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Roll20 First Session Planning Notes

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Posted 15 August 2012 - 10:18 PM

Folks, I've bored you logn enough with rambling posts on how I want my game to entertain. Time I put my money where my mouth is.

Now that my group and I have done some brainstorming and created characters, I'm working on a plan for the first session. I'm going to keep it as basic as possible so that we can all get a feel for how Deathwatch normally does things.

I'm also not going to plan this out like a regular adventure. I'll have objectives and starting points as well as some things I can throw at the characters if things slow down, but without trying to direct the players toward a pre-written resolution.

Here's what I have so far. It's point form as I want to turn it into a crib-sheet for the session. Any ideas / suggestions? Have I got the structure right?

FYI: My players are Fenriswolf (Gregarious Templars Omega Tactical Marine) Gav (Ambitious Ultramarine Apothecary), Will (Taciturn Storm Warden Assault Marine) and Pierre (Calculating Ultramarine Devastator).




An Imperial frigate carrying a cargo of Exterminatus-grade warheads crashed into a space hulk that appeared out of nowhere. The hulk has since reappeared in normal space; the frigate was able to keep ts Geller field active through the last trip through the warp and is broadcasting a distress signal.



  • Primary: Locate crashed Imperial frigate and plant retrieval beacon. (Skilled)
  • Secondary: Secure and retrieve Frigate's Navigator or deny him to the enemy (Skilled), inventory frigate's cargo (Novice).
  • Tertiary: Scuttle frigate. (Novice)

Requisition: 67


  • Primary Complication: One of my players suggested a major plot point of the Tau planning to create a firebreak in space to check Hive Fleet Dagon by destroying a planet in its path. Thanks to Water caste spies, the Tau knew about the frigate and are raiding the warheads as the players arrive.
  • The Navigator is being stalked by Tyranids who have boarded the frigate from within the hulk (cue classic space hulk action).
  • Time Limit: The space hulk's warp drive will start spinning up; the frigate's Geller field may not last until the hulk's next warp emergence.
  • When the retrieval vessel arrives, there's only room for the remaining warheads; the Guardsmen have to remain behind with a failing Geller field. Fenriswolf is setting his character up as sympathetic to regular humans, so I'm hoping to put his character under some entertaining pressure.
  • Another Kill-team is assigned to exploring hulk interior. Both teams know about each other; second team will taunt PC team about being in the rear with the gear, giving Gav the chance to be Ambitious.
  • The team comes across evidence not just of Black Templars who hail from a lost Chapter Keep somewhere in the Reach (Gav's character is seeking the Keep out), but also of the last wielder of a legendary Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield set that Will's Marine is seeking. (Lightbulb: Maybe the other team finds Gav's evidence first and withholds it on the condition he lets them have the kudos for the mission!)

NPCs and Goals

  • Imperial Guard: Hold the Tau off. Escape the Space Hulk alive.
  • Chaos Marines: Set the hulk in the general direction of the target planet.
  • Tau Commander: Procure the Imperial warheads for the Tau fire-break operation.
  • Tyranids: Capture the Navigator and add his biomass to the Hive.

Combat Locations

  • Landing zone
  • Frigate collision site
  • Frigate bridge
  • Tau convoy
  • Tau landing area
  • Imperial Guard holding point
  • Warp drive chamber

NOTE: Most space hulk locations will feature a lot of debris and clutter, as well as pipes, vents, walkways and gantries.


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Posted 16 August 2012 - 01:54 PM

To keep things simple, I'm tempted to drop the Tyranids out and just focus on Chaos and the Tau - especially after another lightbulb this morning. I'm thinking of mashing Gav's Chapter Keep and Will's Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield together; make the Black Templar whose remains they uncover be the last Marine to have known the weapons' whereabouts (presumably because he stashed them at the Chapter Keep).

And naturally, the Chaos Lord wants to know where the Keep is, as it will probably have not only enough materiel to outfit a warband but possibly also stocks of gene seed…

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