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#1 xpstacyx



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Posted 19 August 2012 - 04:20 PM

 So I was wondering if some one could help me with a decklist for Empire.  The sets I have are the base set, and the 3 big expansions.  I'm not a very good deckbuilder so I was wondering if anyone could help me go about building something.

#2 Doc9



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Posted 20 August 2012 - 11:59 AM

 Best bet would be to go to deckbox.com…they have a full list of the cards and you can create virtual decks so that you can see what might work and what might not.

#3 cyberfunk



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Posted 20 August 2012 - 02:20 PM

 Empire is probably the hardest faction to build out of a single core set, because the two gimmicks Empire has in the core are Shrine to Taal/City Gates and Judgment of Verena/Will of the Electors. Both of these definitely require three core sets. Without its gimmicks, Empire guys aren't all that great, and especially aren't great in the battlefield. This means they tend to lose a lot of the slugfest games where neither player gets a lockdown or pulls off a combo, and this type of game is fairly common among new players.

The three big expansions are also a little light on power Empire cards, though there a few of the pieces of the "bounce guys back to hand" plan in there, so that's what I'd focus on.

Here's a sample build, which I admit looks pretty ugly by competitive standards, but does at least have something of a plan:

1 Peasant Militia (0-E)
3 Huntsmen (1-E)
3 Envoy of Averlorn (1-He)
3 Skinks of Sotek (2)
3 Warrior Priest (2-E)
2 Pistoliers (2-E)
1 Sigmar's Blessed (2-EE)
2 Jade Acolyte (2-EE)
2 Shadow Warriors (2-He)
3 Rodrick's Raiders (3-E)
2 Free Company (3-E)
1 Nuln Tinkerers (3-E)
1 Thyrus Gorman (3-EEE)
1 Zhufbar Engineers (3-D)
1 The Greatswords (4-EE)

1 Volkmarr the Grim (5-EEE)

Tactics: 7
3 Call for Reserves (2-EEE)
1 Sigmar's Intervention (2-EE)
1 Surrender! (1-E)
1 Master Rune of Valaya (2-D)
1 Pilgrimage (4)

3 Contested Village (1)
2 War Machine Emplacement (1-EE)
3 Judgment of Loec (1-HeHeHe)
2 Church of Sigmar (2-EE)
1 Empire/Dwarf Alliance (2)
1 Empire/High Elf Alliance (2)
1 High Elf/Dwarf Alliance (2)

This isn't going to be winning any major tournaments, but it does make really good use of Call for Reserves and has efficient early control cards like Rodrick's Raiders and Skinks. A lot of games can be decided by early tempo plays.

As far as what to buy to give you the most options with Empire:

1) Redemption of a Mage is the best single Empire pack, containing both Knights Panther and Friedrich in triplicate. They are both really helpful for new Empire players because they give you a straight-forward win condition (two or three big attacks) and continue to be useful in more advanced Empire builds.

2) Tooth and Claw came with three Iron Discipline, so you might be able to get some for free from a player who bought three copies of the pack. It's a great card that allows you to use units to get your economy rolling. Sons of Coin, Hunstmen, Knights Panther, etc. are great when you know they can't be nuked. A general utility card that goes in most of my Empire decks and a good number of my decks that just have Empire splash.

3) After that, it kind of depends on what you want to do. A *lot* of competitive Empire decks will splash Dwarf simply because Mining Tunnels is the silliest restricted list card, AND it's a 2-cost support that gives you easy Dwarf loyalty.

A lot of competitive Empire builds will also want three core sets.

If you like the "Bounce" theme, you can get most of the stuff for that from Eclipse of Hope (Osternakt Elite and Glorious Precptor) and Fall of Karak Grimaz (Called Back).

Some of the newer packs are dealing with unit movement and/or Questing, so that might be a way to go if you weren't wanting to buy more core sets.

Hope that helps!

#4 slick



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Posted 20 August 2012 - 05:42 PM

don't forget guy this is an lcg,you have access to every faction dont just pigeonhold yourself to one.Cheers

#5 xpstacyx



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Posted 21 August 2012 - 02:09 PM

 Thanks for all the help.  I don't plan on sticking with Empire only.  It's just the one that stuck out to one of my friends who is picking up the game with me.


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