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Ship Review and suggestions

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#1 Larkin



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Posted 28 July 2012 - 06:46 PM

 Ship is located here: javascript:void(0);/*1343540442133*/ 

What I need some help with is names. The sketchy background for the ship is that it's a sometimes pirate vessel, sometimes legitimate trader that operates around Port Wander, the Edges of the Calaxis Sector, Footfall and the Near part of the expanse. Mostly smuggling with some piracy thrown in. It's going to be the ship that my PCs gain access to in a fairly low powered and darker side of the Imperium game I'll be running in the next few months. We're using Mathhammer rules for Ship to ship combat, so that's what's up with Tearing and the low armour rating.

If anyone is feeling generous, names for the different figurehead configurations would be great. Even a bit of background for that specific ship would be more than welcome. Anything and everything is welcome and I'll even name some of the prominent crew for you if I use your ideas.






#2 Trader Austin

Trader Austin


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Posted 29 July 2012 - 05:40 AM

set up is configuration, ship name, discription.

 1. a skull (teeth clenched) headed figure (body is covered in robes) with a bared sword in a skeletal hand with a snake wraped around the blade. - the striking serpent- this reaver has been seen around the near expanse and calaxis sector. it is said that no quarter will be given by the crew. 

2. a skull (mouth wide open) headed figure holding a goblet up. - the laughing reaver- these gentlemen pirates perfer not to fire on their targets. only taking the most valuable cargo. they don't mistreat the crew and the officers are courteous for reavers and such. many vessels don't even atempt to run or fight when faced with this pirate. 

3. hooded figure with hands up sleeves of robe- the vow of silence- this smuggler is one of the more successful ships around the maw. suspected of having ties to the cold and beast trades this ship has a large bounty on it from the commander of port wander. 

4. hooded figure with upraised goblet. - the drunken traveler- this tramp freighter has a bad reputation. the crew are a rough sort and there is rumor that the reports of it loosing cargo to pirates may be true, just the pirates are still onboard. while well armed it isn't suggested to hire this ship to carry anything but the cheapest of cargos. 

5. skull headed (teeth clenched) figure with hands in sleeves- the baleful glare- this smuggler is successful if a little blood thirsty. more likely to blast it's way through than to run this ship can be dangerous if there is a chance of it destroying the picket that discovered it. 

#3 mrady



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Posted 02 August 2012 - 08:36 AM

Cloaked and hooded figure with a bared sword in plated covered hands, tip pointing down, a straight cross guard. Not much is known about this ship or its pirate crew, not even its name, most calling it 'Dead silence' 'Ghostly silence' or just 'The Silent' it comes seemingly out of nowhere strikes and cripples the engines. Then boards, swiftly over coming all resistance then retreating with the cargo. Survivors of these attacks describe the crew as ruthless but only killing those who take up arms against them or impede their progress. Seen in white robes and white blank masks, with officers in black robes and black skull masks.

#4 ieatdeadpeople2



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Posted 03 August 2012 - 01:55 AM

 A griffin roaring or a gargoyle would work.  Even some kind of lion.  Hooded figures are very common in 40 k if I were a captain I'd demand something more unique for my ship.

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#5 Larkin



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Posted 03 August 2012 - 05:22 AM

 Thanks for the suggestions so far guys. They've been quite good.

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