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Sentenced to Kulth

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#1 segara82



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Posted 23 November 2008 - 05:36 AM

Greetings, fellow GMs.


Due to the incompetence of my group to grasp the simple principle of subtelty, the loss of an inquisitorial rosette, the unnecessary use of firepower to cripple innocent civilians, causing traffic accidents (again through inappropiate use of firearms), and ignoring any warnings from NPCs (and ignoring my friendly words as a GM) i plan to send them to Kulth.

For those who don't know: the planet Kulth is now in his 83rd year of war with the savage greenskins (aka Orcs).

Sine they like shooting and hacking around so much i plan to give them exactly what they (seem to) desire. I will of course give them once or twice the opportunity to get of the planet to get back to real investigation, but if not ...

I have allready plans for IG characters,

the senior office with personal ties to the Ordo Haereticus who knows what stupidities they have done,

a junior officer, who likes to play with his toys (he has 3 plasma pistols, think of a 'Revolver Ocelot' from MGS 3)


of course a craaaaazy Big Mek, a big bad WaaaaghBoss, and a whole lot of green, bad, loud, obnoxious Orks!


Any suggestions? i'm still open ^^

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#2 Konrad von Marburg

Konrad von Marburg


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Posted 23 November 2008 - 07:16 AM

You are a kind GM it would seem. The inquisitor I have set up for my players is stern and would likely have executed the one who lost the rosette. My players lean more toward puritan values and have already executed one player's character for his incompitence.

Maybe you should strip down their gear when you send them to Kulth? Make them little better armed than your average guardsman. I dont have much reason for this except added punishment. From what it sounds like, the deserve it.

#3 Santiago



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Posted 23 November 2008 - 07:39 AM


Make it clear to the pc's they are on an obvious suicide mission, present the circumstance that they can rebel against their Inquisitor and let a political advesary of said Inquisitor, perhaps another Inquisitor take in the poor pc's.

Now they are stuck between fires, on the edge of heresy themselves....have fun...

#4 Zearoth Kilrathle

Zearoth Kilrathle


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Posted 23 November 2008 - 12:41 PM

They Lost a Rosette? Oh my.

I had Kulth as part of the first season of my campaign, though the players were there hunting a rogue Adeptus Mechanicum. Also, one of the PCs was a local, so that fit nicely into the narrative.

In my game, the local Imperial Guard were horribly incompetent, sometimes even throwing its contigent against the Orkz in situations that were completely unfavorable (Yes! Let's fight greenskins inside small dark caves!). The planet was practically all militarized, with the noble families holding officer ranks (and inheriting those), with a greater weight on bloodline than merit. Besides holding out against the Orkz, the world had a huge reservoir of Promethium under its vast red deserts, making it a valuable asset for Calixis. They also produced cheese, which is an idea I stole from somewhere, but I can't quite recall where from.

The acolytes were advised not to carry any green items of clothing, as the defensive machine spirits (and all guards) were set to shoot at anything green.

The biggest Ork hutz, was the settlement around an active volcano amidst the desert, atop of which a Mek Boy built a dysfunctional steam-powered generator that powered their factories. Besides its defenses, Imperial forces hesitated on bombarding it from orbit because it could result in a chain explosion that would cause the local Promethium to react and set most of the world ablaze.

I added a detachment of about half a dozen Black Templars and their reliable good ol' Landraider Crusader, who were in no small part responsible for keeping the local commanders from ruining all the war efforts.

The players, obviously, managed to cause the entire planet to explode, but that's a long story. Hope that gave you some ideas.

Oh yes, one thing I regreted was not adding at least a small contigent from the Steel Legion. The conflict at Kulth seems major enough with Orkz for Armaggedon to send some forces as consultants and reinforcements. The contrast between the incompetent local Commanders and the captains of the Steel Legion would have made a nice touch.

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