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Prepare and Block/Dodge/Parry?

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Posted 14 July 2012 - 02:45 AM

I've been looking through the rule book and I cannot find anything that says I cannot use Prepare to lower the recharge of 'Block/Dodge/Parry'.  Is there anything out there that says I cannot?


For example, If my GM decided to send in a big bad in after me, can I use my action of 'Guarded Position', and prepare to 'Block', then when I get attacked I use my 'Block' but since I prepared I would place one fewer recharge tokens on it which would make it recharge and be ready to use the next round.  Can I do that?

If that is the case, I can attack and always prepare to 'Block' any incoming attack.  It seems like the rules would allow it, but it also feels like a cheapshot.  Especially if I use 'Guarded Position', 'Block', then if the hit misses me I counter with a 'Counterblow'.


Would the same go for using 'Troll Feller Strike', If I prepare to use it every round, then use it, would it be free to use again the next round?  Currently I use it, and then I'll either use a basic attack card while it recharges.  I've tried using a dagger with it since they are fast, but it just doesnt flow right that a dwarf is using a dagger ( I know, it looks like a short sword, ha ha ) ( Anyone who laughed at me is going into my book of grudges ) 


I inquired about buying or crafting a 'Swift Axe' ( I've seen them before in other RPG's), My GM said that would be fine, but the Axe head would be made out of sharpened Talc, and the Handle out of Balsa wood, it would have the fast quality but would have a damage rating of 1 and a critical rating of 10. 




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Posted 14 July 2012 - 03:40 AM

Unless I am very much mistaken (and I stand ready to be proven wrong) there is a prepare manoeuvre in the game but it does not have any appreciable effect on most actions, it is mentioned on certain action cards and then it is either a required thing (you have to do it or the action will not work), or it lowers the difficulty of an action (e.g. "remove a misfortune die from your pool if you use the prepare manoeuvre beforehand"). Rules as Written there is no provision for adding less recharge is you perform a prepare manoeuvre first.

The best advice is to check whether this is a house rule with your GM.


As you mentioned Guarded Position specifically I will say that GP does allow an ally to remove a recharge token from one of their currently recharging actions, but only an ally (i.e. not you or an enemy) and only on an action with recharge on it when the guarded position action succeeds (e.g. not 1 less on an action later in the turn).


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Posted 14 July 2012 - 01:46 PM

I think the OP is referring a optional rule in the GM's Toolkit, p37. The optional rule is: "Before performing an action, a character has the option to perform the Prepare manoeuvre. This is in additional to any requirements to Prepare for the action that may be listed on the card. By performing the Prepare manoeuvre before attempting the action, the player places one fewer recharge token on the action if it succeeds."

Reading this, I would be inclined to rule that a Prepare manoeuvre can only be used for an action you will perform on your turn. Therefore, you wouldn't be able to use it for Block, Dodge and Parry since those are Active Defense actions that will be used during NPCs turns. "Preparing" to defend is what Guarded Position is for. 

If Troll Feller Strike is Recharge 2, then yes, Preparing it would allow you to do it every turn. However, you forego being able to do any other manoeuvre without spending fatigue points. 

It does make Troll Feller Strike a very powerful almost basic melee attack, so maybe I would house rule that Prepare can only be used with Recharge 3+ actions. I don't know though, it would need to be tested… maybe it's fine the way it is.



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