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New Tau Leader Stats

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Posted 07 July 2012 - 06:41 AM

Well, while I was devising a cheesy Ethereal idea, I got bored, and for no particular reason, I made a stat block, and thought I might share it with folks. This is an attempt at a stat line for one Shas'o Kais, known throughout 40k lore as the Tau Commander in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade; his survival in that game means he might have also been in Soulstorm, but I am not sure.

Shas'o Kais is not your typical Tau Commander; favoring stealth over force, he opts to wear the XV22 stealth suit, rather than the classic XV88 Crisis Suit popular with most officers. With this suit, he may move about, undetected, taking up forward positions most Commanders would be unable to acquire, and use the totality of his tactical acumen to formulate strategies to press forward the Greater Good. He is famous for always allowing his enemies the chance to withdraw from battle, but he can be merciless if they refuse, eliminating any and all threats to tau advancement.

After his stint in the Kaurava System, he has since moved on to the Reach, where his numerous skills can be of considerable benefit to the Tau of the Canis Salient, both in fighting the Imperium, and in fending off the violent attacks of the roving Tyranids of Hive Fleet Dagon.

Shas'o Kais (Master)
< WS: 39 | BS: 55 | S: 40 (8) | T: 49 (8) | Ag: 44 | Int: 47 | Per: 50 | WP: 58 | Fel: 40 >
Movement: 12/24/36/72  Wounds: 40
Skills: Acrobatic +10 (Ag), Awareness +20 (Per), Command +10 (Fel), Common Lore (Tau Empire) (Int), Concealment +20 (Ag), Dodge +20 (Ag), Logic (Int), Speak Language (Tau, Kroot) (Int), Tracking +10 (Int), Shadowing +20 (Ag).
Talents: Air of Authority, Fearless, Iron Discipline, Hard Target, Rapid Reaction, Sprint.
Traits: Auto-stabilized, Dark-sight, Flier (12), Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x2).
Armour: XV22 Stealth Suit armor (Head 8, Body 9, Arms 8, Legs 8)
Weapons: Plasma Rifle (90m; S/2/-; 2d10+9 E; Pen: 8; Clip: --; Tearing, Mounted), Flamer (20m; S/-/-: 2d10+2 E; Pen: 3; Clip: --; Flame, Mounted), Missile Pods (90m; S/2/-: 2d10+6 X; Pen: 5; Clip: --; Mounted).
Gear: Stealth Suit, incorporating stealth field generator, Remote Targeting Node, Drone-controller micro-bead, scanner, xenos-crafted auspex. Shas'o Kais is accompanied by a Sniper Drone and a Markerlight Drone.

Stealth Field Generator: see Deathwatch Core Rule Book, p. 367.
The Patient Hunter: see Deathwatch Core Rule Book, p. 366.
Remote Targeting Node: Shas'o Kais has recently acquired a newly devised piece of suit tech. This mechanism, connected to his nervous system at the optic nerves and motor control center, augments the targeting sysems of his linked Drones. So long as both Kais and the Drone can see perceive the same target, Kais may give up his Standard action in order to grant his Ballistic Skill score to his drones, replacing theirs till the end of the turn.

He has a bit different kit than the average stealth suit, but that's the perks of being a Shas'o. His stats seem good, and he combines the traits of a leader with the stealth of an infiltrator. His drones give him some extra firepower, and more importantly, allow him to use his immense skill to paint targets for his forces, when even a Pathfinder might otherwise be detected. His armor and health may be a smidge high, but he is wearing the XV22, not the XV18 in the book.


If I finish it, and come up with a name (the hardest part, right now), I'll also toss up my Ethereal; he's a bit less observer, and a bit more tactical advisor. So, any opinions would be great. Hopefully, I did the character some justice. Otherwise, boredom still solved.

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