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Limited Edition Stone Domains, Tokens, Cards, and Black Border Sets--Auctions online now!

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Posted 20 July 2012 - 06:54 AM

 I'm finally selling my insanely large (and insanely Mint-y) collection of CoC CCG cards, tokens, etc..  I have a discussion board for it here so if you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to post there.  I'm going to use this thread simply to post the current auctions since it's going to take me a few weeks to get everything listed and sold.

GENERAL INFO:  My collection is huge and I have divided it so that people should be able to buy exactly what they want without having to pick up too much extra stuff.  As a result, I have multiple copies of several sets but will be listing them one at a time.  For example, I have a complete set of Forgotten Cities up for auction now and I will have a second set up next week etc..

SHIPPING:  I'm happy to ship anywhere or to combine shipping.  If you do not live in the United States or if you would like me to combine shipping on multiple auctions or if you would like to save shipping by having me give you your items at GenCon, don't pay immediately, but rather, send me your address and a list of the auctions you've won.  I'll be happy to figure out what it would cost to combine/ship/etc and send you an appropriate invoice.

CARD QUALITY:  I have always been nuts about card quality so all of my cards, unless otherwise marked, are M/NM.  There were a few promos and other cards that, because of the way they were packaged (like the promos which came in the collectible card tins), have the occasional white mark around the edges.  In cases like that, I made it a point to add only the cleanest and closest-to-Mint copies to my collection.

CRAZY STUFF AND HARD TO FIND, DISCONTINUED, OR "WHAT IS THAT?" ITEMS:  I was all about building the most complete collection I possibly could and as a result, I have a lot of faction tokens; a few stone domains; a few collectors' tins; and some art proofs from the CCG days.  I don't know if FFG still has information up on any of these, but they can basically be described as follows:

     - Faction Tokens: Back in the day, you could redeem "Sanity Points" earned by purchasing cards and winning tournaments.  One of the items you could buy with these Sanity Points were packets of 25 thumbnail-sized, translucent plastic tokens in the shape and detail of each of the different faction symbols.  When FFG discontinued the tokens, I managed to get a hold of FFG and the company which made them and purchased the back-stock, the remaining sealed product, and the product and packaging which were yet to be assembled.  The packaging itself was extremely simple so you're not missing anything if the tokens you want aren't fully packaged.  NOTE:  I only have ONE set of 25 Syndicate tokens.  I thought I had more and I'm trying to find them, but while the other factions will have at least two sets up for auction, this first week will be the ONLY chance to get Syndicate tokens.

     - Stone Domains: Also available only by redeeming Sanity Points, the Stone Domains were pieces of stone which have been laser-embossed to represent the various factions.  These were extremely limited and extremely hard to get.  I managed to get four of them--two Syndicate and two Miscatonic.  The first of each is currently on auction and the second of each will be on auction next week.  NOTE:  The second Syndicate stone domain has a crack in it.  It was broken by a FFG employee as she was packaging the domains for me.  I have sealed it and the crack now looks decorative, but if you want a Mint condition Syndicate stone domain, this week is your only chance.

     - Collectors Tins: These are just cool tins with a few promos in them and CoC art all over them.  They have a divider inside to separate your tokens, deck, domains, and story deck.

     - Premium Starter Exclusives: Arkham and Eldritch Editions each had a special "Premium Starter Deck" which represented a mythos deck and an investigator deck of cards from the editions reprinted with a special numbering system and expansion symbol.  In addition to the reprints, however, there were 8 cards per Premium Starter which were not available anywhere else.  I have isolated the exclusive cards, but if you win an auction for one of these sets and want the remaining fixed cards, I'd be happy to send them for no extra charge (provided that they don't interfere too much with shipping).

QUESTIONS: The best ways to ask questions or make suggestions are to post them here or to ask them on each of the auctions themselves.

Thanks for the interest!

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Posted 20 July 2012 - 07:02 AM

 Auction Set #1 (ending Sunday, July 22):

Eldritch Edition Complete Set x1

Forgotten Cities Complete Set x1

Miscatonic Faction Stone Domain

Syndicate Faction Stone Domain

25 Agency Faction Tokens

25 Miscatonic Faction Tokens

25 Syndicate Faction Tokens

25 Cthulhu Faction Tokens

25 Hastur Faction Tokens

25 Yog-Sothoth Faction Tokens

25 Shub-Niggurath Faction Tokens

The Yithian Deck (Sealed)

Conspiracies of Chaos (Asylum Pack III) Complete Set x1

Kingsport Dreams (Asylum Pack II) Complete Set x1

Spawn of Madness (Asylum Pack I) Complete Set x1

Arkham Edition Promo Cards (1-13) Complete Set x1

Eldritch Edition Promo Cards (1-9, 12-15)

Arkham Edition Premium Starter Exclusives (Set of 8) x1

Unspeakable Tales Complete Set x1

Forbidden Relics Complete Set x1

Masks of Nyarlathotep Complete Set x1

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Posted 26 July 2012 - 06:28 AM

 Auctions Set #2 (ending Sunday, July 29, 2012):

The Yithian Deck (Unsealed, Mint/Near-Mint)

50-pack FFG Card Sleeves w/Cthulhu Image (Sealed/Brand New)

Twilight Horror Asylum Pack LCG (Sealed)

Agency Faction Tokens x25 (Discontinued)

Miscatonic Faction Tokens x25 (Discontinued)

Cthulhu Faction Tokens x25 (Discontinued)

Hastur Faction Tokens x25 (Discontinued)

Yog-Sothoth Faction Tokens x25 (Discontinued)

Shub-Niggurath Faction Tokens x25 (Discontinued)

Unspeakable Tales Complete Set x1

Spawn of Madness (Asylum Pack I) Complete Set x1 (Black-border)

Kingsport Dreams (Asylum Pack II) Complete Set x1 (Black-border)

Conspiracies of Chaos (Asylum Pack III) Complete Set x1 (Black-border)

Arkham Edition Premium Starter Exclusive Card Set (10 Cards) (Black-border)

Eldritch Edition Promo Cards 1-3, 5, 6, 9, 12-16

Arkham Edition Promo Cards 1-10, 12

Masks of Nyarlathotep Complete Set x1

Forgotten Cities Complete Set x1 EXCEPT R2

Eldritch Edition Complete Set x1

Arkham Edition Complete Set x1 EXCEPT R79 and R115

Miscatonic Faction Stone Domain (Discontinued)

Syndicate Faction Stone Domain (w/hairline crack) (Discontinued)

Forbidden Relics Rare Lot (34 Cards)

Forbidden Relics Uncommon Set x1

Forbidden Relics Common Set x1

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