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TOI played like Memoir 44

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Posted 23 August 2012 - 06:31 AM


Here is my version of adaptation of TOI using Memoir 44 standard card deck.

Unit definitions:

Infantry unit = 1 squad base with 4 regular figures, or combination of elite, regular, officer figures

Machinegun (MG) unit= 1 squad base with one MG figure and 2 regular, elite, or officer figures

Mortar unit= 1 squad base with 2 mortar figures

Artillery unit= 1 gun figure and 1 regular infantry squad in same hex

Armor unit = 1 tank, tank destroyer, or self propelled gun.

Motorized unit= 1 Truck plus infantry type unit in same hex.

Mechanized unit= 1 Halftrack plus 1 infantry type unit in same hex


Stacking limits= 3 units per hex

Artillery unit counts as 2 units (gun + infantry squad)

No more than 2 vehicles allowed in same hex


Combat , Movement and Range values

Use TOI reference sheets for values with following modifications:

1. A unit may fire at full Attack value, but may not move.

2. May fire at 1/2 Attack value then move 1/2 movement value, or vice versa

3. May move, exceeding 1/2 movement , up to the units full movement allowance, but may not fire.

4. Motorized/Mechanized units move as per the movement allowance of the Truck or Halftrack attached to them.

5. Motorized units may either fire, or move,  but not both in same action.

6. Mechanized infantry, MG and Mortar may move /fire as in no.2.

7. Mechanized AT gun/Artillery may move up to 1/2 movement and then be placed in Opfire mode, but may not fire in that same action. If moving greater than 1/2 movement, up to their full movement of the Haltrack attached, the unit may not fire, nor be placed in Opfire either.

Note: 1/2 movement and 1/2 attack values are rounded up if an odd number.


Turn Sequence of Action phases:  Active player draws one Memoir 44 card and may either play that card to activate units, or may discard that card and activate/order any one of his units. Upon completion of the actions given, the active players units which were activated are given a fatigued maker, or an Op fire marker. The opposing player then draws one care and does likewise. Play alternates this way, until the one player has all his units fatigued, at which point the Turn is completed, regardless if the other player still has some units which were not activated.


 At the beginning of each turn,each player rolls one six sided die and  adds +1 for each objective hex  controlled;


Combat versus infantry type units

Use only the normal combat section of TOI reference sheet.(ignore supression chart). Units that receive casualities are assigned markers rather than remove figure from base.

1-2 casualities= supression marker (crosshair)  Note: at beginning of each turn, one unit may have a marker reduced or removed one step for each officer squad that is adjacent or in same hex.  

3-4 casualties= routed marker (flag)

5 casualties= infantry squad base removed, but attached AT gun and/or Truck/Halfrack left in hex and considered unattached. May be reattached by moving another friendly squad into hex, or may captured/destroyed by enemy unit moving into same hex.

6 or more casualites, attached AT gun and/or Truck/Halftrack is also destroyed.

















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