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Game Night Kit

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#1 pickle



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Posted 26 July 2012 - 04:16 PM

 This thread will of course be all speculation at this point.

As I have yet to take the opportunity to read up on the rules of the classic Netrunner game, and have quickly read through the news on the new Android Netrunner game, I am not sure on what counters are used with this game.

What do you guys speculate will be in the upcomming Organized Play Game Night Kits for this LCG?

Also, this may be unethical, but is it possible to ask your gaming store to order in a kit for your own persona use?

#2 AussieKSU



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Posted 26 July 2012 - 07:57 PM

Do you mean what counters, markers, etc will be included in the core set? Sorry if I misunerstand.


If so, I suspect we will see markers for bits, tags, advancement counters, brain damager.


Bits - currency used to play and pay for card abilities. Much like mana in M:TG, except that you have a pool which does not deplete unless spent. In traditional NR, coins, dice, etc. were used to track bits.

Tags - some card effect will put tags on the runner. Tags are used in conjunction with other card's abilities. For example, a card might say, "If the runner is tagged, do 2 meat damage to him." Additionally, if the runner is tagged, the corp may trash (send to the graveyard) resources that the runner has in play.

Advancement Counters - Some corp cards may be advanced. This represents putting corp effort into research, development (not to be confused with R&D which is the corp draw deck), or some other resource into finishing a project, advertisement campaign, or extra coding. Typically, advancement counters mark the progress towards how close an agenda is to scoring.

Brain Damage - A nasty form of damage, which permanently reduces the runner's maximum hand size (in addition to forcing him to discard a card). Traditional NR set the max hand size at 5.


I hope this is what you were after.


#3 byronczimmer



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Posted 27 July 2012 - 04:57 AM

My best guess:

1 Playmat

1 Poster

2 sets of 7-10 "Agenda" tokens (put 21 in a kit and 3 people can each have a set of 7)

8 Faction pins/patches or whatnot

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