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So I have an idea for a story….

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#1 Tagakoner



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Posted 29 July 2012 - 12:14 PM

 Ok, so basically, I have had an idea for an interesting story, and was hoping for some C&C on it. 
Then, if anyone have some nice ideas for encounters inside this, throw it out there!


A planet (insert name here) in the Acherous salient, is serving as a base of operations for the chaos forces. It has remained undetected for quite some time now, and has been used as a launch pad for harassing Imperial lines for quite some time. Now the Imperium have found this base, and needs to stamp it out before it can continue onwards (the damage this base is doing to imperial supply lines would not allow ignoring this stronghold).
But once he Imperium made land fall, they quickly pushed back the foul Chaos followers to their main base. A base that is quite unique. It is built on the wreck of an ancient cruiser warship that crashed on the planet. How and when this happened is unclear. But the important thing of this base is that, somehow, the heretics have activated some of its weapon systems. This makes it an extremely hard target to take via land battle. The chaos have also poured a lot of resources into this bastion, by building strong anti-naval cannons around it. This means that it would dearly cost the Imperial navy to approach and bombard this fortress. Also the heretics somehow managed to get the ship's shield generators working, creating a bubble over a large part of the chaos lines, making artillery fire from outside the bubble useless.

Current situation:
Imperial forces have massed around this fortress. Hiding their armies behind mountains and in ravines, away from the weapon systems of the fortress. All forces are poised and ready to attack as soon as the weapon systems are disabled.


Ideas for the Objectives:
Primary I: Disable the power generators powering the shields, to allow the artillery bombardment to commence and buy them time to get into the main fortress.

Primary II: disable the power generators and allow the Imperial advance to begin.

Primary/secondary III: My team is still busy with the Emperor Protects campaign, and only recently learned of the identity of the sorcerer Dazhak. So was thinking of adding him somewhere inside the fortress. Can be a primary or secondary objective to look for him. 

Secondary I: Our team have quite a few Dark Angels, so was thinking of adding something of a fallen?

Tertiary I: Remain undetected until they enter the fortress

Tertiary II: Disrupt/destroy the main communication channel of the fortress (can be done by entering a control room and destroying the internal vox links)


So this is the basic idea. It needs some ironing out. I was also thinking of having a detachment of the Dark Angel Ravenwing appear and spearhead the one flank. I think I will have to break this into a few sessions and add a few tertiary objectives for each session.
So what do you guys think? 


#2 Gurkhal



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Posted 01 August 2012 - 03:05 AM

It looks pretty good to me. Adding a Fallen could work and could work nicely as a red thread if the Fallen escapes, in which case the Dark Angels may need to apprahend the traitor without giving the KT hint of the secret.

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