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Ishanna - Daemon Engine of Slaanesh

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Posted 26 August 2012 - 04:15 PM

Ishanna is one of the greatest handmaidens of Slaanesh when she first formed as a Daemonette. Fighting in many wars throughout the Warp against the armies of the other Chaos Gods. In time she traced her way towards the Palace of Slaanesh and in the perfect fields she found the herds of the Seekers and after a few attempts she became a rider and sought to serve Slaanesh in an ever greater capacity. How long she fought like this none can truly say due to the nature of the Warp.

After many battles she felt another urge to return to the Palace of Slaanesh and as she entered that realm golden bridges drew out to her in a direct path to the magnificent structure. Within the court of Slaanesh were the 6 of the greatest Keepers of Secrets and scores of the most prized Daemonettes. The great Slaanesh drew her closer and formally recognizing her great deeds in combat has decided to gift her with a greater portion of its essence and expanded her purview into new fields.

Ishanna had become a new daemon and she reveled in her power for a time. The essence of her mount was fused with her own granting her a centaur like form. A long tail which ended in a plumb of brightly colored feathers that emit an intoxicating scent to distort the senses of those around her. Gifted with four lithe arms. The upper set having dexterous fingers, the lower set ending in weapon limbs. The left was a powerful pincer and the right was a potent blade that could pierce ceramite.

Serving as a corrupter of the mortal world she spread her influence subtly at first with those who would listen. Out in the Koronus Expanse she lead an entire race into damnation in a final orgy of sex and violence that collapsed the entire world and flooded it with warp energy as writhing temples pushed out of the defiled landscape choirs of daemonettes sung hymns to Slaanesh and the world was reborn for the pleasure of Slaanesh.

There are many entities and powers within the warp both Immortal and Mortal and her continuing rise in power and esteem in the eyes of Slaanesh offended many that a former Daemonette be treated as such and that she should be taught her place. And so these unseen agents moved through their allies until they came in contact with the Dark Magi of a Forge World willing to perform the deed.

They gave to these Dark Magi portions of Ishanna’s true name that would be used in the binding process. In that great plan she was in the process of corrupting a Rogue Trader and his senior crew to the service of Slaanesh so they could spread the seeds of corruption but other daemons became involved and a battle broke out in the port where the ship was located. Ishanna could not fight off so many and weakened she fled back into the Warp.

It was then that the final part of the plan was put into action and the Dark Magi began the summoning process. Using aspects of her true name Ishanna was unable to resist and weakened from the battle was drug into the material universe into the Dark Forge and the fate that would bind her into that weapon and then put into service of her rivals which they find deliciously perverse.

It is a most perverse and vile weapon that the Dark Mechanicum has managed to create by calling forth a Daemon of Slaanesh to bind it to the ruined frame of a once mighty Defiler. With its weapon systems folded onto the chassis to be made ready by the daemon that would come to possess the weapon. Made of regenerating armor and unknown alloys the metal frame is a dark technological wonder.

When the daemon of Slaanesh was called into existence to possess the armor her body fused with the metal. The essence of her legs folded into the armors lower portion of the armor. Her torso is long and sleek a spine of metal down her back. Her arms locked into clamps behind her back to restrain her essence and to power the weapons and other functions of the device. Her body is arched and alluring firm breasts presented out to those who can see it. The brand of Slaanesh burned upon the flesh of torso. Charms and icons of the Dark God hang from chains piercing her flesh.

From the overly developed ****** which glistens with allure emerges a large phallic shaped weapon that discharges streams of energy capable of breaking matter down to its most basic elements in a matter of seconds. Also attached to the physical shell that houses the daemonic essence are smaller soul harvester weapons that shower their targets with warp tainted crystal shards that find even the smallest gaps in power armor to cause terrible wounds.

The sensual movements lure the unwary close to her with the promise of the most carnal and debased unions. Covering her head was a device that left only her succulent mouth and chin visible to others so that her moans of delight could reach those around her. Those who get to close soon realize their folly when they are embraced by emergent tentacles kept hidden within her shoulders.

The bindings on her prevent her from speaking plainly about her situation. Though her potent powers of fellowship and psychic gifts still remain to influence others around her. If she can get them to release her the proper way by removing the devices that keep her bound they will gain a powerful ally as she is not lessened in power. Should the physical frame be destroyed in combat she will be freed but weakened and in danger once again taking an effort to immediately flee and return to the Palace of Slaanesh.

The destruction of the engine is the biggest fear of the Magi that bound her for they do not want her retaliation. Only deploying her when the situation is most dire or when her weaponry is needed to break the defenses of an enemy stronghold. After which time they quickly remove her from the field and place the binding relics even more tightly upon her so she cannot speak or bring her psychic powers against them.

Aware at all times of the situation she is in and her hate and anger grows with each passing day. But she is a creature of the Warp and can be patient when she needs to be knowing that this imprisonment will not last for eternity and she begins to make plots in the times that she is released. Subtly influencing those around her until she has enough control over her most immediate handlers in the time before they are rotated out to avoid such a case. Despite the rotations her hold on them never goes away and she is getting closer to release which can potentially be disastrous if she acts too soon.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel Inf
50 60 65 60 45 50 45 60 65 -

Movement: 10/15/20/40 Wounds: 60
Armor: 10 (Legs), 8 (Arms, Body), 6 (Head) Total TB: 10
Psy Rating: 5 Mark: Slaanesh
Psychic Powers: Acquiescence, Doom Bolt, Ecstatic Oblivion, Hellshriek, Lash of Submission, Souls Secrets Unleashed, Symphony of Pain, Warptime
Skills: Acrobatics (Ag) +10, Agility (Ag), Awareness (Per) +10, Charm (Fel) +30, Deceive (Fel) +20,
Traits: Daemonic (4), Fear (3), From Beyond, Machine (2), Multiple Arms (4), Regeneration (1), Quadruped, The Stuff of Nightmares, Unnatural Toughness (4),
Other Abilities:
Fueled by Pain - Ishanna is a creature of Slaanesh. The noise and pain of combat are her greatest symphonies. For every 5 wounds she receives she gains a bonus of +5 to her next ballistic or weapon skill test.
Warp Tainted Cannon - Heavy, 150m, S/-/-, 2d10+10 E, Pen 6, Clip -, Rld -
Abilities: Blast (3), Concussive (2), Warp Weapon
Soul Harvesters - Basic, 75m, -/5/15, 1d10 I, Pen 2, Clip -, Rld
Abilities: Storm, Tearing, Toxic (1)
Lithe Tentacles - Melee, 5m, 1d10+6 R, Pen 4
Abilities: Warp Weapon, Hallucinogenic (5)
Other Notes:
- When not in combat she is fitted with devices that dispel her psychic power giving her a -60 penalty to all attempts to manifest a psychic power.
- The device on her head when locked down denies her of her senses when not in combat.


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Posted 26 August 2012 - 04:17 PM

Oh wow! I did not realize I copied the stats to! Ignore those this was an early attempt of mine from way back in the early days of my GMing that has been slowly refined trying to create a suitably challenging encounter for high power PCs. I posted it primarily for feed back on the story.

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