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Some custom Common items

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#1 thecorinthian



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Posted 10 July 2012 - 08:47 AM



…anyone got any thoughts? Any that are too powerful, too weak, too expensive, or too cheap??

(obviously ignore the lantern, that's just there to maintain the proportions of lanterns in the common deck)


P.S. If the text is too small, save the image or left-click and press 'view image' or whatever, should show it full size then.

#2 Julia


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Posted 10 July 2012 - 10:09 AM

Some feedback. generally they are all good, I like the idea of some weapons allowing you to use Sneak instead of Fight (this would allow some investigators to raise their Will a little and avoid further insanity). I'd consider changing a little the following:

- Claim ticket: basically it's a way to get an extra item for free. The problem is that you can use it in the movement phase; hence, an investigator could draw potentially 6 items, keeping two of them, during the same round. Plus, if you play Ashcan, you can loop this at will since its cost is zero. I'd raise the price to 2$, and make it "Arkham encounter phase: instead of having an encounter, check your Luck. On a success…"; in this way you avoid the double draw

- Rocket tube: I'd lower the bonus to +4. This should allow you to avoid situation like: 4 monsters on a gate, I use the rocket tube to kill the toughest, and I gain all the rest as trophies. Generally speaking, I don't like anyway this weapon that much: the main point is that you can use this to get rid of some major PITAs, like Lloigors or Colours, simply by killing another two toughness monster on the same gate.

- Missing person poster: maybe it's a little underpriced. Two clue tokens for a free Ally should make the card cost 6 or 7 bucks. Plus, for the above said things about Ashcan, a "return this card to the box" could be better, otherwise the risk is to have the entire Ally deck drawn.

- Camel: no probs with this card, just a question: is this part of an expansion, right? I guess it's not that common seeing people on camels during the roaring 20s

- Touring bike: I'd change the wording in some way like "during your movement phase, whenever you pass through an area containing another investigator, you can…" just to avoid moving with the Touring bike from the Woods to the Historical society and having a buddy from Innsmouth joining you for a ride

- Magic kit: very interesting item, but I guess it's rather underpriced, Sanity is worth much more than Stamina, and the main problem with spells is that investigators casting spells usually don't have enough Sanity to survive a failed horror check. I'd consider raising the price to 5 or 6$

Hope this helps!

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#3 thecorinthian



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Posted 10 July 2012 - 11:04 PM

All good points, thanks Julia!

#4 Jake yet again

Jake yet again


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Posted 11 July 2012 - 12:46 AM

Nice work though I'd appreciate getting ahold of the .eon files, so that I can resize them and print them out myself. (The cards always end up the wrong size otherwise, and it's easier to cut them out with a couple of milimetre gap between each card.

I'd replace Camel with Horse. Even this feels somewhat out of place in 1920's, but as there were rag and bone men in London til the early 70's so it's not entirely out of keeping. Also it might give +1 Movement Point or +2 in the countryside (Dunwich, Vermont and all the non-Aylesbury portions of Lovecraft country)

Census books - You only get allies in unstable location (notwithstanding a few encounter in Cult of the Golden Scarab) I'd change it to use on Arkham (main board only) and only in an unstable location. Optionally, because Allies are often some of the best cards in the game, you might require it to be used in Upkeep, but not resolve the encounter til the AE Phase. This way if you want an ally you have to spend two turns in an unstable location.

Missing Persons - Good idea. Use at Police Station. Increase Cost to three clue tokens. Make a Luck check to gain an ally, otherwise gain cash (reward for finding missing person)

Straitjacket - And maybe 1 Sanity for capturing Maniacs?

Deposit box - If you smashing it opne a sledgehammer ought to help. If you're trying to finesse it, the check needs to be a Sneak Check.

Magic Kit - I'd change it to discard to ignore all Sanity loss from spells this turn.





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#5 thecorinthian



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Posted 11 July 2012 - 07:33 AM

.eon file versions will be available in due course…

Re: Camel - thanks for the suggestion but it's going to stay as Camel, since sooner or later I'll do an "Expedition mini-board" for the Arabian desert / Nameless City. I know it doesn't make much sense to ride a camel around Arkham but I think I'll just live with it.

Re: Missing Person poster: I might change it to that, or to something else… you're right, it's not ideal as it is, but three clues might be too much, how often can you gain three clues at once? Two is at least something you can make happen reasonably often.

Re: Straitjacket: I think I'll just add Maniacs to the list on the card that provides clues, just to make the item a bit less specialized.. (After all, interrogating a Cthulhu cultist isn't gonna be that different from interrogating a maniac, those guys are crazeee; plus what's a straitjacket for if not for maniacs?)

Magic Kit and Deposit box - thanks for advice but I think they'll stay roughly as they are. The Magic Kit particularly is a kind of experiment to see if it helps re-balance in favour of spells.

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