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A funny thing happened at Supply Depot Gamma 29

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#1 raleth



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Posted 14 August 2012 - 05:33 PM


My group included a Corporal Mallear (Sergeant), Trooper Zel (Heavy Gunner), Trooper Natialia(Ratling)

So my group has managed to make it to the supply depot and after a few days in the medicium by Corporal Mallear for previous injuries. The group got to enter into "The Hole" for some recreation. The corporal found an illegal game of Tarot, and invited himself into the game. After winning the first game, the other Sergeant at the table called the Corporal out. And bet his entire stack of funds in a winner take all match. After the first three cards, the corporal noticed that the Sergeant was using slight of hand to deal cards from the bottom of the deck to the corporal. The corporal called the sergeant out about this and the deck was handed to the ratling to deal out the rest of the hand. After the corporal won the hand, the Sergeant was getting really angry with the corporal and with his raised voice brought the attention of a commissar. So instead of hanging back and letting the commissar handle the angry sergeant, the corporal stood up and accused the Sergeant of Blasphemy against the Emperor. With the great deceive roll the that ratling had was able to convince the commissar. That the corporal was telling the truth, this caused the commissar to take the Sergeant out of the Hole, and he was burned at the stake the next morning.

This was one of the funniest moments I have seen in a 40k game. I asked the corporal why he told the commissar that, he told me that he panicked and thought the commissar was going to kill his character for gambling.


#2 Wilbry



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Posted 14 August 2012 - 09:05 PM

An excellent example of using the background material and creative RPing to get more out of the adventure.


Thanks for sharing!


#3 Braddoc



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Posted 16 August 2012 - 03:42 AM

Not much funny (per se) but we laughed about it all session long..


So we started with a hunter-killer regiment, 1 Weapon spec on a sentinel, stomr trooper on a sentinel, Ratling riding shotgun on one.

They 'landed' and exit, seeing the orks attacking the depot.  Then I say a small group of 10 Gretchins 2 orks and a few vehicles (who rosed dust clouds, so couldn't see what type it was yet) break off from the ork attack to move forward the crashed transport.

So they exit, move a bit and fire for 2-3 rounds, then they began planning a retreat, moving back and shooting at the greenskins, while trying to get closer to the Brontians.  This of course sucked, as they were basically retreating from 10 gretchins and 2 warbuggies (as the 2 orks were killed, the Ratling headshooted 1 warbuggy driver) all the while having a Ratling with 52 BS and 2 sentinels (one with lascannon, one with autocannon)

At this point I was ready to fold it; I had no joy doing this, but I was not about to run an Only War game where the players were not into, y'know, actually fighting.  I informed them of this, until they explain to me that they misunderstood my description and thought they were facing basically a whole WAAGH! by themselves.  when they learned they were facing 10 gretchins and 2 warbuggies, hilarity followed, they quickly turned around and slaughtered the xenos in quick order.

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