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Posted 12 August 2012 - 02:38 PM

Hi there folks, this stuff has been spread all over the boards as of late so I'm going to move some of it together so it makes more sense. 

This is working material from my current campaign and I'm putting it here both to share it with the community and too keep an avalable resource for my players wherever there is a smartphone or internet connected computer so I don't always have to carry this around.

First off the thumbnail link to map for what my players know so far of the subsector they're in:

next what's in each system, not spell checked so don't jump on me tooo much ^_^,


Darak: 5 planets, unknown

Inquisition Redacted

Enke: 4 planets, unknown

Inquisition Redacted

Kenjin: 2 planets, one habitable, Dead, Feudal

Ristani Conglomeration

Description: A small system well off the beaten path.  Unusualy high encounters with orkoids in this system keep it on patrol routes for the Ristani ships.  The main world is a barely livable icerock on which a low technology society eeks out a living in relative obscurity.

Economics: This system produces little and needs little in the way of goods, extra food is appreciated but the locals would have difficulty paying for anything.

Jerea: 9 planets, two habitable, one habitable moon
Dead, Civ, Civ, Gas(forge moon), Gas, Gas, Dead, Gas, Dead


Description: A lively if uninspired frontier community.  The system is large and relatively unexploited, with the exception being one of the few Bobbite manufaturing centers on the resource rich 4/4 moon.  The system boasts robust intrasystem traffic and a good defensive fleet to stave off occasional ork raids.

Economics: As with most of the Ristan sector worlds these people get along well on their own, used as they are to being occasionally cut off from their neighbors most of the systems necessities are provided for localy.  As usual this leaves some room for shipment of oddities and niceties to the planetary elite.

High Den: 3 Planets, one habitable, Dead, Feral, Gas

Ristani Conglomeration

Description: East bumble nowhere. Generally just the south pass between Istanbul and Jerea. A world of feral humans resides in system, protected from excessive outside influence by Ristani laws in their regard. No one has bothered going into this system for years as nothing in it has ever prooved interesting.

Economics: What economy? They'd probably try to eat a lasgun if you gave them one.  No central government to interact with.

Madre: 3 planets, one habitable, one habitable moon
Gas, Civ, Gas(fortress moon)


Description: The primary jump point between the Bobbite sub-sector Triton and the Ristan sub-sector.  A lot of travel goes through this system, mostly foodships from Fan Cove.  As an important point on the Bobbite frontier and a vital supply lane the Bobbites protect this system heavily.  The Fortress moon of Beta Eruda dominates the local shipping lanes, and all traffic is routed near it.  The Bobbites also keep at least two cruisers on station here at all times with attendant escorts to hold back increasing ork attacks.

Economics: Like most Bobbite worlds these planets are usually in need of manufactured goods.  The fortress moon is usually in need of replacement parts more than most.

Torado: 7 planets, one habitable, Dead, Dead, Dead, Feral, Dead, Dead, Dead

Rogue Trading Company

Description: The shining star in the Ristan Sector Economy this system, also known as the "Trade Star" appeared on sub sector maps only in recent years.  Positioned a short distance from every local power the Trade Star is rolling in the riches that limited trade between the groups has garnered.  A newly built shipyard/spaceport sits in solar orbit between Torado II and III and the curious savages of Torado IV now have a startling neighbor in the form of a new hive city all but built in secret, most of which is still being or has yet to be claimed by local trading corporations, rogue firms and general nobility.

Economics: If it's for sale, by ANYBODY it's for sale here.  While the shipyard boasts excellent facilities it's the hive city with it's major spaceport and sections devoted to all the major local groups that does the most business.  It doesn't matter who makes it, imperials, collonials, even orks or eldar, if it can be bought and sold, it will be there.

Siren: 5 planets, two habitable, Dead, Gas, Civ, Dead, Mining

Ristani Conglomeration

Description: Originally a far flung human colony on the edge of nowhere Siren has started playing a tune written down by the Trade Star.  As the primary path between imperial space and Torado this sleepy little town of a star system is now right on the beaten path and is half hiding, half raking in the profits.

Economics: As with most of the Ristan sector worlds these people get along well on their own, used as they are to being occasionally cut off from their neighbors most of the systems necessities are provided for localy.  As usual this leaves some room for shipment of oddities and niceties to the planetary elite.  The mines of Siren V now consistently supply all their materials to the Trade Star's founderies, leaving their old consumers the Bobbites in somewhat of a lurch.

Prisec: 6 planets, four habitable, two habitable moons
Dead, Mining, Mining, Gas(Mining moon,Mining moon), Mining, Mining


Description: This system was most of the reason the Bobbites originally invested in the Ristan sub-sector.  A heavily resource rich system with only one easy entrance point that leads straight to Madre and the Bobbites homeworlds, this system generally supplies most if not all of the Bobbites limited manufacturing capacity.  The wide range of materials produced here would be a boon to the Imperium as well if the reason for the Bobbite insanity was ever found and repaired.

Economics: This is mostly a company system.  It's run in house and little outside interference in it's economy is allowed.  These restrictions might become a bit more lax for the right luxury goods.

Unknown System: A total Unknown, neither you or anyone else has been there yet.


Biauk: 6 planets, four habitable, three habitable moons, two inhabited
gas, agri, live, gas(live,agri,live), live, live

Free Collonials

Description: An amazing system where nearly every large planetoid is habitable the free collonials have fallen upon this area with unmitigated glee and greed in equal measure.  Only two of the planets have so far been collonized, but both are flourishing agri worlds making a great bounty of foods.  Unfortunately soon after both collonies were started the pirates began showing up in numbers and with large ships rarely seen in the collonial sector.  While the collonial navy tries to protect this system it has suffered a string of stinging defeats that have left the politicians unwilling to "waste" more ships on this front while the battle for Karan rages unabated.  For all intents and purposes until this system is cleared it has become little more than the pirates bread basket and forward resupply point for their raids into the collonial heartlands.

Economics: While Free Collonial systems need little from the Imperium any planet here would gladly hire on a warship as extra protection.

Istanbul: 4 planets, one habitable. Dead, Civ, Gas, Dead

Ristani Conglomeration

Description: Like the Istanbul of Old Terra the lone inhabited world of this system is an ancient and storied planet very well poplulated yet somewhat low tech by choice.  It does a lively trade in foodstuffs and durable goods with the nearby Bobbite communities but beside that is somewhat insular like most of the Ristani systems.

Economics: As with most of the Ristani worlds these people get along well on their own, used as they are to being occasionally cut off from their neighbors most of the systems necessities are provided for localy.  As usual this leaves some room for shipment of oddities and niceties to the planetary elite.

Junon: 4 planets, one habitable, Gas, Dead, Civ, Gas

Imperium of Man

Description: The subsector's primary Imperial frontier world this system's lone habitable planet enjoys the advantages of imperial protection while also being somewhat off the beaten path and outside most imperial jurisdiction.  While this would usually turn the area into a den of smugglers and thieves the constant presence of the imperial war machine on the world, along with the attendant need for a large delegation of the departmento munitorium has left the planet somewhat unnattractive for nefarious deeds.  The system is still more lax than imperial norm and it's rumored even xenos have a foothold somewhere on the world.  In truth it's primary aspect of note is the jump point to Moesby and back to Imperial space.

Economics: As with most of the Ristan sector worlds these people get along well on their own, used as they are to being occasionally cut off from their neighbors most of the systems necessities are provided for localy.  As usual this leaves some room for shipment of oddities and niceties to the planetary elite.  Deliveries of captured Heretek weapons and equipment taken from the Free Collonials are also appreciated here, and fetch a high price.

Eppal: 8 planets, three habitable, Dead, Mine, Civ, Civ, Gas, Gas, Dead, Dead

Imperium of Man

Description: A far flung Imperial frontier system the planets here generally provide raw materials for the Moesby forges, occaisional troop musters and little else.  The outer system is only notable for how little of it is actually explored and exploited but falls under the jurisdiction of the planetary goverance of Eppal III and he's usually little interested in anything not directly under his nose.  This system is also rumored to hide a jump point to a secret Imperial Prison System.

Economics: As with most of the Ristan sector worlds these people get along well on their own, used as they are to being occasionally cut off from their neighbors most of the systems necessities are provided for localy.  As usual this leaves some room for shipment of oddities and niceties to the planetary elite.

Fan Cove: 3 planets, two habitable, Dead, Agri, live

Ristani Conglomeration

Description: The actual location of this system is somewhat of an open secret around the Ristan sub-sector.  The second planet, Fan Cove itself, is the most productive agri world in the known sector if not the segmentum.  Without constant shipments from here the five great hives of Moesby and the two hive worlds of Triton could not exist.  Much of the food used in the sub sector and not produced on the individual worlds comes from here. Only the sheer abundance of the food being made on Fan Cove keeps it from being hoarded by the local elite due to it's high quality.  The secret of it's success and even it's true location however are closely guarded secrets.

Economics: Pick up food here, sell anywhere = easy money.  They usually can use small quantities of advanced agricultural machinery or spare parts in trade for their foodstuffs.  Thrones work just as well though.

Ristan: 5 planets, two habitable, Dead, Civ, Mining, Gas, Dead

Ristani Conglomeration Capital

Description: The Capital world and namesake of the Ristan subsector this ancient human world has roots that stretch back into the dark age of technology.  The general point of contact and the main hub of trade between the imperial alligned Ristani Conglomeration and the Imperium of Man itself, Ristan is a well appointed and rich system housing a large connection of maps and possibly even the Apocrypha of Abidel.  Unusually for a system, Ristan holds ancient charters signed in the days of the Emperor that allow it to have and maintain it's own fleet of pre-heresy ships, which ply the space lanes of the entire Ristan sub-sector as general escorts and troubleshooters.

Economics: As with most of the Ristan sector worlds these people get along well on their own, used as they are to being occasionally cut off from their neighbors most of the systems necessities are provided for localy.  As usual this leaves some room for shipment of oddities and niceties to the planetary elite.

Karan: 2 planets, one habitable, Dead, Civ

Ristani Conglomeration(Under Imperial Interdiction)

Description: Originally a nice, if far flung, system on the outskirts of the Ristan sub-sector specializing in fine wines and luxury goods Karan has been the site of the most fierce fights seen in Abidel Sector.  From the original clash between the forces of Chaos and the Free Collonial Armada almost twenty years ago to the current ten year stalemate between the Imperium and those same Free Collonials Karan has been a system beset by major clashes.  The lone civilized planet in the small system is currently all but wrecked by a decade of hard fighting, it's soil washed by the blood of millions of Imperial Guardsmen.

Economics: Guns, anybody got GUNS? Weaponry plays well here if you can get it through the consistent if low key space battle over the second planet.  Troop transport runs to bring more imperial reinforcements to the planet are always offered at high rates for the brave.

I hope all this works.  This stuff is going to be important as we move along.

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Posted 21 August 2012 - 03:16 PM

Click for full size

This one is going to be a little long and involved.  There are a lot of systems here that need going over.  I hope people don't get too intimidated by the wall of text and actually take a look at this presentation.

The following are the worlds and systems of the Moesby sub sector for my campaign.  Comment on them freely and as you see fit.  Excuse spelling errors, I did this in notepad.


All systems belong to the Imperium of Man

Fentex: 4 planets, two habitable, three habitable moons
Dead, Forge(Forge moon), Mining(Forge moon, mining moon), Mining

Description: An extremely busy Imperial system on the edge of Imperial space. 
This system holds the primary Moesby forge complexes and is run in its entirety by the
Adeptus Mechanicus.  The worlds, both mines and forges, are the typical models of
efficiency.  A large Imperial fleet presence is maintained in the system to blockade the
nearby jump to Bobbite space and avoid the dangers of Bobbite Heresy and moral corruption
spreading beyond Triton sub sector.

Economics: Most of Moesby's most complex manufactured goods come from here and
both one off pickups and trade contracts are available from the Mechanicus.  As with most
forge worlds they pay premium prices for unrefined raw materials and refined ores of
unusual types.

Faranaway: 4 planets, one habitable, Dead, Feral, Dead, Gas

Description: Both one of Moesby's outlying systems and one of it's richest
systems.  Faranaway II, while it's surface is feral, possesses a massive and ancient
orbital ring, designed in a long forgotten unknown era.  This ring allows it excellent
living quarters and docking conditions, in fact many Ristan sub sector imperial governers
either have a home away from home on the ring, or even govern their far flung fiefdom from

Economics: The orbital ring, the only part of this system worth visiting, is a
huge structure akin to a hive and with a hive's predelections and needs.  It is
segeregated between areas for the working poor, the merchants and the filthy rich.  As an
important trade hub many things can be found here for exorbitant prices and most can be
sold here for similar, but not quite so high, profit margins.

CP-18337-W: 2 planets, one habitable, Gas, Penal

Description: Moesby's primary Penal planet people are generally shipped to this
colony for a variety of offenses that don't warrant death or simple summary punishments. 
The colony is an old one and generally well set in its ways, never very interested in
supplying it's penal indentures for anything but the Penal Leigons.

Economics: While one can, as usual with Penal worlds, indenture servants or crew
on this planet with the overcrowding of Syndawell this practice is generally discouraged. 
Unlike most of the systems in Moesby this one's needs are consistently met by the
departmento munitorium in order to upkeep the possible penal leigons housed here and the
planet needs for little.

Priv IX: 6 planets, two habitable, dead, live, gas, live, dead, dead

Description: A relatively new system discovered by explorator fleets only a few
centuries ago.  As it was conveniently close to Fentex it was immediately annexed by the
Adeptus Mechanicus as a testing and training facility.  While the two planets are
generally livable they have become less so due to constant weapons and experimental
testing upon them.  Even the dead worlds have felt the sting of the Mechanicus's failed
and successful enterprises.

Economics: While this system might be able to support agri and mining facilities
so far the Mechanicus have had no interest in such mundane affairs.  Currently no one
really lives here and there is little by way of economy.

Bivvik: 5 planets, One habitable, Dead, Civ, Gas, Gas, Dead

Description: The last of the "String of Pearls" systems, so named for the
constellation their suns form, Bivvik is a general port of call for people who want to
avoid the taxes, tarrifs and authorities that generally stake out Faranaway.  The lone
inhabited world is a somewhat nice, if rainy, place that holds little interest beyond the
thriving underworld illicit trade from Ristan has created.

Economics: This place is a smaller scale, less legal version of Faranaway for
trade goods and especially the cold trade.  Most things can be bought and sold here if you
know the right people to ask.  If one doesn't Bivvik is only a somewhat nice civilized
world where the typical odds and ends can be sold to impress the aristocracy.

Sundau: 9 planets, two inhabited, four inhabited moons
Dead, Hive, Agri, Dead, Gas(Mining moon, Mining moon), Gas(Mining Moon, Civ Moon),
Gas, Dead, Gas

Description: A system very similar to the layout of the Ancient Sol system, Sundau
is one of the primary hives of Moesby and a major manufacturing center.  As the only Hive
planet in Moesby with it's own attendant Agri world Sundau has, using a strict population
control algorithm, maintained a high population with limited need for outside shipments of
food.  This has left it, while small compared to Temerlake or Syndawell, able to stay well
within its means and turn quite a profit that shows in good conditions in all levels of
each hive above the underhives.

Economics: While Sundau needs little in the way of bulk food, richer fares are
always appreciated.  Bulk shipments of raw materials, water, polution control and plasma
core coolant systems are always appreicated.  Sundau's manufactures many goods but their
weaponsmiths make highly prized plasma and melta types for both the imperial army and
general sale.

Arrukvola: 6 planets, one inhabited, Dead, Gas, Gas, Civ, Dead, Gas

Description: A sleepy little system, one of the "String of Pearls" which turned
out to be anything but, Arrukvola has little and gives little.  The people on the fifth
planet barely eke out a civilized lifestyle from the ruins of a long dead human
civilization.  On an ugly world, ugly people and things predominate.

Economics: Arrukvola produces nothing beyond what it's people need for a sparse
existance and generally imports even less due to a distrust of other systems.  If they
could be persuaded to trade their needs would be many and generally easy to come by.  Of
further interest is the possibility of archeotech in the ruins the people of Arrukvola IV
squat in.

Jeldek: 3 planets, one inhabited, two inhabited moons
Mine, Gas(Mining moon, Civ Moon), Dead

Description: Jeldek is mostly a stopping point on trips between the Moesby core
and the outer planets.  It supports a small set of mining concerns goverened by the
population of a single more livable moon.  Insular in the extreme and protective of their
monopoly on Jeldek's rare ores the people of Epsilon Jeldek II do little buying from other

Economics: Generally people avoid this system when looking to buy and sell things.
The local government only sells to Fentex and has it's own arrangement with the
Mechanicus for any manufactured material they require.

Remlain: 1 planet, one inhabited, Agri

Description: A subsidiary planet of the people who run Fan Cove and one of the
"String of Pearls", Remlain is the most productive, if out of the way, Argi world in
Moesby space.  Difficulties traversing the system's heavy asterioid fields usually keep
travel here limited to only those experienced doing the Remlain run.  The planet, while
not as prosperous as Fan Cove, is heavily invested in competing with their larger sibling
and calling them "Fan Cove Light" is taken as as serious insult.  As one of the primary
suppliers to the five great Moesby hives and the only major agri supplier in imperial
space, this world is protected better than most, considered a high priority for patrols.

Economics: Unlike Fan Cove which produces pell mell and sells to anyone who comes,
Remlain's agri production is generally spoken for before it's even planted.  They do
appreciate agri machinery and any tibit of information or new grain to get a leg up on
their competition.  Even so most of their crop is Fan Cove II wheat.

Syndawell: 7 planets, two habitable, three habitable moons
Dead, Dead, Hive, Gas(Forge moon, Mining moon), Gas(Mining moon), Dead, Mining

Description: This busy, all but bustling system is home to the most overpopulated
hive cities in the Moesby sub sector.  Syndawell itself is a planet of vast, continent
spanning cities and mighty factory complexes.  Life here is cheap but plentiful.  Many of
the other planets or large moons in the system sport mines of some sort which supply the
factories of Syndawell and their neverending thirst for raw materials.

Economics: Most of the durable goods needed for daily life in the imperium are
made here, and as such need for common imperial technology is non existant.  Advanced
technology to supply the daily standard of living is appreciated though, as well as any
possible shipment of food.  Syndawell's main product however is people, and it supplies
more ship crews and Imperial Guard regiments than any other planet in the Sector.  A
thriving trade in wild beasts goes on under wraps in the depths of the planets hives and
gladiatorial entertainment against such monsters is one of the primary distractions for
it's impoverished populace.

Pindol: 2 planets, one habitable, Death, Dead

Description: A barely inhabitable rocky, asteroid strewn mess, this one of the
"String of Pearls" systems has generally lived up to the cursed reputation of the group. 
Originally just meant as a way point for a galactic northern and quicker route around the
busy Moesby corridor the pearls such as Pindol have worked reasonably well as a passage
and in general horribly as anything else.  The only pocket of civilization in Pindol
clings tenaciously to the first planet, a world that kills 85% of those who come there
through horrible weather and other unknown means.

Economics: The few hardcore dwellers on Pindol I do need a few things in the way
of durable and manufactured goods, but rarely get them due to the low number of transport
captains willing to take the risk of "A dance in the Lightning".  The rumors that the skin
between reality and the warp is thin here keeps even more people away and adds more profit
for those willing to take risks.

Venture: 4 planets, two habitable, Dead, Civ, Mining, Dead

Description: A new system, recently discovered right off Port Moesby,
entrepreneurs and frontiersmen of all kinds have decended on this place to make it a new
home.  Within only sixty years they've carved out a pair of thriving worlds that while
still setting up, are sure to make a great name for themselves in the future.

Economics: Most things that need to be bought are needed to be bought here. 
Anything involved with setting up a colony, drilling a mine, creating an agri-business and
starting a basic manufactorium is in heavy demand somewhere in this system.  The
enterprises here are so new they have little to sell though.

Suhatch: 1 planet, Dead

Description: Considered the entryway into the "String of Pearls" Systems, Suhatch
has little or nothing going for it.  Something, either their own tidal forces, or another
unknown factor, destroyed most of the planets of the "String of Pearls" and scattered
their Gas giants into gigantic orbiting belts around their starts.  As a result while the
systems are useful as a northern route around Moesby they're not considered ripe for most
types of exploitation.  On the other hand this systems location somewhat close to the core
worlds, and it's many asteroids have spurred the creation of a number of pirate bases in
system, often funded by Bivvik's less above board businesses.  This has brought a heavy
naval presence to the system and even sponsored a naval base in orbit around the lone dead
rock of a world here.

Economics: This system is surprisingly lively for being totally dead.  The cold,
slave and other nefarious trades thrive here along with piracy of all types.  The latter
has brought a number of bounty hunters into the system and many youngbloods cut their
teeth here on the civilian areas of the Imperial Naval Base.  Anything illegal sells well
here as long as you don't get it stolen from you first.

Yuvall 631: 12 planets, four habitable, five habitable moons
dead, live, live, Gas(live,live,live), live, Gas(live,live), live, dead, gas, gas,
dead, dead

Description: A newly discovered system linking off the main trade route between
Hemlet and the Moseby Core, this explored but as of yet unexploited star system is the
apple of many an eye.  Mining concerns look greedily to her dead but mineral rich worlds
while agri groups and colonizing companies long for her many living ecospheres.  Only
bureaucratic red tape and corporate wrangling keeps the gold rush at bay.  No one seems
willing to let anyone else near their particular prize and there are far to many concerns
for even the planets of this system to support one at a time.

Economics: As few people live here few people need anything here.  Candestine
asteroid or cloudmining operations have already popped up though and in general arms might
be a good sell in the future as things heat up to violence between competing firms.

Port Moesby: 8 planets, four habitable
Dead, Civ, Hive, Gas, Gas, Fortress, Fortress, Dead

Moesby sub-sector Capital

Description: The mighty central seat of the Moesby sub sector and the main center
of authority left within the Sector containing it, the great Port, Fortress and Shipyard
of Moesby does an outstanding amount of business.  The main hive planet, both the central
hive of the subsector and the main fleet base of the sector, is ringed by a mighty
defensive network that has been the match or the better than all but one enemy in it's
entire storied past.  The other worlds of the system either support the planet's defense
or act as a secondary administration world for record keeping.

Economics: If you want a charter for an Imperial ship to operate in the Abidel
sector you have to come here to get it.  Besides that it has the general need of spare
parts, advanced equipment, luxury goods and food of both a hive system and a fortress
system combined.  Most things can be bartered for, bought or sold here, in reasonable
amounts for semi-inflated prices.  The mass of administratum functionaries and skilled
hagglers therein tend to keep the local pricing for people that are known quantities on
the fair side, just from force of habit.

Arbition: 4 planets, one habitable, Dead, Civ, Gas, Dead

Description: Unusually for most sub-sectors the major center of Adeptus Arbites
operations resides here instead of the more heavily populated sub-sector capital. 
Arbition has had a long history of being a bastion of law in the outer reaches.  Even when
the sector fell outside the reach of the Imperium the lawkeepers of this system would
reach out across space on their own ships and enforce what law they could on the outlying
worlds.  As such when the Imperium returned to the sector they found this system a ripe
recruiting ground for the Adeptus Arbites, enough so that a major scholla progenium was
built here for the current lawkeepers to train their future heirs.

Economics: The inhabited planet of this system runs similarly to a basic civilized
world and has the general needs for imports and little in the way of exports such a
condition usually entails.  It should be noted that policing of imports and exports here
is far more strict than usual and smuggling almost impossible for… somewhat obvious

Parker's Ocean: 4 planets, two habitable, Dead, Hive, Death, Dead

Description: The two planets of the Parker's Ocean system are both very similar
and yet in their ability to sustain human life, complete opposites.  The outer world is a
vast ocean planet, but the fluids are mixed with a number of volitile and poisonus
chemicals that force those even near them to wear protective gear.  This added to the
voracious sea life makes it of little use beyond the occasional well defended, sealed,
chemical plant or distillery.  The inner world is an amazingly beautiful, volcanically
active, planet almost entirely coated with beautiful water oceans.  It possesses only a
single small continent in the north, one covered in it's entirety with a major hive city. 
Beyond this huge floating ships, each the size of a hive in their own right, travel on
circuitous paths to the locations of undersea volcanos where they trap the emissions for a
number of valuable gasses used in many types of forgeworld refinement.

Economics: Though this is the smallest of the five great Moesby hive worlds, and
the one most capable of feeding itself, even the most stalwart Ocean goer eventually gets
tired of eating fish.  As such it imports as much off world foods as it can get.  Also as
it's hives are mostly floating masses of antiquated machinery, replacement parts and
spares are fondly recieved.

Tenk: 3 planets, three habitable, Mining, Civ, Mining

Description: One of the original systems in the Moesby Core Tenk's primary world
holds a precarious position as slightly too undeveloped to be considered a forge world and
slightly too underpopulated to be considered a hive.  This means however that Tenk Prime
is almost both.  A major powerhouse in the production of manufactured goods, especially
explosives, clothing and plasma cores, Tenk shows little limiting it for future growth and
will probably become in time the sixth great hive world, if more food can be found to
support such an expansion.

Economics: Tenk is a busy place with lots of place for business.  Specializing in
objects made from synthesized materials if you want an army clothed or blown up usually
coming to Tenk is a good choice.  Piracy is a slight problem but being so close to Moesby
only the most brave or foolhardy try anything.

Padre's Star: 2 planets, one habitable, Shrine, dead

Description: A common destination for Pilgrims after a tour of the great
cathedrals on Port Moesby this quiet but populace little world is the home of a great many
religious sects and orders, all watched over diligently by the Ministorum.  A place of
personal introspection and quiet meditation, given toward serene brooks and sea side
beaches, the planet more focuses on personal salvation than having it beaten into one by
bawling preachers.  The ministorum presence here is prevasive but laid back, as is evinced
by the system's name the Padre's star works more to quiet ministration and low ranking

Economics: Most of the needs of a general civilized world can be found here.  The
planet produces little and imports much however the ministorum handles most of the trading
so anyone here has to go through them.  Those looking to go around the priests will find
little in the way of active trading on anything but candles and votive figurines.

Padaris: 5 planets, two habitable, dead, shrine, pleasure, gas, dead

Description: Considered a lesson in extremes, Padaris holds both the most devout
planet in Moesby and the most debauched.  Sort of like housing a church next to the red
light district Padaris has problems with any form of overarching system government as it's
worlds rarely agree on anything.  Padaris II is a great and beautiful world covered with
devotional temples of great size and number, all tended to by a devout flock and their
almost parochial overseers.  While Padre's Star tends the needs of the laymen devotees
Padaris II tends to the training and spiritual well being of the clergy itself.  Padaris
III however was created after the loss of the pleasure worlds of Hemlet to the great enemy
and came as a sudden surprise and shock to their neighbors.  While in truth most of this
world panders to family entertainment for the masses and the more tame vices of the
wealthy there are a few locations where… less scrupulous endevors can be tried.

Economics: Unless you want to try to sell candles to the church it wouldn't likely
be a good idea to approach Padaris II.  Padaris III however usually has needs both legal
and illegal like any good pleasure world.  Data crystals for new movies and forms of
entertainment are particularly in need, along with the occasional new drug.  Those working
on the even seedier type of deal will find a branch of the gladiatorial beast rings from
Syndawell alive and thriving here.

Chandeeze: 6 planets, three habitable, Dead, Gas, Mining, Mining, Mining, Dead

Description: A general mining and raw materials supply system Chandeeze also
boasts a rather robust economy in tarrifs and trade as the primary jump point to the
Hemlet Sub-sector.  As Hemlet was once the center for all government and control in the
Abidel sector this system used to do more of a business, yet recently with the loss of
many of Hemlet's important worlds to the great enemy the system has had to make due with
just it's mining concerns.

Economics: While anyone passing through here on to Hemlet will probably be scanned
and charged tarrif for any trade goods they are carrying most of the in system trade won't
have to worry about such things.  As mostly a mining system the planets of Chandeeze are
usually spoilt for something to do and for spare parts.  Entertainment of any type sells
well here, whether data crystals showing the latest bloodsport matches or gladiatorial
battles or new simulated entertainments.

Blink: 3 planets, none habitable

Description: Probably named as a joke for if you Blink you'll probably miss this
system on the way into the Moesby Core.  Very little goes on here, and the system is
mostly just a waypoint along the busy transport routes from Temerlake to the rest of

Economics: Hard to sell stuff to people that aren't there.

Temerlake: 3 planets, one habitable, Gas, Dead, Hive

Description: The third largest of the great Moesby hives behind Syndawell and Port
Moesby, Temerlake is however the most industrialized and has the highest manufactured
output.  Most of this planet has something to do with the great mid level factories, so
much so that production totals and raw material usage rates are the general talk of
breakfast from the underhives to the spires.  If there's one thing in all this production
that Temerlake is known for it's guns, solid projectile and las weaponry in particular. 
Every hive and sub facility on Temerlake takes part in at least some type of military
production.  Packaged rations, survival kits, vehicles, aircraft, armaments, engines,
ammunition, explosives, even macrocannons and nova cannon shells, if it has something to
do with war it's made here.

Economics: Need any guns? If it's a gun and it exists it comes from here, in
varying numbers and quality.  While it's hard to find a reputable dealer the ones that
know can get high quantity and quality on the cheap as long as it has something to do with
war.  Though it hasn't a shipyard for installing ship based weaponry the system supplies
most of the weapons installed at Port Moesby.  As with most hive worlds the higher ups
love curios and nick nacks, especially of a military bent.

Menno 6V: 2 planets, two habitable, Agri, Mining

Description: Originally just a waypoint system much like Blink, entrepreneurs from
Port Moesby noticed this system a little more than a century ago and took to it's worlds. 
Using the amazing abilities of Fan Cove II wheat to sustain in a large number of
environments and still remain safely edible the groups seeded the first planet and were
able to start production of bulk foods within thirty years.  The second planet, while
outside the survivable zone was converted into a mining world for it's high amount of
ferrous ores and provides exceptionally pure materials to the maufactoriums of Temerlake.

Economics: As with most far flung worlds with little of their own entertainment
options the two worlds of this system are a bit hungry for things to occupy the downtime
of their inhabitants.  Beyond that they mostly sell bulk foods and ores at high prices.

Vaculan: 2 planets, one habitable, Civ, dead

Description: An example of a system trying to turn a profit while all hell is
breaking loose around it.  When the core systems of Hemlet fell and took their production
of entertainment goods with it Vaculan Prime stepped forward and is still trying to fill
the gap.  Movie production houses and a great proliferation of their filming locations
shot up overnight.  Into these preperations were thrown the sudden and worrying activities
of the Widow sub sector, of which Vaculan possesses the primary jump point to.  In order
to protect Moesby from their increasingly irrational neighbors the Vaculan system was
extensively fortified and large parts of it became an armed camp.  Not one to quit what
they were doing as long as it was making money the local film industry took it upon
themselves to restructure their filming studios into the production of war films and the
two factors of Vaculan life have formed an uneasy symbiosis.

Economics: Vaculan has a strange mixture of military and motion picture needs that
seem almost at odds yet have never interfered with each other.  The military side of the
system is almost entirely provided for by munitorium contracts making it hard to break
into trade wise.  However the motion picture side of things is constantly in need of new
props, supposedly realistic weaponry, and scary monsters which they will pay a premium
for.  On the selling side this is probably the only place for Moesby locals to find
entertainment sims beyond the limited news and cursory soaps found on most of the
civilized spheres.


Whew, well that's it for there.  Quite the wall of text eh?  Anyone with the stomach to read all that… I pray my players either do or pick someone to… have any ideas on endevors that could be pulled off in here?  I left plenty of room for them.  I'm hoping people spot them.  Any ideas?  I'll take the obvious ones, less than obvious ones or even really tricky ones that I haven't even thought of.  Remember that this map connects to the Ristan map presented earlier.

I'd love it if people tried to surprise me.

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Posted 24 August 2012 - 07:53 AM

After going over it with my players and understanding that those lists are a little long to go over in one sitting I worked out a boiled down version of the descriptions, shuffling the planets into groups, that might be more readable.

Hope this works…



Subsector Ristan:

Ristan is a frontier zone beyond the reach of the Astronomicon and general easy travel channels because of the effect of the Death Anomaly.  The few systems therein are islands of calm in a lawless frontier where nothing unmarked is owned and anything unclaimed is there for the taking.

Areas of Ristan

The Trade Center
      Major System: Torado

The Trade Center sits between the four major human factions of Ristan and allows trade between them all.  Peace is enforced heavily, but the occasional malcontent can be found.  Items here sell well around the sector.

Bobbite Territory
      Major System: Madre

The Bobbites are a heretical offshoot of the Imperium.  Their continued existence and likelihood of surviving any eventual Ecclesiarchy crusade generally depends on the quality and continuity of their tithes to the empire.  They have a lot in the way of raw materials but little production capacity in comparison to their needs.  Manufactured goods and food are always in demand here.  Ork raids are not uncommon.

Imperial Territory
      Major System: Junon

The Imperials are just that the Imperials.  While their systems here are considered out on the edge, they work just about as well as any other Imperial system with the same edicts, religion and laws.  The local Imperials don’t need for a whole lot, and try to be self sufficient.

Free Collonial Territory
      Major System: Not Discovered

The Free Collonials are a small stellar empire of rampant techno and religious heretics/hereteks.  They’re generally fair minded though they hate the Imperium itself and especially Imperal religious figures.  As techno hereteks their needs are both inscrutable and few.

Ristani Congolmeration Territory
      Major System: Ristan

The Ristani own a group of generally self sufficient systems on the fringe outside Imperial space.  They keep to themselves mostly and while they stay firmly Imperial aligned they will do business with most comers.  The systems of Fan Cove and Istanbul do the most business out of all these systems.  One specializes in bulk food, the other in curios and trinkets.  Piracy here is an occasional, but uncommon problem.


Subsector Moesby:

Unlike it’s outer neighbor Ristan, Moesby is firmly in Imperial control.  This state is evinced by the number of constant patrols that circle the area looking for trouble.  Expect to be scanned here often, and challenged at certain places.  All space in Moseby is claimed by the Central Council of Moesby and even newly discovered systems within the subsector are immediately put under their jurisdiction, limiting exploration profits.  Trade however is lively and along with it, piracy out where the fleets keen eye does not reach.

Areas of Moesby

The String of Pearls
      Major System: Bivvik

If any area in Moesby could be considered on the edge of lawlessness these systems are it.  Named for the constellation their stars form the string systems in the great past underwent some cataclysm that destroyed most of the planets therein.  All that’s left are asteroid fields, huge rings of gasses, and the occasional orb, usually uninhabitable.  Some important planets like Bivvik II and Remlain do exist here but most of the system worlds barely eke a living.  With the space lanes here so polluted with asteroids, debris and gasses these systems have become a hotbed for piracy and pirate hunters.

The Outside Rim
      Major Systems: Sundau, Fentex

The first bastion of Imperial society outside the frontier these worlds are lively and heavily productive.  The Forge World Fentex in particular is a heavy producer of all sorts of manufactured goods and a heavy consumer of bulk ores.  The great hive Sundau is not to be easily outdone as it’s ability to produce advanced high temperature weapons is second to none.

The Moesby Core
      Major Systems: Port Moesby, Syndawell

The busy heartland and government center of Moesby, most business in the sub sector goes on through or is regulated by the core.  This is the center for the navy, arbiters, church, and civilian government.  All routes pass through here eventually, just to be legal.  Syndawell in particular has both a high number of needs and a great amount of production that attracts many traders.

The Southern Arm
      Major System: Parker’s Ocean

A bustling area just off the core the newest developments in Moseby go on here in at least one newly found system.  The hive of Parker’s Ocean is a unique world worth a look at for it’s production and it’s colorful fish dishes.

The Industrial Zone
      Major System: Temerlake

Many of the things needed in other parts of the sector are made here, especially armaments and entertainment.  Fortunes have been somewhat depressed lately by this areas nearness to the Widow Sub Sector and their demanding, eclectic, government.  Temerlake and Tenk however still manage to produce most of the goods the rest of the sub sector need.


This might be a better introduction to the area and simplify what people are looking for, especially my players.

Did anyone have the stomach to read those old lists?  Does this new list help much?  I'd be happy to hear from people about it. 


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Posted 24 August 2012 - 03:27 PM

Fighting pirates is obviously an option, as is playing pirate in Yuvall attacking a rival construction company who didn't respond to threats to back off. 

A mission from the Shrine World to create a film on the annoying pleasure world (You can pick up actors and a production team from Vaculan) showing heretical acts(Acts considered heretical in the region, could be something as silly as wearing a hat in church) widely released just in time for the inquisitorial inspection of the planet. A few plants of heretical books wouldn't hurt. Of course this has to be kept very secret. Rewards could be difficult to acquire devices for those unaffiliated with the Emperor Cult. Null rods for example, or/and the blessing of a best quality weapon into an anti daemon weapon.  How to pull off the production without getting caught though.. disguises :P. Maybe you'd temporarily have to steal someone else's ship and use fake names.  Rogue Identities.  Meetings with high level pleasure world nobility. OH you must be in this movie, and of course aquisition of top quality actors, and to stomach to take the fact that those actors will for sure get killed by the inquisition. Because of you.

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Posted 25 August 2012 - 04:13 AM

LOL!  That's exemplary.  I can just picture a crew of cut throats roaming around with monacles and movie cameras.  On this day's installment of Rogue Mogul!

That's some really good stuff.  I'm glad people can look and surprise me.

Btw… why would the actors get killed?

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Posted 25 August 2012 - 07:22 AM

Because they're doing heretical things on camera. As an example for the population. Broadcast on all the worlds of the area of course and sure to make the movies even more popular.

Really though your players will probably decide they want to make some other kind of movie if you give them the option to make one. Which is fine.

It's not a completely original idea since Captain Laertes Geneso Olivares did it first. If you google that name you'll know what I mean.

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