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AGOT/BOW Campaign Game

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#1 FStark



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Posted 28 August 2012 - 07:57 PM

Hi All, with the release of the Baratheon Expansion I have designed rules for adapting BOW to a three player (teams) game of AGOT. I have received permission from FFG to publish this as Unofficial Fan Content and will upload the file to BoardGameGeek, but I am awaiting their clearance. I will post the link here when that is done. I just wanted to set out my design philosophies and get any preliminary opinions
Firstly, I wanted to make it as simple and as streamlined as possible with the minimum of alteration to the original AGOT/BOW rules. The campaign will utilise AGOT as written, but with the substitution of steps 6.1-2 with new steps incorporating BOW. The AGOT 6.1-2 remain unchanged when dealing with battles involving neutrals, lone routed units and sea battles. Castles and stronghold areas attacked by forces containing Siege Engines are considered to be sieges and are also resolved with the standard AGOT rules. All other battles are resolved using a slightly modified version of BOW's Skirmish optional rules.
The most rule writing involved dealing with captured commanders within a campaign setting. This adds a whole new dimension to AGOT negotiations and adds an avenue for the introduction of more Power Tokens into the game, which I think isn’t a bad thing and should be fun.
This all requires play testing and I would be most appreciative if the BOW community could put these rules to the test and post any suggestions for improvement. My biggest concerns are my rules for determining Command, Order and Leadership ratings for each side of each battle. I am not sure they are balanced, although my design philosophy is not to create balanced battles, but to create battles that would reflect the wider strategic situation on the AGOT board and this will occassionally create one-sided battles. That said the weaker side is free to withdraw to live to fight another day or fight it out to inflict casualties/capture commanders as they wish.
All the best,

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Posted 01 September 2012 - 12:07 PM

Hi All,

Link to rules PDF is up:



Addendum: Under the Catelyn Stark Special Rules add from the beginning: "In addition to a value 2 commander not represented in the House cards…". In the next sentence delete "Stark". (ie any unit can move Catelyn).


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Posted 25 February 2013 - 09:50 AM

i'd love to get a copy of these rules you made…we are huge AGOT players and are just getting into BOW


I'm not a member of boardgamegeek and i cant dl the pdf

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