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AtS: Into the Fray (Squad 349)

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Posted 03 August 2012 - 11:25 AM

What follows it actually our group's second time through the first combat encounter of this mission. Our first attempt resulted in the squad members either "dead" or unconscious. Instead of continuing on after waking up in Supply Depot Gamma 29's medicium, we opted for starting completely over.


Squad 349 (3rd Company / 4th Platoon / 9th Squad) is part of the 1st Zweihan Guardian Angels - a homebrew regiment I (the GM) created. For the details and background, please visit the link at the bottom of the post. What's important is the creation path:

Penitent / Choleric / Drop Troops / Hardened Fighters / Combat Drugs / Plasma Gun & M-41 Multi-laser

The squad itself consists of Sergeant Holt (with Vox-Tech), Weapon Specialist Jorus (with Comrade), Operator Jasmine (with Gunner), and Stormtrooper Godwinne, as well as three other NPC troopers I haven't quite figured out what to do with yet. This is the story of how they landed on Skrynne.



As the squad rode the shuttle they were unable to discern what the pilot said over the roar of the engines. However, once landed, Sergeant Holt was able to quickly figure out that the depot was under attack, and Stormtrooper Godwinne informed him that unless action was taken, the Orks would likely overrun the Imperial defenses. Holt ordered the squad forward and three of the PCs headed for the ruined buildings, snapping some shots off as they ran. Meanwhile, in disobedience to a direct order, Operator Jasmine stayed behind to work on the engines of the crashed shuttle. Her actions prevented a large explosion and the deaths of half the guardsmen still in the shuttle.


As the group of four Gretchin opened fire from about 60m out, the two Runtherds charged one at a time. Squad 349 deftly cut these two down with las-fire enhanced by the Sergeant's Sweeping Orders. The four Slugga Boyz paused briefly at 60m to loose a few shots as well, but soon decided that they'd rather fight hand-to-hand. However, the combined las-fire and frag explosions reduced the assaulting group to one injured Ork. Meanwhile, a second squad emerged from the crashed shuttle and took the Gretchin out.


As the Slugga Boy charged Stormtrooper Godwinne, Sergeant Holt also joined the fight. However, neither the guardsmen nor the Ork seemed able to land any blows. Weapon Specialist Jorus attempted to shot it with his plasma gun, but a twitch of his arm caused the searing bolt to hit his own sergeant in the leg. Finally, after Godwinne managed to Takedown the Slugga Boy, Holt managed to cut through its abdomen with his chainsword, ending the encounter and the session.



This concludes the account of how Squad 349 landed on Skrynne. I will continue posting as the group works through the rest of the mission. For the full account, visit the page listed below.


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