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3 questions for the interested to answer

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#1 fallengamer13



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Posted 20 July 2012 - 10:38 AM

Hello everyone!!  I just joined the warhammer-verse about 2 month's ago and this is my first post.   The main reason I am opening this forum is that I would like 3 of my question to be answered by people able to and that I couldn't find the answer's elsewhere in the forum's.

My first question involves a relic I was creating for an new character,  this Relic follows the rules for the Astartes Assault cannon so it could be attached to a termminator armor.  The stats that appeared onto this were storm, reliable, and innacurate, the damage would be around 3d10+3, pen 3 because of its double barreled damage, its ROF would have been around -/-/6 per barrel and I did this to avoid overpowering the weapon further than what it was.  The question I was going to ask is if I should downgrade it further for its use in decent play…

My second question involves trying to find out questions involving the bonuses that are from Master-crafted bionics because the most I can find is in exceptional craftmanship bionics and I would like to Know what a Master-crafted bionic legs and senses.

My third and final question would have to involve One of my personal created chapter's that Ive made, I was looking for tips on making a advanced speciality for my characters involving the tactical marine and that he would get a complete change in their advancement table, I would just like to know that if it would be simpler to just create a new Advanced speciality or to just make a new speciality?  I know this might sound like one and the same but what I was meaning was that I would have had to create a new char advance for a new spec and abilities along with stats and starting weapons, this is difficult because I don't want ot overpower my character and go into the realm of power-gaming.  The Adv. Specialty would be much like the wolf scout for its being on its own…. 

I would like these questions to be answered only if you can give it/advice on how to handle other weapons creation to reduce the power of my storm astartes assault cannon and for the other things. (Note: I have read the errata and that's why the assault cannon is weaker than what the normal one is in damage.)

I Thank you for your time in looking at my questions and hope that I didn't provide too much of a Headache!

Hope to get a reply!!


#2 Nathiel



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Posted 20 July 2012 - 07:05 PM

Ok generally the first and third are better on the 'House Rules' forum, but whatever.

The second is the easiest and most straight forward.  Master Crafted cybernetics have the same benefits as Exceptional, they just look cooler.

Without asking why you are making a relic Assault Cannon for a 'new character' I think any sense of balance is lost when you add 'Storm' onto any weapon. (just look at all the threads trying to find a way to make the storm bolter balanced.) Reducing the damage by 3 does almost nothing to offset the game breaking ability you are looking at.  reducing the RoF to 6 doesn't do much as you only rarely see those last few shots hit anyways.  Really, if you are looking for a double barreled assault cannon, the best you should realy get is 'Twin Linked.' With all the spinning brarrels you can't realy do the true storm thing where the barrels that fire are that close together.  'Innacurate' is also not realy a penalty since there is almost no point to aiming a full auto weapon.  yeah it's not crazy broken or anything but a Twin linked Master Crafted Assault cannon should be good enough.  Heck, the master crafting making it never jam is Huge when you are talking about something that only ever fires full auto.

As for the specialty. you could just take the Wolf Scout, change a couple things to make it less wolfy and match your chapter and run with it.

#3 Kshatriya



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Posted 21 July 2012 - 04:00 AM

 3d10+3, RoF 6, Storm is a recipe for a completely OP weapon. Mostly the Storm part. 

#4 DJSunhammer



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Posted 21 July 2012 - 11:38 PM

Kshatriya said:

 3d10+3, RoF 6, Storm is a recipe for a completely OP weapon. Mostly the Storm part. 

This. You should go with something like 2d10+3, Twin Linked. There is a reason there are literally zero heavy weapons with the Storm quality.

#5 fallengamer13



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Posted 06 August 2012 - 10:07 AM

Thanks for the help guys!!  Im sorry to have been a bother here.

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