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Need assistance building a Greyjoy joust deck.

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#1 Bpiehler



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Posted 19 July 2012 - 12:01 PM


I'm a newbie trying to build my first Greyjoy deck. I have 2x core sets, the QoD and Kings of the Storm & Sea expansions at my disposal I also have A Somg of Silence, Return of the Others, Dreadfort Betrayal, Rituals of R'hllor and Where Loyalties Lie chapter packs. Seems like I should have plenty of cards to use, I'm just not sure what direction to take the deck.  I'm pretty lost right now… Any assistance would be very helpful. 

#2 jmccarthy



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Posted 24 July 2012 - 01:19 PM

You have a lot of good "Raider" cards.  However, I wouldn't focus on discarding my opponent's entire deck.  Discarding a couple cards fuels Asha Greyjoy (WLL), who becomes amazing.  Your next purchase should definitely be the pack "Chasing Dragons."  Its brand new, and includes two new Raider cards: Longship Grief, and Iron Fleet Captain.

Focus on unopposed, and look at how the Raider cards work together.

#3 jmccarthy



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Posted 24 July 2012 - 01:22 PM

 This is my GJ deck that uses many of those cards, you can use it as a starting point:

Plots (7)
Retaliation! A Song of Silence 1
Valar Morghulis Core Set 1

The First Snow of Winter On Dangerous Grounds 1
Rule by Decree Core Set 1
Rise of the Kraken Kings of the Sea 1
Manning the City Walls Chasing Dragons 1
Fury of the Kraken Ancient Enemies 1

Characters (31)
Distinguished Boatswain Tales from the Red Keep 3
Bloodthirsty Crew Of Snakes and Sand 3
Iron Fleet Captain Chasing Dragons 3
Theon Greyjoy Where Loyalty Lies 1
Euron's Enforcers Dreadfort Betrayal 2

King Balon's Host War of the Five Kings 1
Asha Greyjoy Where Loyalty Lies 1
Ambitious Oarsman Rituals of R''hllor 3
Cragorn A Song of Silence 1

Baelor Blacktyde The Isle of Ravens 1
Fishwhiskers Calling the Banners 1
Euron's Mongrel A Song of Silence 3
Newly Made Lord Tourney For The Hand 1
Walder Frey A Change of Seasons 1
Victarion Greyjoy Valar Dohaeris 1
Island Refugee Refugees of War 3
Euron Crow's Eye The Grand Melee 2

Events (7)
Seductive Promise Core Set 2
Raiding the Reach The Grand Melee 3
Assault of the Kraken Kings of the Sea 1
Finger Dance Where Loyalty Lies 1

Locations (20)
Refurbished Hulk Of Snakes and Sand 3
Bloody Keep Kings of the Sea 2
Longship Grief Chasing Dragons 2
Training Vessel The Isle of Ravens 3
Longship Iron Victory Kings of the Sea 2
River Blockade Rituals of R''hllor 2

The Iron Cliffs Here to Serve 2
Sunset Sea Core Set 3
Longship Silence A Song of Silence 1

Attachments (2)
Support of Saltcliffe Gates of the Citadel 2

#4 jmccarthy



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Posted 24 July 2012 - 01:23 PM

 Looking at it, "The Grand Melee" would also be a good pack.  The Euron Crow's Eye in there in amazing.  Hope that gets you started!

#5 Bpiehler



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Posted 13 August 2012 - 04:52 PM

 Thanks jmccarthy, that gives me something to shoot for. I havent added any chapter decks to my card pool, but I will be picking some more up soon (suggestions would be awesome). I have a buddy with a few of the Deluxe expansions (Martel, Targ, Baratheon) and have used some of his extra plot cards.

I thought I'd share my current deck; I realize now that I was kind of asking someone to build a deck for me, which isnt exactly a fair request. I think my current deck needs some work. I've come to this conclusion by my abysmal win/loss record. Any suggestions on what to use/swap out/buy would help me quite a bit.

Plot Cards

After the Mummer's Ford PoTS
Feast or Famine Kings of the Storm
Forgotten Plans Kings of the Storm
Holding the Trident Core
Loyalty Money Can Buy Queen of Dragons
Rise of the Kracken KoTS
Valar Morghulis Core


2x Horn of Dragons aSoS
3x Support of the Harlaw KoTS
3x Veteran Marauder KoTS


1x Aeron's Chambers KoTS
2x Bloody Keep KoTS
2x Gatehouse KoTS
2x Iron Island Fiefdoms KoTS
3x The Iron Mines KoTS
1x Longship Iron Victory KoTS
1x Longship Silence aSoS
2x River Blockade Rituals of R'hllor
3x Scouting Vessel KoTS
2x Sunset Sea KoTS


3x Ambitious Oarsman Rituals of R'hllor
2x Asha Greyjoy Where Loyalties Lie
2x Cragorn aSoS
1x Dagmer Cleftjaw KoTS
3x Euron Crow's Eye aSoS
3x Euron's Enforcers Dreadfort Betrayal
3x Euron's Mongrel aSoS
2x Maester Wendamyr KoTS
2x Tarle the Thrice-Drowned Return of the Others
1x Theon Greyjoy Where Loyalties Lie
2x Victarion Greyjoy KoTS


1x Assault of the Kracken KoTS
1x Assertion of Might KoTS
3x Risen from the Sea KoTS
2x We Take Westeros! Dreadfort Betrayal
2x Retreat Core

Thanks so much for any suggestions!

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