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What is the point of agile for sniper squad? It doesn't affect range, does it?

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#1 TallDwarf



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Posted 02 August 2012 - 04:12 PM

 What is the point of agile for sniper squad? It doesn't affect range, does it?

Do any heroes have fast or movement 2 that when paired with the squad make a difference?

As I understand it, the movement on the first  action is separate from the movement on the second action so a unit could go diagonal with the first action and diagonal with the second action.

Thank you.

#2 Loophole Master

Loophole Master


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Posted 02 August 2012 - 05:30 PM

 Agile doesn't affect range, only movement. It's a small aid to the Snipers, often helping them get into position quickly.

The rule for diagonals is applied to all your actions in a single activation, not just for each individual action. So a Move 1 squad is NOT able to move two diagonals, as that would require 3 Moves (or the use of Agile).

The Priest has Agile, and combining him with a Fast squad like the BBQ makes them very maneuverable, being able to cross 3 diagonals in a single activation.

#3 Panzer soldier

Panzer soldier


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Posted 02 August 2012 - 05:42 PM

The is from the revised core rules page 20.
The unit with this skill is quick and agile. When it moves, all diagonals cost one
movement point. A hero with this skill shares it with any squad he joins.

Normally a units second diagonal move would cost it two movement points.  The text bellow is from page 8
of the revised core rules.

Movement Points
A unit’s movement value ( ) indicates the number of movement points that unit has each
round. So a unit with movement value “ 2” has two movement points.
Diagonal movement is allowed in Dust Tactics. For each activation, a unit’s first diagonal
movement costs one movement point. Any additional diagonal movement costs two
movement points. If a unit lacks the movement points to move, it cannot continue moving.

So the agile ability does give you some advantage in movement, not weapons range.

This is from Operation Ceberous under NCO Command .Field Me dic
The Field Medic has two different abilities:
Stimulant Kit (SKILL)
The Field Medic can inject a soldier unit (armor class ) in an adjacent space with newly
developed combat drugs. These chemicals are still being tested and no one quite knows
what the side effects are, but boy do they work! The next time the injected squad is activated,
it can perform four actions that round. These actions can be used in any combination: four
MOVE actions, two MOVE actions and two ATTACK actions, two SUSTAINED ATTACK
actions, etc. There is one limitation: If the squad performs two consecutive ATTACK actions
against the same target, it is considered a SUSTAINED ATTACK action. An injected squad
can perform two ATTACK actions against the same target as long as the ATTACK actions
are not consecutive.
Example: A Field Medic injects a squad of Recon Boys. During the Recon Boys’
activation, the unit spends its first two actions to perform a SUSTAINED ATTACK
against a squad of Laser Grenadiers. The Recon Boys then spend one MOVE action
to move one space closer to the Laser Grenadiers. The Recon Boys then spend their
last action to ATTACK the Laser Grenadiers again.
At the end of the injected unit’s activation, lay all of its miniatures on their sides in the
space where they ended their movement. These soldiers are now exhausted. While the
unit is exhausted, it cannot be reactivated by any Command Squad. It cannot perform any
action, and it cannot even fight back if attacked in close combat! The next time this unit is
activated, stand the miniatures upright. This costs the unit both of its actions for that round.
Example: During the first round of the game, a Field Medic injects a BBQ Squad
that needs to move across the battlefield at top speed. On its activation, the BBQ
Squad performs four MOVE actions. Since it has the Fast skill, it can move a total of
five spaces. At the end of its movement, the BBQ Squad is exhausted and placed on
their sides on the space where it ended its movement.
During the second round, the BBQ Squad is exhausted. When they are activated,
they stand up, but cannot perform any other actions this round.
During the third round, the BBQ Squad can act normally once again.
This skill may only be used on one squad per game. If the Field Medic injects a squad
that is joined with a hero, that hero is also injected. The Field Medic can choose to inject

#4 Panzer soldier

Panzer soldier


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Posted 02 August 2012 - 05:44 PM

Hope this helps or gives you a few ideas.

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