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The Jumping Apocalipse

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#1 icevvind



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Posted 04 August 2012 - 02:57 AM

Well, i've read and re-read the book almost 6 times, and played a looooot of Dust Warfare games. I love it. Simply. But i wanna know your thinking about the Jum Rules, bcause maybe im doing something wrong (better to say that, maybe, my opponent is doing something wrong)

So, im in the middle of the table with my wonderful ludwig and suddenly those dirty tank busters falls from theführerknowswhere and one-shots it. Yeah, a lot of luky dice-rolling but, anyway, the tankbusters where inside a 3 story building, in the 2nd floor. They declarared move and attack and jumped across the third floor and over the building to landed  right at firing range and reduced my shiny ludwig to scrap.

What i mean is… please. No, really, pleeeeeeeeeease, tell me that those damned jumppacked rocketeer-wannabes cant cross the building that way.

Well, and afterwards, a more serius question:

The game allows pre-measuring, but my opponent gots the habit of, once a unit is moved, start correcting its movement. I mean, he moves to a place where the unit has no line of sight and says something like "then they move 1 less inch" or falls into reaction range and decides that it was too close and goes back. Im new to wargames, but thats not the usual, am i right? I think the correct way of doing it is to premeasure, but once its moved, wel… its moved. If the unit moves 5'' and decides to backup the 1 spare… pk, but if it has alredy moved 6''…

Anyway, enjoy the weekend and thanks in advance for your answes!!

#2 Trasvi



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Posted 04 August 2012 - 03:33 AM

 Most people playing wargames allow decent leeway of shuffling, placing and re-placing units. Its not like chess where fingers off means you've stopped moving. Nearly everyone that I've played (especially in games which allow pre-measuring) let you move, say "I'm deliberately putting these 12.1 inches away", or find that an entire unit can't be put down in exactly the right spot so they get moved back. You'll see it happen.

If you want to counter jump infantry, the best way is suppression with long range weaponry, or supporting your walkers with infantry. Thats what I've found very different about this game to others that I've played (well: 40k)… suppressing fire, supporting units. A tank on its own can't survive, but with infantry support it might. 

#3 Pael



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Posted 04 August 2012 - 08:22 AM

 I agree with Travsi, hopefully your opponent will give you the same amount of leeway as you do.


The jumping jackrabbits a tankbusting sounds about right. Find another way to deal with them. Remember you may think you are safe but NOTHING is safe on the battlefields of Dust!!!

#4 ItsUncertainWho



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Posted 06 August 2012 - 03:36 AM

Try to keep a flamethrower near your walkers, if you can. That will help keep those damned jump packed primadonnas in line. I hate those guys.

#5 slainex



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Posted 06 August 2012 - 04:42 AM

The advantage of jump movement and long range is really threefold. Units can launch an attack from behind a wall or inside a building (out of LOS) by jumping over. Their movement cannot be reacted to because of the jump rule and they have a range of 16 inches, which means their attack action cannot be reacted to by the target unit since they will be outside 12 inches. Now comes the best part. If you did not have enough resources during the next  phase to suppress said jumping unit from outside 12 inches, they will simply react by jumping straight back out of  LOS behind a wall or into a building.

At this point, your opponent laughs in your face as he/she gloats and basks in his/her tactical prowess and either a) You say "This game sucks!!" and never play/spend money on DUST ever again or b) Go out and spend $254.60 (shipped) on a brand new spanking Allies army c) Shake your fist in defiance and shout out "Next time I bring out the raging double steel fist Donkey Kong and the petulant goth emo girl with a big gun."

#6 Guest_Not In Sample_*

Guest_Not In Sample_*
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Posted 10 August 2012 - 10:21 AM

Or C) you buy an SSU army, go high altitude where the tankbusters can't hurt you and rain death on them from above…. at which point he goes out and buys Grim Reapers and shoots hot fire at you from below, lol.

Seriously though, there are ways to deal with those pesky jumpers… long range suppresive fire always helps… and if they want to hide up on the top of buildings, that's why the axis has building climbing, fast moving gorillas that can't be suppressed and can take orders without ever needing a radio.

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