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Vessel of the Winds spoiler

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#1 Mallumo



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Posted 01 August 2012 - 08:28 PM

61: Windcatcher Prism

Neutral Support


Artefact. Unique. Attach to a target Hero or legend you control. This card cannot be targeted by card effects. 
Action: Discard a card at random from your hand to gain resources equal to the printed cost of the discarded card.


62: Gorbad Ironclaw

Orc Legend


2/2/2 P, 3 HP

Each of your attacking units gains 1P. 


63: Brom Longbellow

Dwarf Unit


2P, 4 HP

Unique. Hero. Limit one Hero per zone.
Action: When your capital is dealt combat damage, deal X damage to target attacking unit. X is the number of Grudge support cards you control. 


64: Ale Hall

Dwarf Support



Action: Discard a quest or Grudge support card from your hand to have this card gain 1P until the end of the turn. 


65: Honouring the Ancestors

Dwarf Tactic


Action: Put a Dwarf unit into play in one of your attacked zones from your hand, declared as a defender. Sacrifice it at the end of the turn. 


66: Da Immortulz

Orc Unit


2P, 4HP

Unique. This unit can attack or defend (from any zone) whenever an Orc legend you control attacks or defends.  


67: Morglor the Mangler

Orc Support


Unique. Attachment. Attach to a target Orc unit or legend. 
Attached unit or legend deals +2 damage in combat.
Attached legend deals an additional +4 damage in combat while opposed. 


68: Master Engineer

Empire Unit


1P, 3HP

Action: Spend 1 resource to put a Siege or Fortification card into play in this zone from your hand. 


69: Runefang of Drakwald

Empire Support


Unique. Attachment. Attach to an Empire unit you control.
Kingdom. Attached unit gains Counterstrike 3.
Quest. Attached unit gets +4 hit points.
Battlefield. Attached unit gains 2P. 





71: Echoes of Magic

High Elf Tactic


Action: Put a just played quest on the bottom of its owner’s deck. 










76: Mage-Priest of Itza

Neutral Unit


1P, 3HP

Lizardmen. Order only. 
Action: When this unit enters play, shuffle the top 5 cards of your discard pile back into your deck. 


77: Clan Eshin Mutant

Neutral Unit


2P, 4HP

Skaven. Destruction only. Battlefield only. 
This unit enters play corrupted.
Action: When this unit enters or leaves play, deal 2 damage to target unit. Then, destroy that unit if it has 1 remaining hit point. 


78: Gathering the Horde

Orc Quest


Quest. Action: Put 1 resource token on this card at the beginning of your turn if a unit is questing here. 
Quest. Action: Remove X resource tokens from this card to discard the top X cards of your deck. Put all Orc units discarded this way into play (in one of your zones). Then, sacrifice this card. 


79: Pleasure Cults

Dark Elf Quest


Play in any opponent’s zone, under his control. Units enter this zone corrupted.
Forced: Put 1 resource token on this card at the beginning of your turn if a unit is questing here. Then, you may remove 2 resource tokens from this card to destroy this card. 


80: Secret Crypts

Neutral Quest


Undead. Destruction only.

Quest. Action: When an Undead unit enters play under your control, put 1 resource token on this card if a unit is questing here.
Quest. Action: Remove 2 resource tokens from this card to return target Undead unit you control to its owner’s hand from play. 

#2 mydnight



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Posted 01 August 2012 - 11:49 PM

I like that they are developing the 'grudge' theme for the dwarves and the 'black arc' theme for the dark elves.

#3 Asuka



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Posted 04 August 2012 - 02:51 AM

Thank you very much for the early spoiler!

I admit, I am a little disappointed by this pack. From the title and previous descriptions I had hoped it would be more focused in magic - as the winds of magic haven't been heavily covered in the LCG yet…

#4 Doc9



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Posted 04 August 2012 - 08:46 AM

 Thank you for the spoiler! Looking forward to this pack.

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