's a blast. I don't have any friends who are "really" into it, but I got my brother hooked and I play with a buddy who plays WH 40K tabletop. He liked it as well. Even though I've only had 4 "game nights" so far, I've actually had a lot of fun just playing two races against eachother by myself to try and figure out what works best with each deck.

I only own the core set and so far, so good. I will buy the Legends Expansion next month, and maybe pick up a few battle packs here and there. I look fwd to deckbuilding, but again - because I have no "steady" game night with buds who are also really into it, I will be forever doomed to be a "casual player". EVen with that said, this game is a blast and worth the 40 bucks.

"Not all heros dwell in the light. Some limp in shadow." - Paul S. Kemp

#5 klaymen_sk



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Posted 02 September 2012 - 04:18 AM

Thank you, guys!

It seems that I will enjoy it.

#6 vermillian



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Posted 08 September 2012 - 01:55 PM

 What they said.

I've bought just a touch more and had access to some dude who they are me all of some extras from his core set, but I also bought the elves expansion and a few of the really earlier expansion packs involving skaven and the skaven expansion.

Rather clever game, brutal at times, but amusingly so. I've had many (and definitely could have many many more given how many other games I play) fun games with just the ~80 I've spent on it (oh… I didn't mention I got some of the other product for volunteering with FFG so my costs are  abit biased…)

#7 rzarectz



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Posted 19 September 2012 - 05:45 PM

Definitely buy Core set and Ulthuan because Ulthuan gets you the Elf races.  Other than that, if you want to get a few more cards in your pool I'd recommend getting the other two box expansions.  With these you can try out the Legend mechanic, and can try out near full neutral decks using all the Undead and Lizardmen cards you get. You also get more cards per dollar through the box expansions. I'd say with those four you should have enough cards to give yourself a reasonable level of customization with every race.


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