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Austrian AGOT Regional 2012: Results

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#1 thorondor



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 04:57 AM

here are the results of the austrian regionals 2012.

unfortunately 2 complete metas and a few individuals that usually play at our event, could make it this year. so the field was down to 13.

after 4 rounds of Swiss the ranking was:


1) daniel "hyrion" - 18

2) josef "tyrionL" (aut) - 15 (43)

3) markus "?" - 15 (36)

4) wolfgang "thorondor" - 13 (48)

5) bernd "beornd" - 13 (18)

6) lanzes "seznal" - 10 (43)

7) stefan "?" - 10 (40)

8) helmut "ratatoskr" - 10 (25)

9) gunther "?" - 8

10) benjamin "oldben" - 5 (46)

11) christian "?" - 5 (38)

11) thomas "?" - (38)

13) laszlo "?" - (33)



wolfgang winning against daniel

markus winning against josef



wolfgang winning against markus

#2 thorondor



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 05:07 AM

some statistics:

daniel    greyjoy    maesters path (Fear of Winter)
josef    stark    maesters path (Narrow Escape)
markus    stark     siege of winterfell (Fear of Winter)
wolfgang    targaryen    knights of the hollow hill (Fury of the Dragon)
bernd     stark    siege of winterfell (Fury of the Wolf)
lanzes    targaryen     (Fury of the Dragon)
stefan    martell     maesters path (Narrow Escape)
helmut    baratheon    wildling ( all 3 Agendas) (Val)
gunther    lannister    (Pyromancers Cache)
benjamin    baratheon    knights of the realm (Val)
christian    baratheon    wildlings ( all 3 Agendas) (Val)
thomas    greyjoy    kings of winter (Fury of the Kraken)
laszlo    stark    siege of winterfell (Fury of the Wolf)


stark 4
lannister 1
baratheon 3
greyjoy 2
targaryen 2
martell 1


knights of the realm 1
maesters path 3
hollow hill 1
siege of winterfell 3
wildlings 2
kings of winter 1
no agenda 2



Fear of Winter: 2
Val: 3
Narrow Escape: 2
Pyromancers Cache:1
Fury of the ?: 5


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Posted 01 July 2012 - 06:40 AM

Thanks for organizing yet another great event Wolfgang. Pity about the small field, but it was great fun nonetheless.

Some additional info about the Agendas:

Both Christian and I played Wildlings ( all 3 Agendas) - pretty different builds though, I played Aggro, he played Control.

Laszlo played Siege of Winterfell.

I know for sure that Lanzes played no Agenda, not sure about Gunther and Thomas. Can anybody else confirm?

So, as far as I know, the Agenda count should be:

knights of the realm 1
maesters path 3
hollow hill 1
siege of winterfell 3
wildlings (all 3 Agendas) 2
no agenda 3

And so I continue my history of suckitude at Salzburg events. Fun fact: I've never made the cut in any Salzburg tourney I've ever played. I've made the cut in every Joust tourney I've ever played outside Salzburg. Really, Salzburg is my bête noire.

EDIT: And congrats for winning, Wolfgang. Well done!

#4 thorondor



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 07:49 AM

personal report:
despite the small number of players we still had a great tourney and enjoyed playing AGOT. me especially, being able to stand vicorious at the end.
i was playing a quite typicla targaryen burn deck.

ROUND 1: oldben (bara knights)
ugh, not a player you want to see in the first round - but only because of his AGOT skills. playing with ben is always an excellent experience. he played baratheon/knights, which i considered a good match up for me. even better: his setup was really bad (2 characters, no locations). so i was able to take control very early and kept it teill the game was over after a few plots.

ROUND 2: lanzes (targ)
definately the one i wanted to play least. he knew my deck inside out, he even gave me some useful hints the evening before, he is a very strong player (and more often wins against me than not), and worst: he also plays targ burn (though a little bit different), so we are facing a mirror match that will depend on a lot of luck.
and luck was with me in the beginning of the game: again the setup of my opponent desired a lot. that was fortunate, cause usually i tend to start very slowly, and if lanzes had been able to pull some of his tricks early in the game, i dont think i would have been able to stand a chance. anyway, i knew it was getting down to a long game, probably a modified win, so every power counter will be important. and that was the plan: focus on power challenges (and as lanzes stated i had more power icons on characters than he, so there was another advantage).
Thanks to his bad start I was able to gather some easy power, when the killing on both sides finally commenced. For both of us it was difficult to keep characters on the board for a while, so the game was dragging on till time was called, and in the end I was still in the lead with power.

ROUND 3: markus (stark siege)
Another player from my own meta. I like to play stark with my deck, knowing I can kill off important characters quite easily. But I do have to pay attention from the very beginning, cause a deck like Markus´ can be super fast (and my start is usually very slow).
Normally i start with Loyalty Money Can Buy, which buys me some time so I can build up till I am able to control the board with my burn effects. He suspected, so he plotted Fear of Winter. But that was okay, cause I don’t need to build up by playing characters. I rather played Meraxes, and I was fortunate enough not getting hit by an intrigue.
I remember that Markus had a constant gold problem in this game, not drawing any locations. I was prepared with a Pyromancers Apprentice in shadows, but I didn’t even need him. It was a good move by him searching (At the Gates) for that annoying Riders of the Red Fork (immune to opponents events), and at the moment it looked like the game could turn in his favor after a Die by the Sword and Price of War. but that’s what Valar Morghulis is for. So in the third round he had no characters and no gold. So I tried to gather power now as quick as possible, before he was able to recover. The plan worked and I was pulling off another win.

ROUND 4: Daniel (greyjoy maesters)
Oh well, finally some maesters. I considered myself well prepared against this type of decks, but Daniel definitely showed me the way in this game. He had a good start having some early maesters in play and getting off chains quickly. While I was able to control attachments (Dragon Thief, Mereenese Brothel), I never could get rid of all the maesters. But much worse: his Naval Support. Also he destroyed my locations (Price of War) and Iron Mines and Iron Cliffs helped him against Valar Morghulis. I never was into this game, and it was over fairly quick.

So after the preliminary rounds I had 13 tourney points. Not bad, but maybe not good enough to make the cut. As results were trickling in, I found myself tied with Bernd, but I had a much stronger opponents score. Josef won his last game against Stefan, so he was at 15. And of course Daniel was in the semi final as well (with 18 TPs). There was one last game going on, having Gunther (8 points after 3 rounds) playing Markus (10 points at that point). It looked like the game would end in a time win. I knew I would have the better opponents score compared with Gunther. I was not sure about Markus. But since Markus got the win just in time, all calculations were obsolete. And I don’t know why, but somehow I assumed I was on 5th place now. Putting together a ranking I was surprised seeing only 3 players in front of me. Nice.

Meeting daniels deck again in semifinals was not so nice. And from the beginning it looked like it was going to be the same as in the previous game – with one exception: I was able to Incinerate his only Maester in the first round. At this point I decided upon a plan: killing off his maesters as soon as possible at all means, whatever the cost. No maesters, no chains in play, no chance to win. And in the end after exhausting decks and several Valar Morghulis I figured my chances much better, having jumping characters (Syrio Forel, Titans Bastard, Viserys, Khal Drogo) and unkillable Measter Aemon. while preventing any Maester from joining the game, protecting my hand was almost as important. So I also prevented most intrigue challenges, but always kept something behind to be able to take care of maesters if needed (relying on Flame-kissed, King's Landing Assassin and Threat from the North+Dragon Knight/Burn events).
At plot 6 there was a funny situation: I had no characters, he at least 5, strong ones and laden with power. still he had to play Valar, which wasn’t that bad for him, because he had some Iron Mines/Salty Cliffs. But in fact it was, because fortunately Daniel didn’t see thru my plan at that point, so he spent his saves too soon.
Now for hours (and this is NOT just a figure of speech!) the game went like this: Daniel playing characters, winning challenges (but only 2 intrigues iirc), gathering power, trying to put a maester-character into play, me waiting for this moment to kill him off immediately. He was at 40-i-don’t-know power, while I had zero.
He had a better card draw (which actually surprised me, but my deck failed me in this respect), resulting him to exhaust around plot 15 or so. Daniel always used Meraxes, which might have been a mistake I think. Cause that let me always also draw, and while he was not dependent on drawing lots of cards, I was in order to get me kill stuff.
At plot 12 or so he finally managed to keep one maester in the game for a while, so he pulled off 3 chains that round. Threat from the North was already waiting, and after getting rid of all attachments, there came a Kings Landing Assassin out of shadows. I remember he discarded a Thundering Cavalry, when winning the intrigue challenge. While this looked bad for me, it was perfect for my late plan. Ambush from the Plains not only brought the cavalry back as a surprise, I also had a good character in my hand again.
Anyway, it was around plot 15 when another Valar Morghulis killed the complete board (except my Maester Aemon ;-), thus discarding all Naval Supports. And here the tide turned. Completely. He had exhausted already, I still had some 20 cards, we both had a lot of cards in hand, but Daniel only one last maester (Conclave) left. And as the others before, also that one had a very short life period. We still played 2-3 turns, but Daniel already knew that eventually I will win and finally conceded. With almost 50 power rotting on his house card.
Now, not only the game was taking everything we had, it was also the hottest day of the year, so in the end both of us have been completely exhausted. i felt pity a little bit for Daniel "Robb", cause he is an excellent player, won almost every battle in this game, still lost the war in the end.

But there was still another game waiting for me. I decided to not to ask for a longer break. Probably there was still enough adrenaline pumping thru my veins, because I really felt ready and focused to play another game right now. I was glad it was not Josef, who made it to the finals, cause I knew my chances against Markus´ deck are better.

This time Markus had a very good start. 2 characters (some Bolton army and Sansa) and a gold location and 2 narrow seas. Knowing markus I figured, he would like to keep up the pressure from the very start, so I expected another first turn Fear of Winter (also I assumed he expects me to play Loyalty money can Buy). I was not disappointed, but I played Valar Morghulis – so it didn’t help him a lot. I was glad he didn’t play an intrigue character. So all I did was playing an Influence location. Though it look like I was in control soon after, I knew I had to wait to play Threat from the North till he has spent his hand. Otherwise he would come back with his low-cost characters too easily, gathering power very fast. and its still a long way to go till I have the chance for another Valar.
So he was at 11 power, when I finally played Threat from the North. With a Hatchlings Feast i cleared the board on his side (and also had to kill one of my own). and his hand was almost empty.
After the next Draw he was obviously delighted, so I got nervous a little bit. He was playing 3 characters (2 bolton refugee, and I think Randyl Tarly). But I was going first, having a Kings Landing Assassin waiting in shadows already. Also Flame-kissed on my hand, and another military character. Finally, I was playing Forever Burning, bringing Titans Bastard into play thereafter. So i killed all of his characters and depleted his hand completely, which was the win.


#5 thorondor



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 07:49 AM

my deck:


House Card
1x House Targaryen

1x Knights of the Hollow Hill

1x Fury of the Dragon
1x Loyalty Money Can Buy
1x Retaliation!
1x Search and Detain
1x Take Them by Surprise
1x Threat from the North All
1x Valar Morghulis

1x Brown Ben Plumm
1x Khal Drogo
1x Lyanna Stark
1x Maester Aemon
1x Pyat Pree
1x The Titan's Bastard
1x Viserys Targaryen
2x Dragon Thief
2x Magister Illyrio
2x Pyromancer's Apprentice
3x Refugee of the Plains
3x Street Waif
1x Daenerys Targaryen
1x Jhogo
1x Syrio Forel
1x Varys
2x Dragon Knight
2x King's Landing Assassin
2x Thundering Calvary

3x Ambush from the Plains
3x Forever Burning
3x Incinerate
3x The Hatchlings' Feast

1x King's Landing
1x Mereen Tourney Grounds
1x Street of Steel
1x The Dragonpit
1x Twilight Market
2x Meereenese Brothel
2x Meraxes
3x Bay of Ice
3x Eastern Fiefdoms
3x Summer Sea

3x Flame-Kissed

#6 thorondor



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 07:51 AM

thanks for the updates, helmut. i also changed it in the OP.

i was pretty sure i saw some wildlings, but didnt rmember who ran it. unfortunately players didnt notice it on the tourney sheets. and i dont have any decklists with me.

#7 Ratatoskr



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 10:25 AM

thorondor said:

thanks for the updates, helmut. i also changed it in the OP.

i was pretty sure i saw some wildlings, but didnt rmember who ran it. unfortunately players didnt notice it on the tourney sheets. and i dont have any decklists with me.

Thanks for the tourney report. BTW, what about Gunther's abd Thomas' deck? Were they really no Agendas?

#8 Tobi_GER



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 11:46 AM

Ha ha ha. The description of the semi-final game is totally awesome. 50 power! Holy cow… :D

#9 thorondor



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 09:57 PM

Ratatoskr said:

BTW, what about Gunther's abd Thomas' deck? Were they really no Agendas?

list of agendas is confirmed now.

2 players without (lanzes, gunther)

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Posted 02 July 2012 - 10:15 AM

Hey guys, i thought i should post my deck:






The Maester´s Path



Counting Favors

Ruled by Decree


At the Gates

City of Sin

City of Soldiers

City of Spiders



3x Bolton Refugees

3x Hungry Mob

1x Hodor

1x Jeyne Westerling

3x Oldtown Scholar

3x Bran Stark

1x Maester Vyman

1x Old Nan

1x Ser Jorah Mormont

1x Ghost of High Heart

3x Maester Luwin

3x Maester of Last Hearth

1x Meera Reed

3x Robb Stark

1x Blackfish

3x The Conclave



3x Great Keep

3x Narrow Sea

1x Shadowblack Lane

1x Street of Sisters

1x River Row



3x Citadel Law

3x Nightmares

3x Narrow Escape

1x Battle of Ruby Ford



1x Grey Wind

1x Valyrian Steel Link

1x Lead Link

1x Apprentice Collar

1x Tin Link

1x Iron Link

1x Black Iron Link

1x Pale Steel Link

1x Bronze Link



I did throw this together the day before and playtested it vs 2 Decks (both Tagaryen Burn). Considering this i am positively surprised by the Result. The Idea was to go Counting Favors into Ruled by Decree at the Start either by playing Citadel Law or kneeling Rob and playing an any Phase event and create a 5 card advantage for me. From there on its just playing characters, getting chains and hopefully get enough Renown on the table to close the game out.


First game was vs Daniel(hyrion):

He played Greyjoy Maester and we both soon had headaches calculating combat math with tons of characters and chains in play. He had warships too and i didnt have a very good answer to that except for my one shot nightmares so that could have been decisive, but i feel this match was very close. Time was called before we found out though and he had 6 power to my 4, so he got the win.


Second game was vs laszlo:

He played Stark Siege of Winterfell with a House Tully theme. First Turn he drew 5 House Tully cards with Family, Duty, Honor and i felt a bit guilty letting him discard 11 cards from his hand with my combo. He took it like a man but didnt recover from that hit and game was over shortly.


Third game vs lanzes:

We both knew our decks from the playtesting the day before and i didnt manage to win once vs his deck. Also he is the strongest player in our meta in terms of not making any mistakes and playing concentrated. I knew i had a small time opportunity to win before he takes over with his control and card draw. When he stopped my rush and started burning off my characters left and right i thought i had lost. But he actually never got any card draw and neither did he get his attachment hate, so i managed to squeeze out the win with a single  Maester Luwin loaded on chains.


Third game vs stefan:

He played Martell Maesters and unlike in the game vs daniel and lanzes i get my combo off, giving me an edge on cards. So i was able to marshall more character and especially more Maester than him and his Maester of War actually helped me more than him. Never lost the advantage and was able to win quickly.


Semifinals vs markus:

He played Siege of Winterfell and started with Fear of Winter: I was too fixated on getting my combo through and didnt realize i coudnt play any card after Citadel Law, so i lost both my characters in play. Going into the second plot all i had was my card advantage to get me back into the game, but little did i know: he had Ruled by Decree too ;)  It was over fast from there.

Markus agreed to play a friendly rematch where i tried to focus on power challenges and getting Renown through and managed to get to 14 power, but still lost. I kew i had no way from stopping him gaining power through military challenges but even winning power challenges was hard. He had a really good deck and played it really well, so congrats ;)


I didnt even ask daniel after his monster battle vs wolfgang to play for the 3rd place because he looked drained to the bone and i was tired too, considering on top of that that our match probably would be very stretched out and grinding.



#11 Tobi_GER



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Posted 02 July 2012 - 11:39 AM

What was your combo? : )

#12 Nektareos



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Posted 03 July 2012 - 06:02 AM


He was playing Counting Favors with cittadel Llaw and tham reveal Rule by Decree


So i think i have to post my deck too. The deck wasn't my own idea. The deck idea is from the spanish guy how made it to the semifanials of stackleck last year. 






The Sige of Winterfell



Respect of the Old Gods

A Time For Ravens


Fear of Winter

Valar Morghulis

Fleeing to the Wall

Rule by Decree



3x Hungry Mob

1x Shaggydog

1x Sansa Stark

1x Jeyne Westerling

1x Ser Jorah Mormont

1x Roose Bolton

1x The Hound

1x Arya Stark

1x Jory Cassel

3x Samwell Traly

3x The Bastard's Elite

1x Hodor

1x Theon Greyjoy

1x Reek

1x The Blackfish

1x Luicas Blackwood

1x Catelyn Stark

1x Robb Stark

3x Carrion Bird

1x Varys

2x Meera Reed

3x Bolton Refugee

1x Old Nan

1x Guard at Riverrun

1x Knight of Harrenhal

3x Riders of the Red Fork



3x Great Keep

3x Narrow Sea

1x Godswood

1x Street of Steel

1x Northern Fiefdoms

1x River Row

1x Lord Eddard's Chambers



3x White Raven

2x Frozen Solid

1x Grey Wind



2x The Price of War

1x Wolf Dreams

1x  Die by the Sword


First game vs Thomas.

He was playing a greyjoy winter deck. I know that this jind of deck istn't bad for me because i need very les gold. I was also lucky to get Theon Greyjoy in the setup. He made it winter in the first round and forgot that Theon can kill a greyjoy character when he is winning a challenge. So i got every round a direct kill and the game was over fast.


second game vs Stefan

I have played against his deck a week ago. There I hade no chance. I know is deck well and after 3 rounds i was sure that the game was lost. In the fourth Round he made 2 big mistakes so i could stop him on 14 powers. My 5 plot was than Vala and this cleard the board. after taht I had more cards in my hand so I could turn the game and win it in the alst plot in time


third game vs Wolfgang


I know his deck and i also know that I can only win with a realy god start.

Unfortunatekly i had  a realy bad satred. I didn't draw a location for 5 plots. So I never hade a chance to win this game. 


fourt round vs Gunther


He was playing a lansiter clansman deck or something like that.

It was a realy tuf fight against him. bun in Round 6 i cleared the tabel with Vala. Fter that i had two cards in shadow and four cards in hand and he had no cards left in hand. so I get the match close in time.


Semifinal vs Josef

It was like Josef already said he made that mistake in the first Round to fokus on his combo (lokk to the top there it is). So I playes fear of WInter and kill is to charcters. As second plot I played my on Rule by Decree so he didn't habe more hand cards and also no characters on the tabel :). The game was ofer fast after taht.


Final vs Wolfgang

3Ok Wolfagng again.  I hoped for a better sart know and I got a realy good oen. Three characters and tree locations. I wans't suprised that he played valar in the first round. I know that my  only chance to win is to get fast power and finsih the game in 3 or 4 Rounds. So afert i dind't finsh the game in Round 4 Iknew gthat he has his card wich he need to burn my small cahracters. And so it comes. after that round he took control over the game.



I haven't played over a month befor the tournery. SO i realy happy with my best result in the regionlas I ever had.

#13 Staton



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Posted 16 July 2012 - 05:05 AM

 thanks for posting these results!

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