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Posted 03 July 2012 - 08:36 PM

1:All location cards for A or B side shuffled.
2:General A.I. 1,2,3,4,5,6,(16,17) if you have expansion.
3:Basic equipment for players are Snubnose with 3 ammo tokens and grenade with 1 grenade token.
Game Play Rules:
-A.I.:Since playing zombie's you ignore statements such as locust A or locust A and C, you now treat A,B,C as a group moving or attacking with every zombie on map.Spawning is now at the closest broken barrier or the most damaged, if A.I. states at map exit make it the farthest barrier from you. A.I. cards are only started to be pulled after first barrier is broke through in a new zone.So no one pulls a A.I. card until a barrier is broke and zombie's can move.
-ZONE: You begin by drawing 2 location cards and setting the areas up then 3 after you unlock 1st zone.( The emergence holes are now barriers where zombie's spawn.)
-BARRIER: Barrier has a health of 5 and takes -1 every round zombies or a zombie is behind the barrier (I used castle of ravenloft hp tokens to mark the health). The barrier keeps the zombie's in this area until the barrier is broke. You can fix a barrier by +1 by being in an area next to it and spending a order card, how ever you can only fix a barrier once there are no zombie's in that area. You gain +1 exp every time you fix the barrier by 1, only fix +1 per turn after regular action. To seal off a barrier area you must seal the emergence hole with grenade and totally fix barrier this make that a safe area and no more zombie's may spawn there. Players may move through a barrier but not end movement in that area.
-SPAWNING:This differs from how many players you have.
1 player: 3 Zombie's
2 players: 5 Zombie's
3 players: 9 Zombie's
4 players: 12 Zombie's
Place each zombie as evenly through out the zone map as you can. You only use these spawning rules when unlocking a new zone as a base setup.
-COVER: This no longer applies for the zombie's but they can be chain sawed, cover no longer provides players with defensive bonuses but still have order cards that help out in cover.
-ZOMBIE'S ACTION: After every player turn they immediately move each zombie 1 area toward closest cog figure or if a zombie is in an area already with a cog that zombie then attacks the cog in that area, if more than 1 cog in area attack closest. You can play a guard card before they make this move. Then after that action player now draws a A.I. card and does the action as a group if no actions can take place proceed to next players turn ( basically if the a.i. card does nothing and there are no zombie's consider that a free round lol).
-DOWNED PLAYER: If you are downed you can do 1 of 2 things crawl 1 area or shot 1 time with any "PISTOL" to an in range zombie no ammo tokens are aloud to be used or any other actions. You are now ignored by zombie's and they can not harm you.A downed player may only move or shot 5 times which means 5 turns before player dies until new zone is unlocked player come back with basic equipment.
-REVIVING: To revive a downed player be in same area spend a order card then downed player may draw 2 order cards to start their healing.
Omen:Infection Deal 2 wounds (once per turn)
Zombie's may only attack cog in same area and are worth 1 exp when killed.(I used zombie mini's from castle of ravenloft to represent zombie's. Gave me a better feel for it.
- ? AREAS: These areas are now where you can make purchases with exp cost an order card to activate purchase beside Barid he gets to activate purchase with no order card for his special ability. In these areas you can buy a few things
2 Ammo tokens cost 5 exp
1 grenade token cost 5 exp
A double sided weapon card with 2 ammo cost 10 exp
A random weapon card with 2 ammo(if applicable) 15 exp
Extra order card cost 15 exp
You may only make 1 purchase per turn.

I have played it once really fast paced and liked it I think you will too if I wrote the rule for you to understand them give me some thoughts or improvements cause love the idea and gameplay is pretty awesome. Hope you enjoy"ZOMBIE'S"

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