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The Process and The Crows

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#1 marsi



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Posted 23 August 2012 - 07:20 PM

 A player in my campaign wants to create a character who underwent The Process (from Wissenschaft) but sadly I couldn't find any rule on how to create a Processed or a Crow. The only infos I could find in the books are kinda generic.  
Anyone knows if there's anywhere any detailed mechanics about it? And if there's not, do you have any suggestions on how  to handle it?

Thanks ^^

#2 Giantcavecrab



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Posted 25 August 2012 - 03:52 AM

Over on the Anima forum I seem to recall AS saying it added +1 to a stat as well as granting access to a psychic ability.

I'd probably handle it similarly to the blood of giants legacy and give the character DP to spend on creature powers?

#3 NephilimXXVII



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Posted 14 October 2012 - 01:33 PM

 Well this is my first reply since I registered for Fantasy Flight Games, so Im kinda new to this. Anyways, some automatic advantages I would suggest due to the amplifying effects of the Process stuff like "See Supernatural", "Night Vision", "Free Access to Any Psychic Discipline", "Quick Reflexes",  "Exceptional Psychic Resistance", "Psychic Fatigue Resistance" and "Psychic Inclination". Disadvantage I would suggest would be "Addiction or Serious Vice". Keep in mind that these should be automatic due to the Process. For the Characteristics you should add +1 in any five Characteristics. The Class that most affiliates with the Crows of WissensChaft would be a Shadow, otherwise it would be another subterfuge class. Another class that would fit is the Warrior Mentalist which fits both the Psychic and the Combat aspects. Secondary +10 in every Athletic, Perception, Vigor and subterfuge abilities. +1 in Weight index. +1 for fatigue. You probably should have at least two free combat modules considering Crows are well trained. Crows should be well equipped. You desired, you could probably have an advanced firearm developed by WissensChaft. Do not forget that the disadvantage "Addiction or Serious Vice" needs to be applied due to the process because the Processed and Crows must drink heavy amounts of black fluid to sustain themselves, which can only be accessed from WissensChaft secret labs. I really dont know much else, so I will ask my friend for more details.

#4 tasuret



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Posted 16 October 2012 - 06:10 AM

 Elric of Melniboné said:

You were processed by Wissenshaft to become a Crow.
You are considered to have Access to Natural Psychic Power (see Advantage) and may use your Psychic Power at Difficult Level. You may buy up to 40DP of Advantages from the Essential Abilities from Creation of Beings as if you were a natural being with Gnosis 10, except for The Gift and Access to Psychic Disciplines. Each additional point spent rises difficulty level for your Natural Psychic Power as normal, gives you extra 40DP to spend in Essential Abilities, and rises the Gnosis used for buying abilities by 5 up to 20. The advantage does not modify the actual Gnosis of the character.
COST: 1-7. (1-3 for Players)
LIMITS: You are Addict to the Black Fluid. You can’t buy Addict disadvantage a second time. Each additional point spent adds an extra -5 penalty per day without the Black Fluid and 50 to the maximum penalty amount. You are considered as 1 Level higher when calculating experience needed for Level-Up. If you don’t have the Contacts or Powerful Ally (Wissenshaft) advantage, it’s assumed you’re a rogue from the Organization and MUST buy the Powerful Enemy (Wissenshaft) Disadvantage.

This was made by a really cool dude, Elric of Melniboné. Here's the post I got this from: javascript:void(0);/*1350407351258*/ 

I use his stuff in my games all the time, his stuff should be stickied by default, lol. Usually it's pretty well balanced, but sometimes he errs in the direction of "nerf".




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