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Winning Deck Builds

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#1 Tromdial



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Posted 16 July 2012 - 10:30 PM

I used to play Purple-Green but with the new Glorfindel I have found my heart stolen with Purple-Blue set-up.

Solo-play and mostly the same for multi, my deck for now comprises 3 of everything (save for Path of Need):

Heroes are Glorfindel (blue), Theodred (purple), and Dwalin (blue).

Celerian's Stone

Unexpected Courage

Steward of Gondor

Light of Valinor


Zigil Miner

Imladris Stargazer

Arwen Undomiel

Ancient Mathom

A Test of Will

Lorien Guide


Valiant Sacrifice


Sneak Attack

The Galadhrim's Greeting

Dwarven Tomb


Path of Need

Timely Aid

Elrond's Counsel

Does anyone have any suggestions? This deck specializes primarily in secrecy, resource management, threat reduction, and questing.

#2 Tromdial



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Posted 17 July 2012 - 05:17 PM

Quick update: this deck is a beast. I swapped out the Lorien Guides for Northern Trackers because I make so much resources with this deck its unbelievable, giving me a little more attack and defense too because of it. I also only have two Unexpected Courages instead of three, but that's because I have no idea where the 3rd is, but I have little use for the third anyway.

I have beaten today Road to Rivendell, Into the Pit, Watcher in the Water, and even Massing at Osgiliath today, which is incredible as I thought I'd never beat even half of those in solo play. My scores were (as follows by overall points and then rounds as separate from final score):

Road to Rivendell: 00+10r

Into the Pit: 21+12r

Watcher in the Water: 01+8r

Massing at Osigiliath: 08+11r

Unfortunately this deck is weak against Flight from Moria, which supposedly is a CR3 but goblin after goblin after goblin kept showing up two games in a row, and combo-ing so much that I got overwhelmed fast, especially when the trolls showed up. I wonder if that is a deck not meant for solo play or was intended more for a tactics-based deck.

Namely, this deck however is extremely versatile; it is well balanced in questing, attacking, and defending. Threat is not a problem at all, allowing secrecy to really shine. Resources too are incredible. One game I ended with 38 resources when everything was over (I think that was even the Massing one)! It also has great enough card draw for a non-Lore deck. The two disadvantages it has are the absolute lack of healing and also the ability to take on overwhelming numbers of bad guys. In its defense, I only ever had once one of my guys die and I still swept through the quest I was on. Most of the time only one or two guys get up to halfway dead and no more because Arwen's defense buff when she exhausts really helps a lot as well Sneak Attacks with Gandalf or Gandalf just plain'ol showing up takes on the brunt of damage. Also, though the deck is primarily questing, Light of Valinor on Glorfindel is incredible and opens him up to both quest and attack. Sneak Attacking with Gandalf or playing him straight with your enormous pool of resources can do direct damage to baddies you don't want to show up to your party. Northern Trackers are also pretty good defenders and attackers. The rest of the characters quest or mine resources and good card draw while you bout it out.

What decks do the rest of you guys use in both solo play and multi-play, respectively?

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