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Please Help me finish this deck

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#1 SeanXor



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Posted 11 August 2012 - 04:17 AM

Hello, I have a Dark Elf/Vampire deck that I have been refining.  It uses negative hit points and discarding from the hand to gain control, and then vampires provide the power to win the game. The deck has done very well locally, but  I want to make the deck better and fix up any potential weaknesses.  Right now the deck has 51 cards.  I am trying to decide if I should leave it there or bring it up to 53 to 54 cards.  If I add cards, I would like some advice on what card to add.   Here is the deck as it stands:  


Sorceress Convent x3

Warpstone Excavation x3

Slave Pen x3



Walking Sacrifice x3

Vile Sorceress x3

Hag Queen x3

Mannfred Von Carstein x3

Seasoned Corsair x3

Shades x3

Blood Dragon Knight x3

Countess Iseara x3

Crypt Ghouls x3

Wight Lord x3



Offering to Hekarti x3



Gaze of Nagash x3

Sacrifice to Khaine x3

Danse Macabre x3


Here are the cards I am considering adding and the reasons why:

Arkayne Vampire:  This provides another vampire and undead unit for Gaze of Nagash and Danse Macbre.  The special ability to move damage combos well with Hag Queen, and the damage sponge ability is nice defense.  However, the lack of power hurts and the three cost is a lot in a deck that already has high cost units.  

Vanguard of Woe:  This deck can be weak to a rush deck that gets a really good rush, so having another card that can be played turn one or turn two might be a good addition.  This card's ability to make the opponent discard works well with the deck's theme.  Plus, with a slave pen and a Countess Iseara out the ability can be used every turn.  

Har Ganeth:  Like Vanguard of Woe this is another cheaper card that can be played early.  The returning a unit to the opponent's hand works well with the deck's control theme.  The deck is a little light on support as well.  

Bladewind:  At one cost this is a cheap, disruptive tactic that continues the discard theme of the deck.  Plus, drawing an extra card is always nice.  

Countermoves:  Most decks use tactics, so this card can be a good trap to get rid of troublesome units.  

Burn it Down:  I do not usually use tactics with this deck, because excess cards often get discarded to pump up Manmfred von Carstein.  However, I do not have any way to deal with troublesome support cards like the Church of Sigmar.  

Thank you for your considerations!  

#2 slick



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Posted 16 August 2012 - 02:05 PM

Hi sean hmm well you'd probably do better with har ganeth as it can double up as a card draw with walking sac or at least return problematic weenies to opponent's hand.IMHO the cards iseara,crypt ghouls and danse macabre are sub par cards on its own which can be replaced with blade wind and better units to handle weenie decks.The toxic hydra springs to mind to handle a whole zone of weenies.Burn it downs a must to handle problematic buildings like opposing slave pens,church and mining tunnels.

Well thats 9 cards for 9 hopefully it gives you some help

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