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Posted 04 August 2012 - 06:10 AM

So, thought it would be cool to see some kind of topic with awesome stuff that happened. What made you feel awesome, what glorious deeds did you do that deserve rememberance :P

Try to make your posts without spoilers if the adventure is official.. Or at least warn us. :)

As I made the post I'll go first… To avoid long posts I'll try to keep the info at the bare minimum :)

We just played a few sessions and are 5 players now, though at first we were 4. A Dark Angel Librarian, a Space Wolf Assault Marine, A Storm Warden Devestator and me playing an Ultramarine Tactical marine. As things progressed we were joined by a Blood Angel Apothecary.

We have only completed two missions so far and took a while before we got the rules properly. We haven't played any of the other 40k rpg's though most of us read the books and/or played the table top game. Our first mission sent us against Tau and their allies.

We didn't really understand the importance (or much at all) of squad mode and such so as we arrived at a slaughtered Imperial Guard station, we searched the place in groups of one. We quickly learned not to spread out too far as our space wolf suddenly got attacked by a Tau in a stealth suit. It hurt him badly and me being the only one nearby ran over there to help. He charged it and almost killed it as I came up and finished it off (my kill but it had around 1 hp left so he did most of the work :P). The next round another Tau emerged from thin air and was about to shoot my friend. We decided I could spend my reaction to knock him down and take the hit, so i got pummeled by his automatic fire instead, which saved his ass but he still got a rocket on his hand tearing 3 fingers off and making him faint. We all agreed it was a pretty cool move by me though, and later learned there's a squad mode ability that does the same thing more or less :P Later on in that mission I managed to loose my leg after being pummeled by the Tau general, his two bodyguards and a swarm of firewarriors. I managed to kill the general before I finally went down though :)


Also during our last short mission I ended up in melee with a chaos assault marine who surprised me as I was alone (we all messed up there, forgetting him, keeping track of all others..) So after the second round I was down on 3-4 critical wounds but Duty beyond Death let me ignore the pain and continue without penalties. I realized however that as he was more or less on full health and I was pretty much going down the next time he acted that things were beyond saving. I was also the last line of defence on the "ground" as the rest of the team had kinda left me there.. Tactical mistake that won't happen again I hope.. And we also had an important relic thingy that was nearby that this guy would take if he got past me. So I took hold around the neck of our traitor with one hand, pulled out a krak with the other and activated it. Yelled FOR THE EMPEROR and blew my arm and his head of. Managed to trigger a few Righteous Fury as well so ended up doing 50+ damage. Pretty heroic if I might say so myself :P



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Posted 05 August 2012 - 02:53 AM

my s.wolves assault marine has had so many epic deeds at this point its hard to keep track

he's taken down 2 ork battle wagons solo

brought down an underground mek factory (having to chainsaw off his own hand to escape)

wrangled a gargantuan squiggoth with a deathstrike missle duct taped to it and rode it through an evil sunz air base

killed a storm boss by shooting his rokkit pack, sending him flying to his doom

out ran the explosion of the deathstrike missile

and consistently has the highest kill count despite the fact that i've gone the last five sessions without a left hand (finally getting one next session)




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Posted 08 August 2012 - 06:59 AM

One of my players engaged an eldar Warlock in close combat, and somehow managed to ride the Singing Spear as it returned to the eldar and used the momentum to pin the Warlock to the ground, forcing him to surrender, since the eldar's strength wasn't even close to being able to lift the weight of a Space Marine.

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Posted 08 August 2012 - 09:38 PM

I've got in my player group a DA apothicary who stand his ground against 4 genestealer without even taking a wound, and killing them all and two other (fighting other player). Parrying dodging the talons, the bite, everything that come close to him was deflect it was surreallistic.

I must confess that my dice roll for attack had been pretty bad can I said catastrophic but i didn't cheat to save him. Really it was a master piece of blade work… And he never miss a roll during this fight.

After dispatching 6 of the 8 genestealer he goes back to his work healing his wounded brothers… they were 3 against 4 genestealers and take a heavy load of damage.

Since this time the apothicary had been seen as blessed by the other player.

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Posted 09 August 2012 - 06:06 PM

Some of the fun things I've seen members of my gaming group do with their characters:

Blood Angel Successor Assault Marine, in his very first mission (the player retired his Black Templar because, due to the personality he was roleplaying, was a hindrance to the party), he managed to long-bomb-throw a Krak Grenade after buffing his strength with that solo mode ability across an almost 100m distance to hit a Sentinel and blow it up in one hit. A few sessions later, he defeated 2 Greater Knarlocs single-handedly with his Thunderhammer (everyone else was busy killing Tau), and then later jumped atop an Orca and caused it to crash.

Ultramarines Librarian, dropped an entire squad of Chaos Space Marines with a single pushed Smite, only got a little cold around him as a result (he never rolled Perils once).

Storm Warden Apothecary, charged into close combat with a Carnifex to save their injured Watch Captain from death, while the rest of the Kill-Team were busy killing other Tyranids. Accepting he would die if hit, he managed some amazing Parry / Dodge rolls and Combat / Storm Shield field saves for several turns before the Deathwing Terminator destroyed it with his Assault Cannon.

A pair of Space Wolf scouts who went an entire game session without missing a shot, often making Called Shots to the heads of their targets, or even shooting people while they were jumping out of their Chimaera transports when they were exploding (they were holding back an action or something, can't remember). Both earned Marksman Honours at the session's end.

And the Deathwing Terminator, who started as an Angels of Absolution Devastator, consistantly hit with low numbers with rediculously high BS that unless fighting something really big, I started telling him to not even bother rolling damage. Currently holds Terminator Honours, Marksman Honours (yes, with a Heavy Bolter), and on his way towards an Iron Skull / Halo.

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