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More Random Issue Gear

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#1 Magnus Grendel

Magnus Grendel

    The Empire Needs You!

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Posted 16 July 2012 - 09:08 AM


I love this table, and I love the idea. The players have had no end of fun (and profit) trying to figure out a 'creative' (Kelly's hero's style) use for some of this crud*.


However, with only 26 to go at, people will see repeats quite often. I therefore suggest a thread with some suggestions for alternates.



Identify the item as either [useless]  - up to about 25, [possibly useful] - 26-60ish, [actually useful]  - 61-115ish

Some starting suggestions



A set of two dozen ratling-sized boots

Twenty metres of (rusty) accordian wire

Twenty Litres of Red Vehicle Primer and Twenty Litres of White Vehicle Primer (anyone seen Operation Petticoat?)


[Potentially Useful]

Half a dozen Earthshaker Shells (Without Propellant Charges)




*Quote from previous game:

"You get…umm….A case of 100 copies of The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer."



"I need a commissar's uniform, the inspection schedule for the Mordian regiment quartered at the bastion, and a couple of micro-beads. We'll make a fortune…"




#2 Thaddux



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Posted 31 July 2012 - 03:18 PM

Magnus Grendel said:

*Quote from previous game:

"You get…umm….A case of 100 copies of The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer."



"I need a commissar's uniform, the inspection schedule for the Mordian regiment quartered at the bastion, and a couple of micro-beads. We'll make a fortune…"


Genius… and exactly how the random equipment should work.  Opportunity for clever players. :)


Other random (and potentially useless) choices:

1 case of chimera engine parts

10 sets of freshly washed bedding

A single common quality bionic foot.  Ogryn sized.

5 canisters labelled Re-caf… full of De-tox.

A full set of feudal plate.

10 dataslates of ratling erotica.

A highly polished, good quality shield, with the regiments emblem emblazoned across it.

20 poor quality compact laspistols.








#3 Andor



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Posted 01 August 2012 - 04:31 AM

A crate labeled "High Command Only", it contains three sets of racy lingere.

A case of 100 copies of "Heresy for dummies". Actually reading one gives you Forbidden Lore: Daemonology and 1d10 corruption points.

A Storm Bolter and 5 ammo boxes of bolter rounds stamped "Commisariat use only."

5 Mono-Bayonets

A case of 10 auto-pistols and 200 rounds of stubber ammo.

A case of 10 stubbers and 500 rounds of auto-pistol ammo.

1 Gross of rubber duckies.

1 palette of spam.

7 rolls of double-ply toilet paper.

1 dozen small green eggs with purple polka-dots.

A bomb-squig in a pet carrier.

A best-quality optical mechandendrite.

A crate of moldy bread. A Forbidden Lore: Xenos check will let you know the mold is Orc spores.

An unadorned armoured case containing a set of stasis tubes for recovering Space Marine gene-seed. They are full. They bear no chapter markings. A Forrbidden Lore: Adeptes Asartes check will let you know that this simply does not happen.


#4 Alex Cube

Alex Cube


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Posted 01 August 2012 - 10:30 PM

great stuff, thou you need a chart for random rolling

we want MORE!

#5 trentmorten



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Posted 02 August 2012 - 09:34 AM

How about


100 copies of "50 shades of twilight", apparently destined for the battle sister contingent..

1000 copies of "your small part in my war", a vainglorius publication by the warmaster himself

50 pieces of Ratling underwear.

10 copies of "SMASH" a large print book instructing on unsutble tactics for Ogryns.

10 copies of "1,2,3 SMASH" a large print book on sutble tactics for Ogryns.

100 uncharged lasgun clips.

a leaky flamer tank.

pieces of track for Leman Russ tanks.

Size 9 screws and size 7 bolts for baslisk gun sights.

100 boots of various sizes (but only for right feet)

10 suits of Artic gear (if they are on a desert world)

10 suits of Desert gear (if they are on an artic world)

Urns containing the ashes of 413th Darakian regiment.

A small group of rare volumes of love poetry. looking inside the covers leads to the discovery of handwritten notes by the general currently in charge of the front when he was a teenager.

A bushel of apples and pears.

10 copies of the Munitorium requisiton guide or "how to deny the average trooper everything". This tome allows the players to get a bonus on requisitiong extra supplies as they know the usual stalling tactics.

Right handed wrenches with tins labelled "elbow grease:for left elbow".

A selection of best quality weapons, as well as a datapad sealed with Inquisitorial ciphers…

An Antique statue, looted from the local inhabitants, worth a fortune but apparently on the way from the colonel to his wife.

10000 Blank dog tags.

100 Propaganda posters.

5 Hellhound focussing nozzles.

20 searchlight bulbs.







#6 JuankiMan



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Posted 03 August 2012 - 09:22 AM

This is fun!


20 empty sandbags.

10.000 used and bloodied dogtags. Sifting through them requires an Easy (+30) WP test to avoid gaining an insanity point, as the guardsman is likely to see the names of people he knew.

20 rolls of sterilized bandages.

A single bullet casing for an unknown weapon. The armored case is otherwise empty.

The case is empty, but a Forbidden Lore (Tech) check will reveal that the case itself is actually a stasis coffin still in working order.

The bleached skull of a xenos creature not present in the current battlezone.

A heavily encrypted (Hellish (-60) Logic or Very Hard (-30) Scholastic Lore (Cryptology) check to decrypt) dataslate marked "confidential". Contents up to the GM.

A scarred and battered best quality carapace chestplate. It will work as a poor quality carapace chestplate until repaired.

10 misaligned vehicle aiming sights.

A case labeled "confiscated property". Inside are 5 barrels of extremely potent homemade liquor.

A case of rations labeled "best before" a century ago. The contents are an unidentifiable and foul smelling mush.

50 lasgun batteries for a slightly different model than the ones used by the squad and therefore incompatible.

500 pounds of powdered incense.

The folded banner of the squad's regiment.

The folded banner of a regiment different than the squad's.

20 recently sharpened combat knives.

A case labeled "High Command only". It contains 10 packs of Best Quality rations.

A case containing 100 medals usually awarded posthumously.

A case labeled "Commisariat use only". Inside is a live demo charge rigged to explode the moment the case is opened. Fortunately the detonator is faulty and misfires.

A dataslate with recon reports that directly contradict the intel recieved by the squad during briefing. Authenticity up to the GM.

#7 Andor



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Posted 22 August 2012 - 04:06 AM

This is almost like the equipment tables from Paranoia. *nostalgic sigh*

A case of 10 geiger counters. They read consistently high, because they are radioactive.

A case of 12 grapnel throwers and line.

A case of 24 frag grenades.

A crate of ice cream cones.

A microwave oven.

An archeotech dataslate full of ancient technical information and astronomical data that turns out to the the smallest and most powerful portable cogitator they have ever seen. On the back it is inscribed "To my first and most beloved son, Horus."

A case of duck tape.

A case of duck pate.

A case of Mutant erotica. Reading it gives you 1d10 insanity points and the Chem-Geld talent.

A harp.

A set of best quality Stormtrooper carapace armour, camo patterned in eye-searing pink and safety orange. It gives a -30 to stealth or concealment checks.

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