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Implementing a civilian element: Custom rules.

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Posted 17 August 2012 - 07:52 AM



I was thinking about how the germans used psicological warfare and it got me pondering about implementing some kid of point system for civilians.

Here are some ideas for warfare:


After choosing the scenario, you could then choose what part of the world you fight in. The player with the army of the scenario then puts civilians inside structures or in the field. These civilians want to get away, protect their family, protect their country or join the invading army.

The nationality of civilians would affect the reaction from civilians. The reactions could be like screaming, being scared or attacking the unit. That would make the same effect as supression. 

The civilian damage:

The player who puts civilian miniatures should throw a number of dices. The hits would make that number of civilians potentialy harmful for the invading army.

Example #1: The Allied army enters a house to get cover or to attack from safe cover. A civilian or a group is inside. The allies have to do a saving throw to shut them up if there are some enemy units up close- lets say 14 inches instead of 12. If the throw fails, the enemy gets to react to the allied army inside. This would be a bonus for the enemy for the failed saving throw.

Example #2: The allied army enters a house to take cover and they are no enemy units around. Entering they find a loyalist or someone protecting his family. The allied has to make a saving throw and if it fails the civilian shoots or stabs one soldier in the unit killing it and leaving the allied with 4 soldiers. 

Example #3: Recistance- The Allies enter and find someone who want to join the fight. You then make a throw to check if the civilian looks like he can handle himself or if he will be of no use. If succesful, this gives you a +1 on health and an extra sodier with one weapon of your choice from the enemy arsenal.

Example #4: Nothing happends.

Example #5: Resistance recon- Give you an artillery attack on the enemy If you have the nesesary weapons at the moment. Its like the civilian knows the location of a statonary mech or unit.


Getting civilians to safety could give the army that rescues them extra VP's.

Im trying to figure out the rest. Feel free to add advice. I will be trying this next week.




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