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Two 40K LARPs Coming to GenCon 2012

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Posted 09 August 2012 - 03:59 AM

  Kettle of Fish Productions, the heretics behind Pax Obscurum at the Origins Game Fair, are bringing their brand of life action roleplaying to GenCon with two classic Warhammer 40,000 events.

?Nox Terminus (LRP1231249 Thursday @ 8pm)

The planet Megiddo is embroiled in bloody civil war, and the brutal mercy of the Inquisition is its only hope.

The Cast

Inquisitorial Coterie
Lord Inquisitor Mortephonsus Plaxx - Aged Inquisitor.?
Interrogator Gorderic Zail - Apprentice to Lord Plaxx.?
Belle Nightfall - Callidus Assassin & vengeful hand of Plaxx.
Young Stewart - Scribe, savant, and Psyker thrall.

Crew of the flagship Dominance
Lord Admiral Doramus vanRichen - Master of Battlefleet Walpurgis
Arch-Cartographer Gadevillius Brom - Navigator and advisor to the Lord Admiral.
Lieutenant Maximillian Gorst - Last of an old naval family.
Enginseer Descart Gundamos - Voice of the machine spirit of the Dominance.

The Gentry of Megiddo
Lord Governor Trask vonKilmer - Planetary governor.
Lady Mariam Dionisia vonKilmer - Jewel of the court.
Prince Daveen vonKilmer - Rake and princeling.
Caspirov Maccabius - Director of the Administratum Bureau of Mutant Affairs.
Guildmaster Erasmus Byle - Wealthy merchant.
Lady Lucretia Byle - Noble-born wife of Erasmus.
Heinrich The Confessor - Theologeon of the Ecclesiarchy.
Bablovis Golgotha Mortchilde - Eccentric opera singer.

The Populace of Megiddo
Archibald Orville Hrusk - Aged patriarch of the Hrusk clan.
Abigail Hrusk - Sump worker
Arthus Hrusk - Able bodied factorium laborer.
Esthme Genevieve vanHogarth - Last of a fallen noble house.
Brother Mallius Pyre - Self-appointed Redemptionist figurehead.
Half-Mad Thomas The Olde - Prophet of the ash wastes.
Tien Voor - Last surviving Astropath of Megiddo.

The Mutant Underclass
Quasimodo Kyphosis - Brute and bully of the underclass.
Hephaestus Vix - Wretched mutant slave.
Travis the Bent - Toiler of the middle hive.
Sigismund Seeungerheuer - Mutant agitator.

Explorator Consensus
Logis Eximius XXVIII - Senior Tech-Priest of Mars.
Pascal Mazinger - Lexmechanic and retainer to the Logis.
Servitor Ogram MXII - Augmented combat servitor and protector of the Explorators.

Crew of the Golden Chalice
Lord Captain Malifax Randal - Dashing Rogue Trader of some renown.
Feral Goor, the Render - Barbarian and Arch-Militant.
Alphonz Baal - Off-world entrepreneur.


Warhammer 40,000: Vox Recidivus (LRP1231250 Friday @ 2pm)

Beyond the Imperium is a world of ancient terror where the eternal die and the lost return. A Rogue Trader will claim it, a Heretic shall remake it, and an Inquisitor will purge it to the core.

Radical Inquisitorial Coterie
Lord-Inquisitor Bellatrix Nightfall – Her mission takes her beyond the Imperium
Old Stewart – Savant, scribe, confidant, and Psyker thrall
Mort – Man-at-arms and product of the Schola Progenium
Brother Kant – Mendicant monk, spiritual advisor, and curate

Puritan Inquisitorial Coterie
Inquisitor Gorderic Zail – Ruthless Inquisitor
Sister Thalestris – Sister of Battle and enforcer of Zail’s will
Blank Peter – Mind-wiped savant, lore master, and assistant
Interrogator Percunctor Mox – Silent master of pain, more machine than man

Lost Imperial Guard Detachment
Commissar Strayn – Sole voice of Imperial authority
Father Thaddeus – Regimental Chaplain
“Sparks” Gibson – Jittery combat Psyker
Bester Cordwain – Gunnery Officer
“Crooked” Max Keel – Penal Legionnaire
Bertram Tannin – Grizzled veteran
Jim Altair – Imperial Guard Cadet
Jove Mordred – Departmento Munitorum Attaché

Crew of The Golden Chalice
Lord-captain Malifax Randal – Rogue Trader of some renown
Feral Gor, The Render – Primitive human tribesman and Randal’s personal guard
Margaret “Blue Eyes” Trismegistus – Hedonistic young Navigator, the shame of her Household
Explorator Obed Grendizer – Xenoarcanist and seeker of lost knowledge
Baz Zkullkrakka – Ork slave

Feral Inhabitants of Ze’ev 761
High Oligarch Gral – Aged local warlord
Eleazeno – Bloodsworn shield maiden
Voltym – High Priest
Fair Xant – Daughter to Pablovis
Speaker Talos – Tribal shaman
Menex – Enterprising hunter
Sophron – Recently returned from his rite of passage
Procles – Tribal elder and lore keeper
Mad Tom The Young – Bewildered prophet

If you have any questions, or would like to reserve a character, contact head GM William T. Thrasher at kettleoffishproductions@gmail.com


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Posted 15 August 2012 - 06:54 PM

 As of this post, only two pre-registration slots remain for Nox Terminus. To make sure we have room for players who plan to get in with generic tickets, we're adding 10 additional characters to the game. These new characters include a Deathwatch Kill-team and the crew of a Chartist vessel.

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Posted 16 August 2012 - 03:14 AM

Would that I could, I'd show up as the underhive dreg "Steve".

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These things are dumb and do not exist. This is non-negotiable and undebatable.

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 06:03 AM

 You'll get your chance next year. We got a huge turnout, so we'll be sure to run more 40K LARPs at GenCon 2013.

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